372 2 Moves

The Hurricane Incarnation looked at Ross timidly, but it couldn't disobey Ross's order. After a while of grievance and fear, it forced its courage and closed his eyes and shouted.

"Gale force!"

As it yelled out, it was originally the size of a head and it began to swell in an instant, reaching a width of several meters in an instant, and it continued to expand, gradually becoming thicker and longer.

At the same time, a strong wind screamed, blowing wildly towards Ross.

If an ordinary person had been in Ross's position, they would have been blown away like a leaf in a storm in an instant, even Ross is forced to use his power of distortion to stay in the air and he is barely able to stabilize his body.

"What a trick."

Ross's mouth can't help but twitch as he resisted the strong wind from Hurricane incarnation. He can't understand the names of these moves.

The Hurricane Incarnation was still screaming with closed eyes and a gust of wind swept open in all directions and the white clouds that were blowing thousands of meters away were cleared.

This is purely a violent and powerful outflow of power and there aren't any tricks or moves. Sure enough, he can't expect the Hurricane Incarnation to have any Battle skills.

Ross rubbed his eyebrows.

He gave up the idea of ​​fighting against the Hurricane Incarnation, he covered his body with the power of distortion and walked towards the Hurricane Incarnation against the violent wind, and his hand grabbed its body.

"The power is too scattered!"

Ross retorted after pulling the Hurricane Incarnation, the power of Hurricane Incarnation gathered all over his right hand and wrapped around his right arm.

With Ross's thoughts, the violent hurricane began to shrink madly and the huge hurricane the size of tens of meters was instantly reduced to the size of a ball.


Ross's eyes flashed and his hand caught the ball-sized hurricane and turned it into a cyan ball that was rotating in his palm.

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This is not the normal Hurricane Incarnation, but the power of the Hurricane Incarnation that has completely erupted and it was all condensed into such a small ball.


Ross's figure flickered a few times as he reached thousands of meters away and he threw the ball in his hand at the surface below.

The ball spins and flies towards the sea.

At the moment it came in contact with the sea, the violent wind pressure inside the ball exploded and it swept madly in all directions.

In a moment, a terrifying storm covered an area of ​​tens of meters.

The water in this area was cut into countless imperceptible fragments in an instant. The fish in the water did not even spill a drop of blood, and they were completely strangled without a trace, just like a spiral sword.

"That's the normal power."

Ross looked at the scene and nodded slightly.

This kind of power is not necessarily inferior to Kizaru's Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama) and under his control, it would not be difficult for him to fight against Kaido.

After the outbreak, the wind pressure gradually disappeared, and a small Dragon tornado appeared in the center of it. It was the Hurricane Incarnation, and it looked at Ross aggrievedly.

"Boss …"

Ross originally expected Homies made by his soul incarnation to be funny. The fact of however is that it does not depend on the body, but only on the illusory structure. There is almost no such thing as memory and thinking.

Compared to the Homie Asura made from Katakuri's body, this Hurricane Incarnation can be said to be stupid.

"Can that move be released independently?"

Ross shook his head and stared at Hurricane incarnation as he asked this.

Hurricane incarnation asked blankly: "Which move?"


Ross almost forgot that this Hurricane Incarnation has no memory and it only has a simple thinking ability. At this moment, he had black lines on his head.

It seems that it is a little difficult to want Hurricane Incarnation to fight independently.

After sighing in his heart, Ross calmed down. If it could not fight independently, it could always follow him.

He can use the power of Hurricane Incarnation to attack at any time, and the conflict between the forces of the power of distortion and hurricane is not great. With the assistance of Hurricane Incarnation, even if he meets both BIGMOM and Kaido at the same time, he would be able to take care of them.


Ross pulled the Hurricane Incarnation again.

Anyway, the simplest method is to force this attack into its consciousness.

The Hurricane Incarnation was dragged by Ross and under Ross' control, it swelled up again and turned into a huge Dragon tornado, and then contracted again into a wind ball.

"This trick will be called Hurricane Annihilation!"

Ross threw the wind ball to the sea again.


A big fish that was more than ten meters in length happened to pass by. Under Hurricane Annihilation, the fish scales were stripped off by Annihilation in an instant, as if weathered, then flesh and internal organs were cut apart.

This process happened in a blink of an eye, and the whole fish disappeared out of thin air.

After training for many times in a row, the Hurricane Incarnation finally memorized the trick by force and was able to launch it by itself without Ross's help.

Ross also does not expect Hurricane Incarnation to remember many tricks, his main focus while training it is to develop the Hurricane Power.

Hurricane Annihilation is a small-scale or near-monolithic explosive attack. Even Hundred Beast Kaido cannot ignore this attack. Its power is not worse than Akainu's Meigō (Hellhound), or Dai Funka (Great Eruption) and the like.

Now with a small scale attack.

It also needs a large-scale group attack.


The Hurricane Incarnation was dozens of meters away from Ross, it closed its eyes as it yelled while waving a small wire-shaped arm, its body suddenly expanded and then compressed again, turning into a wind ball and it hit itself on the sea surface.

As it continued to erupt, the surrounding air gradually became extremely humid. This was because of the Hurricane Annihilation, which caused a large amount of seawater to be twisted into a mist.

"All right."

Ross stopped the Hurricane Incarnation.

Coming towards the Hurricane Incarnation, he once again pulled the body of Hurricane Incarnation and controlled the power of hurricane inside it and his figure flashed into the air hundreds of meters away.

Buzz !!

The Hurricane Incarnation swelled and turned into a huge wind pressure visible to the naked eye.

When Ross thought about it, the wind pressure suddenly sent out countless minute wind blades that were almost invisible to the naked eye and flew towards the sea.

Si! Si! Si! Si! Si! Si!

Wherever the wind blade went, the sea was cut and shattered in an instant, it was like there was countless swordsmen in the sky, wielding their swords and attacking the sea.

In this short moment, hundreds of slashes were sent out!

Compared with Kizaru's Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama), although the wind blades created by this trick will not explode, each wind blade is created with extremely strong wind pressure and has a strong cutting force, which is not inferior to that of an ordinary swordsman.

"I don't know how it compares to Kizaru's Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama)."

Ross looked at the fragmented sea cut by the successive wind blades below, and stroked his chin to think.

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