10 Training Hard Until His Arrival

"HAA!" "HAA!" "HAA!"

Cries of hard work echo through the halls of the dojo, including my own.

It's been six months since the spar with Kuina and things have been going well.

After stating why I was here, Kuina left feeling confused about it all. I didn't pay her any mind and went to bed after finishing my food.

The next day, I was surprised that my body was not aching and I was full of energy.

The healing rate in One Piece is truly otherworldly...

While I observed my body, next to me I noticed a stack of clothes neatly folded.

I examined the first thing I saw, it looked like a sleeveless black shirt with two red swords crossing each other near the left shoulder.

There's also a white belt and black shorts...this must be the gi of the dojo.

I wonder who put this here...

I shrugged and put it on...it fitted perfectly...should I be concerned about this...?

I moved to the main area of the dojo and found most of the class there.

Koushirou greeted me and I bowed to him.

I spotted Kuina staring at me and I waved at her. She turned her head and ignored me...

...looks like I got my work cut out for me.

Signing to myself, I sat down and began my first day as a disciple of the Shimotsuki Dojo, learning the ways of the sword...

The first three months were used to increase my skills with a sword and to figure out Total Concentration Breathing and Total Concentration: Constant...

I learned about the parts of basic swordsmanship I missed and seared them in my memories.

I decided that to quickly get my body accustomed to the basics, I needed to beat them into me.

I sparred with any student to increase my swordsmanship, coordination, and fighting experience until I could beat them all with skills alone.

After a month, no one wanted to spar with me...so I was left with fighting Kuina or, on special occasions, the adults that show up.

I'll tell you, getting constantly beaten into a pulp does not help with your mental state...at least I get to hang out with Kuina...we're slowly becoming friends.

Moving on to more exciting stuff...I think I figured out how to do Total Concentration Breathing...barely...

(5 months ago)

"Damn it...why can't she ever go easy on me...?"

My face is flowing with tears as I rub the bump on my head.

After my match with Kuina, I'm currently walking to one of my private training spots near a river.

I was starting to practice one of the few things on my must-learn list...Total Concentration Breathing and Total Concentration: Constant.

Learning Total Concentration Breathing in the early run would significantly increase my lung capacity and the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream,

This breathing technique could enhance my physical abilities and mental concentration, if I also learn Total Concentration: Constant, it can gradually increase my stamina and gains when training!

There's a problem though.

I know what they are and what they do, but I don't know how to do it.

Arriving at the river, I put my stuff down and brainstorm.

...let's try this...

I inhaled, then exhaled.

A strange picture appears in my mind. An image of Urokodaki hitting my stomach shows.

...I have a feeling that this isn't right...

I start thinking again.

I should start simply first...there should be a hint in the name...total...concentration...?

...maybe...I need to have total concentration on a certain breathing pattern...?

I tried a few different breathing patterns that match the effects I'm looking for.

After a few hours, I think I found the pattern I'm looking for because it has the effects, and...it's the one I struggle with the most...


"Auugh!" I double over with pain near my chest.

I think...my lungs aren't strong enough to take in the amount of air I need for the technique...yet...

I can't even think about practicing Total Concentration: Constant...

I hung my head down in depression before quickly shaking my head.

"That just means I need to get stronger. Two months of constant sparring should be enough to reach the minimum."

And it was...now it's time for the next part of my training.


For the next three months, I build up my physical attributes like strength, endurance, agility, and dexterity.

For strength training, I did what every good anime lover knows...100 push-ups, sit-ups, and squats every day.

It was hard in the beginning...I was only able to do 30 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, and 15 squats...but I was able to reach the thresholds of 100 in each of them, and more, by the end of the 3 months!

For endurance training, I did a 10k run-up and down a mountain. I made sure to pick the tallest mountain I could find.

There was a lot of falling in this training...it didn't help when it gets hard to breathe mid-way at the top...or when I had to fight animals that chase me down to the bottom. When I get back down the mountain, I also train myself to hold my breath for longer periods.

For agility training, I would choose a certain point and run to it using my full speed while I timed myself. I would then try to decrease the time it took me to get to that point.

Also, I focus on working on my leg muscles during this training. I usually tie a rope around me and a big rock and drag the rock with me, putting all the weight on my legs.

Lastly, for dexterity training, I stretch to my limits and do some yoga to train my flexibility. I also train my movements and reflexes by running on a mountain, usually when I'm doing my endurance training.

I made sure throughout every part of my training I use Total Concentration Breathing periodically.

At the end of the six months, I could feel just how much stronger I am after my harsh and strict training...

"HEYYY!! I'm here to challenge your dojo!"

That voice...is it...

"Someone strong come out and fight me!"

I smile to myself, excited to meet our moss head friend, Roronoa Zoro.

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