60 chapter 60 (R18+)

My mind goes blank at the suddenness of Hina's actions, and she uses the opening to push her tongue into my mouth as her hands began exploring my body.

I regain my wits after a second as my hands move unconsciously to hold her toned rear, giving it a firm squeeze as my tongue goes to action as well, battling against hers inside my mouth.

Hina then wrapped her arms around my neck and began dragging me to the interior of the room, and I obliged as I closed the door behind me with a backward kick, and my hands went up to her red suit jacket promptly removing it, and my long leather coat soon joined it on the ground.

We kept kissing as our hands desperately roamed each other's bodies, exploring and trying to undress the other, and soon enough, Hina's shirt buttons were all opened, and she immediately shrugged it to the side, revealing a large pair of tits covered by plain red bra that seemed to be barely able to contain them.

I broke out of the kiss and took a step back to take an appreciative look at the now half-naked Hina, causing her to blush as I took off my tank top vest and took a step forward to resume our kiss.

We kept kissing and undressing each other until both of us were in nothing but our birthday suits, and I immediately reacted as I push her into the bed and lay on top of her, raining kisses on her neck, causing her to moan lewdly.

My lips soon make their way to her perky breasts as my hand worms its way to her glistening slit as I lap my tongue around her hard, pink nibbles while sucking and biting playfully.

I raise my head to look at Hina and the hungry look she is giving me, along with the wet sensation on my finger that is playing with her slit, tells me that there is no need for further foreplay as I raise myself and my line my shaft at her entrance, pausing as I look up at her again.

She gives me a nod while biting her lips while looking at me with a heated gaze, causing me to begin pushing my hips gently to penetrate her tight wet hole, as she embraces me and buries her head into my shoulder, moaning lewdly in pleasure.

"Do it, Hina can take it," the pinkette says as she locks her lips with mine after my shaft was halfway through her wet entrance, causing me to thrust my hips and bury the entirety of my cock inside of her.

Hina's body arches upwards in a small orgasm as she moaned loudly into my mouth. "someone is pent up," I remarked as I broke the kiss and raised myself to sit on my knees without pulling out as I looked down at the panting Hina.

"Less talking, more thrusting," was Hina's reply as she took one of my hands and guided it to her breasts, and I obliged as I began tweaking her nibble as my other hand held onto her thigh as I began thrusting into her.

I began thrusting gently, but my thrusts steadily became faster, with Hina's moans became louder and lewder as with every thrust until I felt the walls of her entrance tighten around my invading rod as she came again with a loud scream and a squirt that covered my abdomen in her juices, her sudden tightness forcing me to reach my limit as well.

I hastily pulled out my rod with a grunt and watched as ropes of cum covered Hina's stomach and breasts. "That was great Johnny, Hina needed that," the pinkette said as she scooped some cum from her breasts with her finger and gave it an experimental lick making my still hard cock to throb.

"Was? you're talking as if we're done here," I remarked with a smirk as I held her hips and flipped her into her stomach, face down into the bed and ass up in the air, fully displaying her most intimate areas in front of me.

"Hina approves," she said between moans as I lined my shaft and penetrated her tight, wet hole again while spreading her bottom with my hands.

"That's right. We're just getting started," I stated with a smirk as I began thrusting into the pinkette.

We then kept going at it until both of us were too tired to continue and fell into a sex coma while holding each other.


I woke up while stretching my arms, and after blearily choking at my surroundings, I didn't Find Hina anywhere, so I got up with a yawn and began picking up and wearing my clothes. Until my eye moved to the nightstand, spotting a piece of paper with Hina's pink underwear sitting next to it.

I made my way to the nightstand and opened the paper to read its contents, and it said:

Dear Johnny, Last night was very fun, and it made Hina feel like a woman again after being nothing more than a marine soldier for so long.

For that, you have my thanks, but this can be nothing more than a fun night to remember, and nothing more as Hina must return to her duties to the marines, and you can not ignore the call of the sea.

p.S. I have written my personal transponder snail's number on the back of the paper. Feel free to contact me to call upon the favor I owe you anytime you wish.


'And the serious Hina is back,' I think to myself with a chuckle. 'But I guess she still has some fun in her, even in her stoic mod," I conclude in my head with a light laugh as I pocket both the letter and Hina's underwear.

I finish dressing up and take a shower in the inn's bathroom, then make my way to the counter to pay for our stay last night.

"Here you go, with a little extra for the mess," I remark with a smile as I slide down some Berry notes across the counter to the inn's owner, who raised an eyebrow at my remark but as he takes the money nonetheless.

I smiled at the inn's owner again and took my leave, making my way towards the black pearl while humming in a good mood as I strolled through the streets.

It didn't take me long to reach my destination, as the inn we chose was close to the docks, and I found the entire crew on the deck when I boarded the ship with a smile on my face.

"someone's in a good mood," Wilson remarked as he raised the alcohol bottle in his hand to drink a big mouthful, not minding the earliness of the day as he enjoyed the spirit.

"That I am," I replied with a smirk, making no further comments on the subject. "Do we have all the supplies we need to set sail?" I asked as I turned to look at Laffite and Elly, the only two I can rely on to get things unrelated to fighting done.

"We do, captain. I took inventory of our supplies and bought everything we lacked yesterday," Elly stated with her hands on my hat that she was still wearing.

"I also got us three canons as you instructed, captain," Laffite said while twirling his red cane. "Two of them went to the side, and we installed the third on the ship's bow," he concluded with a smile, and I nodded approvingly at him.

"If that's the case, then let's set sail towards Kano country," I exclaimed with a loud voice, causing my companions to cheer.

Third-person point of view:

As Hina walked through the 80th marine branch while rubbing her sore jaw, hoping that her subordinates wouldn't notice the strange way she was walking, she was greeted respectfully by her underlings, who had nothing but respect in their eye as they looked at her passing by.

'Johnny was right. These guys are really great,' she thought in her head, trying to suppress a smile at the fact that her subordinates still respected her despite the events of yesterday.

She soon reached her office, then took a seat and retrieved the transponder snail at her desk to make a report to her superior.

Somewhere else:

A tall, fair-skinned, and muscular man with a long, braided goatee and a mustache is sitting behind his luxurious desk while going through some papers on the said desk.

His most distinctive feature is the cap he is wearing, decorated with a life-sized seagull spreading its wings on top of it and a white coat with the word "justice," emblazoned in blue on the back.

"Perurururu," one of the many transponder snails on his desk rang, causing him to drop the papers in his hand and pick up the snail as he cleared his throat.

"Report, captain," he ordered calmly after picking up the call and waited for the other party's response.

"Greetings, fleet admiral, this is captain Hina calling to report about the task you entrusted me with," came Hina's stoic voice from the snail's mouth.

"I have met with the bounty hunter, known as Johnny silver hand and invited to join the marines as you asked," Hina stated in her usual stoic tone and paused for a second.

"He is, as described in the reports, very free-spirited, with no respect to authority. He seemed to be loved and respected by his companions, but that was all I could gather about his crew as I didn't get the chance to spend as much time as I'd like with them," Hina explained in a clear tone.

Hina then began explaining the rest of her encounter with Johnny in her office and their fight afterward in great detail, but she said nothing about their so-called date, and the fleet admiral surprisingly didn't ask her about it either.

"I see. It's a shame that he's not interested in joining the marines. I had high hopes that he would, especially with how short-staffed we are right now," the fleet admiral said while suppressing a sigh.

"Hina doesn't think he would have been a good fit with the marines, either way. He's too free-spirited for that," the captain remarked, and the fleet admiral could detect some envy and longing in her voice, but he wisely said nothing about it.

"At any rate, you have done well, captain," the fleet admiral said. "Prepare yourself, as I might have to transfer you to the grand line soon. Some areas are swarming with pirate activity, and your skills will put to better use there," he explained to the captain and concluded the call with a casual "dismissed, captain," after Hina responded affirmatively to his order.

'I have a feeling this Johnny brat will cause me a lot of headaches in the future. I only hope he doesn't turn into a pirate, like most outstanding youths do these days,' he thought in his head, dreading the future headaches that he expected Johnny would cause for him.

"I'll just let my future self deal with this headache, god knows I have enough of those," the fleet admiral concluded while nodding sagely.

After coming to this wise conclusion, the fleet admiral looked right and left, to make sure he wasn't being watched, then opened a drawer, picking up a transponder snail with a red button on its shell, which he pressed after setting it on the table with a smile.

The sound of Johnny's singing voice came out from the snail, and the fleet admiral began humming with the song as he resumed going through his paper work.

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