One Piece:The Lust System

A man from Earth wakes up to find himself in a world he once believed to be mere fantasy, only to discover its stark reality—a place where life holds no value, where danger lurks at every turn, and where pirates roam freely. The corruption of the world government and the marines adds another layer of difficulty to an already chaotic existence. He understands the challenges that lie ahead if he is to survive in this unforgiving world. However, as a traveler from Earth, he possesses a unique advantage—a 'cheat' of his own. -- [Ding! The communication between body and spirit has been successfully completed! The system is now operational!] -- With this newfound power, Ren embarks on a journey to carve out his path to glory and power, determined to etch his name into the annals of history—a history that he himself will shape! -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: All characters in the story are not mine except for some OC's. Tags: #Harem #R-18 #Romance #No NTR #No Yuri

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Ren was pleased that he finally obtained the Memory Key, which would resolve many of his doubts regarding Lorena. However, what was unexpected was the other reward.

"The Revival Scroll... Miss System, please present the explanation of the reward That I received."

"Roger, Master!"

¶[Memory Key: It's a distinctive magical key whose function is to unlock the "second half" memory and falls under the excellent rewards.]

¶[Revival Scroll: A divine item, unobtainable through completing regular tasks; it depends on the Master's luck. This item allows the host to revive a summoned soul personally. The method of revival can be explained later to the host when they want to revive a specific summoned soul.]

Ren carefully read every word and his expression changed with every second. Setting aside the Memory Key, the Revival Scroll was a divine item worthy of its name!

With this, he could revive Nami and Nojiko's mother!

Ren didn't hesitate to decide on who would consume this scroll. Despite knowing that his crew had many people they wanted to revive, he promised Nami and Nojiko that he would revive their mother. Additionally, the first soul he summoned from the underworld was Bell-mère's soul!

[Since you obtained the Revival Scroll, Master, I believe it's time to inform you of the limitations of the "Underworld Soul Summoning" Skill."

"What?" Ren was surprised.

So, this technique had limitations after all? Was there a specific number of souls that he could summon? Or perhaps there was a cooldown period for this skill?

Ren pondered inwardly, feeling confused, but Miss System's voice quickly entered his ear again:

[Simply, the limitation of this skill is that the Master cannot summon souls that died after the Master acquired this Skill several months ago... Also, only female souls can be revived.]

"Huh?" Ren was shocked, not because of the first part of Miss System's statement but the second. Why could only female souls be summoned? Was the origin of this Skill feminist? Although he doubted Miss System was the creator of this Skill.

But thinking about this wouldn't change anything. He fell into a brief silence before calmly muttering again, "So, I can't summon souls of those who died after acquiring this Skill... Well, I don't think that's too bad."

The underworld soul summoning Skill was about summoning the soul of the deceased person rather than resurrecting them. Also, if the summoned soul wasn't stored in a ring or an inanimate object, it would return to the underworld after five minutes. That's because dead souls couldn't stay in the living world for long, assuming they came out of the underworld.

Throughout the history of this planet spanning millions of years, no soul had naturally left the underworld. The soul barrier surrounding the underworld prevented wandering souls from crossing over.

But there was always an exception to everything.

There was a Devil Fruit in this world that allowed souls to breach this barrier and enter the living world. Not only that, but these souls could stay in the living world for a long time because of the protection provided by the abilitie of that Devil Fruit.

And most importantly, the soul regained consciousness and could perceive and understand its surroundings.

That Devil Fruit was called Yomi Yomi no Mi.

It was the fruit that Brook ate and managed to return to life because of it. Ren remembered that Brook was greatly disappointed when he ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, thinking he would gain powerful combat abilities or become a superhuman.

But that didn't happen. In fact, nothing happened except that Brook could no longer swim and was affected by sea stones.

But when he died, he discovered the benefit of Yomi Yomi no Mi.

It gave him a second chance at life after death. It made the user immortal in a way, like Brook who continued searching for his body in his spiritual state for years, and when he found it, he found that his body had become a mere skeleton, meaning there were no longer cells to divide over time or vital organs to get sick and age.

He became immortal.

Ren had a question that puzzled him and for which he had not yet found an answer. Where was the Yomi Yomi no Mi now?

He knew, of course, that Devil Fruits would reincarnate into a random ordinary fruit in this vast world, but could the Yomi Yomi no Mi user be considered dead?

Of course, in order to activate the Yomi Yomi no Mi's ability to revive, the user must die, but immediately upon death, the "effect" of the Devil Fruit seemingly began, which apparently was tied to the soul.

"Does this mean that the Yomi Yomi no Mi is still in Brook's "soul" ?" Ren thought aloud, with a drop of sweat forming on his forehead.

Some plans regarding Brook were already taking shape in his mind.

"The secrets of Devil Fruits... Unfortunately, the original work hasn't reached the point of explaining these things yet."

Ren sighed with disappointment and felt some annoyance.

Why did Oda have to make this work so long like this?

But there was no point in complaining; it's not like he'd hear it anyway.

He cut off his thoughts about Yomi Yomi no Mi because they wouldn't produce anything useful; he still had Status of the rest of the crew members and needed to check them.

"I want Mikita's status now, Miss System."

[Got it~!]


¶[Name: Mikita.]

¶[Age: 22.]

¶[Occupation: Not specified yet.]

¶[Affiliation: Sin Pirates.]

¶[Status: Sad, tired, jealous, Mad.]

¶[Title: None.]

¶[Bounty: 7,500,000 𝕭.]

¶[Physical Power Level: 45,500 (C).]

¶[Loyalty: 99%.]

¶[Devil Fruit: Kilo Kilo no Mi.]

¶[Devil Fruit Rating: ★★★★☆.]

¶[Skills: Finger Gun (low).]

¶[Haki: Observation Haki (Intermediate Mastery) - Armament Haki (Intermediate Mastery).]


Mikita had already reached Level C in physical strength, which was within Ren's expectations because the girl had also obtained mid-level Haki candies, significantly increasing her physical strength points.

But what bothered him was her condition, sad, tired, then angry, and jealous... This girl was really going through a tough time.

He decided to see what she was doing now, so he activated his Observation Haki. His Haki quickly extended outside the house and looked at the girls; he could see most of them bathing while chatting with each other.

They were cleaning their bodies of impurities using the seawater available in this abode, and so was Mikita, but she was silent and visibly depressed.

Ren felt Nami sensing him spying using his Observation Haki; of course, the girl didn't mind and wouldn't say anything, but what impressed him was that she was able to sense being watched. It seems she was finally adapting to her Observation Haki level.

Of course, this was because Ren wasn't interested in hiding his Haki well and didn't make any effort to do so because it was still his place and there was no need for it.

Anyway, after seeing Mikita's condition, he became more eager to see all the Status of his crew members, so he quickly opened another one.


¶[Name: Nefertari D. Vivi]

¶[Age: 17.]

¶[Occupation: Not specified yet.]

¶[Affiliation: Sin Pirates.]

¶[Status: Stable.]

¶[Title: None.]

¶[Bounty: None.]

¶[Physical Power Level: 18,700 (E)]

¶[Devil Fruit: Suna Suna no Mi.]

¶[Devil Fruit Rating: ★★★★★]

¶[Skills: Shave (Low) - Moonwalk (Low).]

¶[Haki: None]


Next was the blue-haired princess, Vivi. When looking at her condition, Ren wasn't surprised by her physical strength level, which was in the late D; she hadn't been physically strong from the beginning, so not breaking into Level D after consuming the energy drink could be understood.

And what shocked Ren was something else. Nefertari D. Vivi?? Was she really from the D clan? This information didn't appear in the original work, so Ren was surprised.

"The D clan... I wonder what's their deal. Surely they're linked to the ancient kingdom, but that's all I can guess," Ren thought in his mind.

Anyway, there was no point in dwelling on this.

"But does Vivi know she's from this clan? Based on her reaction and behavior in the original work, despite Luffy's full name being known, I doubt she knows."

"It seems I need to have a serious conversation with King Cobra,"

Ren sighed. The secrets of this world were numerous and very dangerous.

Unfortunately, the original work was not completed, and he died before that, so the advantage of knowing the future, past, and secrets was somewhat limited.

"I must invest a little more in her after the war.." With this decision, Ren closed her case and opened another one.


¶[Name: Nico Robin]

¶[Age: 28.]

¶[Occupation: Not specified yet.]

¶[Affiliation: Sin Pirates.]

¶[Status: Stable.]

¶[Title: Devil Child.]

¶[Bounty: 79,000,000𝕭.]

¶[Physical Power Level: 35,600 (D)]

¶[Devil Fruit: Hana Hana no Mi.]

¶[Devil Fruit Rating: ★★★★☆]

¶[Skills: Shave (Low) - Moonwalk (Low).]

¶[Haki: None]


Next was the intriguing archaeologist, Robin. When looking at her condition, Ren was surprised by her physical strength, which was in the late D; she was on the verge of breaking into Level C.

He quickly guessed the reason; although Robin didn't possess any Haki, she had been physically strong from the beginning, unable to escape from the World Government agents for twenty years with just intelligence.

So after consuming the energy drink and using Shave and Moonwalk Scrolls, it wasn't surprising for her to reach this level.

"So, her Devil Fruit isn't a 5-star category..." Ren muttered and found it reasonable.

"Miss System, is 5 stars the highest rating a Devil Fruit can get?"

He had had this question in mind since the statuses were modified, and there was a "Devil Fruit Rating" column; he wanted to know the maximum number of stars a Devil Fruit could receive and the criteria by which the system chose that.

Miss System quickly answered with her usual soft voice:

[Hmm... No, there are fruits that exceed this number, but they are counted on the fingers of one hand, they are called the Ultimate Grade fruits.]

'That's how it is.' He thought to himself and quickly asked another question: "What are the criteria for evaluating Devil Fruits?"

[Hmmm..~Since you requested it strongly, I'll pity you and tell you.]

Ren remained silent when he heard the tone of Miss System. This girl didn't object to him addressing her as " Master," and now she had become arrogant and condescending... Was she suffering from a split personality?

Ren sighed and listened carefully to Miss System's explanation.


Unbeknownst to him, in a place far from Skypiea, the threads of fate were moving to adjust the course this world should take.

In the royal palace's prison.

"Hand me my sword, Sanji," Zoro said in a steady and stern voice, seeming to have made a fateful decision.

"W-what do you want to do?" Sanji said weakly, looking like a hungry blond dog. He hadn't accepted food from the prison guards like Zoro, so he was weak after several days.

"Just give it to me."

Zoro was annoyed by the hesitant, perverted cook and said urgently, "Come on, before that scoundrel returns."

Sanji nodded and used his partially unbound leg to kick the sword lying against the walls of the cell to Zoro.

Zoro didn't know why the Bastard (Ren) who imprisoned them left the sword in the cell, but he didn't think much about it; perhaps he just underestimated them?

The step he was about to take now was extremely dangerous and could cost him his life and his dream, but he had to escape from this situation no matter what.

He held the Sword given to him by the father of his childhood friend in his mouth and struggled to grasp the hilt, unable to do so with his bound hand, so he bled from his mouth, but he was used to holding the sword with his teeth, so his teeth weren't broken.

But this movement caused a commotion and didn't escape the eyes of the agents present in the cell not far from Zoro and Sanji's cell.

"What's happening here?" said Mr. 1 with a deep voice, looking in the direction of the sound.

"I'll go check what's happening," he said to the other agents who quickly nodded to him. Mr. 1 took the keys to his handcuffs and asked Miss Golden Week to undo them.

When they agreed to join Ren's fleet, the latter gave them the keys to the cell and the handcuffs. They didn't know why, but they accepted without any questions.

It turned out Ren had left them here for another purpose they didn't know about, monitoring the rest of the prisoners.



Mr. 1 stretched his body with a cold smile when he felt his freedom returning. The effect of the Sea Stone disappeared, and he could easily use the power of his devil fruit.

Suddenly, he heard a loud scream coming from the cell where the previous noise was coming from.

Not only him who hear it, but even the other agents and prison guards did, but Mr. 1 was the first to arrive there.

When he entered the cell, he was met with a shocking sight.

"This..." he looked in astonishment at the man with green hair sitting on the ground.

There was a severed hand lying in front of him, still locked in Sea Stone handcuffs.

"Haaah... Haaaah... damn it, Sanji! Why did you scream like that?! You've ruined the plan!" Zoro looked at the perverted cook angrily.

"You fool! What have you done? Why did you cut off your hand?"

Sanji shouted, but Zoro didn't respond. He quickly regained his composure and gripped his sword with his remaining hand.

At this moment, the prison guards had already entered and saw what had happened. They were all shocked, but before they took any action, a sudden change occurred.


Zoro waved his sword at Mr. 1 in an attempt to kill him. He felt threatened by this person.

"Hmph!" Mr. 1 snarled with contempt and emerged from his astonishment, racing forward.



His arm transformed into a sharp blade and clashed with Zoro's sword, creating the sound of metal collision and sparks flying.

"I didn't expect you to try to escape from here... Do you want me to cut off your other hand?"

Mr. 1's cold voice was audible to all present in the royal palace's prison.


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