1 Died and meeting ROB

<1st POV>

My name is Jai. I am from India, working as a software developer. My life is pretty mundane and boring. Work, life, anime/manga/web novels/fan fiction, sleep, repeat. You can add a beer to the list on weekends. I did have friends though, with whom I used to hang out, sometimes. Financially I was stable but not an exciting job for me. I lived for the sake of living. Did the job for the sake of not starving, and that is not something that I had obviously mentioned in my resume.

No love life, like you all expected. Well, I had a girlfriend in my college days but nothing that serious, also currently single. My parents used to keep nagging me to marry and start a family. Typical Indian parents. But just think about it, you come home tired from the work, then you have to handle all of your child's tantrums. After all that shit going on that there is a huge chance of a verbal fight with your wife. Who the hell even wants such a life? To me, all married couples are an illogical bunch. If you want sex, there are many options for it without the hassle, even paid services are better than marriage.

One day while coming from the office I saw a small kid running after a ball in the middle of the freaking road. Of course, the child happened to be on the way of a truck. The driver applied brakes but it would not stop the truck. Seeing the truck coming, the child froze.

I did something that I never thought I would do. I jumped and pushed the child out of the way and fell on the road. That decision was not taken consciously, my body just moved.

Before I could even think of anything, I saw the truck's huge tire in front of me. Next thing I blacked out. Well, luckily I didn't have to face enough pain, since my brain was mashed quickly. But I died.

The next thing I saw, was a beautiful garden and an old man with a grey beard sitting on a chair. Everything that happened to me was still clear in my mind. I was shocked.

Shocked by the events

Shocked by my selfless decision which I would never take generally

Shocked by the old man especially since I have read much fiction to know where this can potentially go.

The old man looked at me, smiled, and waved his hand with a 'come here' gesture to call me. I too responded to his gesture and walked toward him. He asked me to sit on the empty seat beside him.

I sat down and started to ask him "Who are you? Am I dead? Where am I? What is going on here?"

The old man just smiled and told me "I am, what you know as God. This is heaven."

I was shocked. People on Earth keep looking for God and here I am face to face with him. Different religions speak of different ways to meet God and here I am meeting God with the help of truck-kun.

God just smiled looking at me. He then said "There are many ways to meet me, son. If you do something very good you can meet me. If you do something very bad, you go to hell. If you don't do anything good or bad in particular you just reincarnate without meeting me. I forgive small mistakes, so you don't go to hell for that."

I started thinking now if I did anything that great. I just saved a child. There are people in certain professions who might die to save millions.

Before asking that, I had a doubt "Umm.. what should I call you? God, Ishwar, Allah, or something else?"

God said again "You can call me anything child. But I like being called all-father."

"So all-father, I just saved a child. There are many people who die to save many more people. Why was I able to meet you?"

"You see the child you saved also reincarnated. She, in her previous life, lived a very tragic life from childhood. Yet she was a very good person and did many good deeds. After death, she wished to live her childhood again but this time a proper childhood since she had to grow up fast mentally in her last life. As a result of that, I erased her memories from her last life"

"But due to the mistake of one of my angels she was about to die, but you saved her. With her fate, she can change the dying planet. She will invent ways to counter pollution and global warming effectively. So you saved an entire planet, my child"

"But all-father, I didn't make the decision consciously. My body just moved. If I look back I kind of regret the decision"

"I know child, but when you took the decision that was your true self. That is just what you are. So never think that you are not worthy of this treatment"

"Now let me see, what do you want..."

At first, I thought of my parents. Like, will they be ok without me? Old age can be very cruel.

ROB seeing my thoughts just said with a smile "See you think of your parents even when you get a chance to think for yourself. You are indeed worthy of what is to come next"

"Don't worry about your previous life. Your parents will be taken care of by the child you saved and her parents. They are going to be wealthy soon and once the child embarks on the path of science and starts making money they will take care of your parents better than you ever could. With money, you can purchase the services of professionals to take care of the old after all. Of course, they will move on from this tragedy. And indulge themselves in their hobbies once they retire"

Even though I miss my parents I am happy for them. Hell, they will have a better life than I can ever give them.

"Now let's see again. You love the One Piece world and even fantasized about going there"

Knowing where this is going from all the fanfictions that I have read a question popped up in my head 'Is it even real?'. I thought I would be able to visit some OG universe with some magic if my luck was good or some 'courting death' cultivation world if my luck was bad. But a world from a piece of fiction from my old world? Never thought it was possible in real life.

"Yes, it is real my child. It is one of the many universes that exist"

'How the hell did Oda come up with it then?' was the second question that came to my mind.

Reading my thoughts again ROB said "I put the ideas in Oda's mind, at least the final output. I can manipulate things in people's minds. But even then sometimes some things change after the discussion with the editors and publishers. So there will be a few minor changes but nothing different heavily"

"In fact, most of the fiction in most of the world are real events happening in another universe. I do it for fun and to open people's minds to new ideas. Also helps me in cases like these"

Holy S**t!!! People don't call Oda 'Goda' without a reason. The piece of art is actually a gift from God himself. But if it has the chance to change it will be bad. But then again, my own existence will change things a lot, so I must be prepared.

I realized something and tensed up. Obviously, I wanted to go to the One Piece world but that world is way too risky. It is filled with pirates' brutality, marines' hypocrisy, slavers, and whatever evil you can think of. It is not some jolly world like shown in the series. At least if you don't have plot armor. I would rather go to a relatively safe world like MHA. ROB seemed to have noticed this and said with a smile.

"Don't worry my child, you can go to the One Piece world. You will have the aid of a so-called system. It will help you reach your dreams and live an interesting life, something that you always wanted in your previous life"

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