3 Rude Awakening( Or: Awakening as a Rude Pompous Prick)

The next time Alexander opened his eyes everything was already different.

The dark void around him was replaced with light, and his desolate surroundings of his were now also replaced with a grand hall.

Alexander didn't know what to quite make of the situation, the thing that he had met was certainly a god. On one hand, it opened up so many possibilities, but on the other, it also created a lot more mysteries.

Were all ancient gods in different mythologies some type of Divine beings?

Alexander pondered on that for a second, the being he had met didn't hint at there being more gods. It had simply stated that it was 'The God', the one that people had always been worshipping, though under different names.

So, now Alexander had the answer to the 'God question'. God was real, but he certainly didn't care much about humanity. He wasn't some loving father figure at all.

The god he had met was a cynical being, it had sent only one messenger to earth, and it had only ever given a reward to two human beings.

Alexander did consider the first human to have reached the god as 'rewarded'. It was an eternity of bliss, after all, something that humans dreamed of when thinking of heaven and whatnot.

The rest of the humans were being mercilessly tortured in there, for the rest of eternity, eerily similar to how hell was depicted in many of the books he had read. Alexander wasn't daft enough to think that those were the actions of a loving god.

Still, he had been the one to receive the 'favour' of that 'all-knowing god'. Maybe it was finally time to look into it a bit more.

Taking in his surroundings a bit better, Alexander noticed that he was on a throne, for some reason. A throne of gold.

As his eyes adjusted, he noticed that he was surrounded by gold, in a large hall. Golden pillars, golden carpet, it was as if the previous owner of the body was obsessed with gold.

Alexander blinked a few times as he finally looked down. It wasn't hard to tell that he was shirtless.

He was quick to notice how pale he now was, by all accounts he had always been white, but due to his numerous expeditions, he had always been more on the tanned side.

Now he was as white as could be. The only good thing was that he could see that his muscles were well-defined, at least to an acceptable extent.

There were golden bracers on both his hands and ankles, as well as golden rings on both of his big toes. It all made him look like some rich baron.

The next thing he noticed was his clothing, he only wore a pair of baggy pants with a wavy pattern along with a blue piece of fabric that only covered his behind, looking similar to a skirt piece. They were very comfortable, made from an extremely flexible, possibly expensive material.

Alexander then started feeling as if his appearance was more and more familiar, it was only then that he noticed his extremely long earlobes, reaching to his waist, adorned with golden earrings.

'Holy shit... I am Enel, aren't I?' Alexander was a man of many talents, but archaeology wasn't the only thing that interested him in the world, he also had a passion for fictional works.

One Piece had been a boon of his for a very long time, it was a story that he enjoyed greatly and that he also liked to form theories for. He especially liked studying the poneglyphs shown.

He never bothered to try and decipher them himself since it was just a piece of entertainment, but he loved their concept. Decades of history locked away in a coded language, sculpted on unbreakable pieces of stone that the powers that be simply couldn't get rid of.

It was an extremely intriguing situation.

He watched countless theories on the show and even created plenty of his own. Many revolved around the countless mysteries that the show had to offer.

He had always found it strange that such a compelling story was hidden behind such a childish facade... Well, the show wasn't all that childish when thinking more about it, it featured a lot of extremely heavy themes and it did have plenty of depictions of violence.

He slowly got up from his throne as he remembered another aspect about Enel that he had somewhat forgotten... Enel was tall. Standing at a whopping 2.7 meters tall, only a bit shorter than the admirals.

Alexander did some stretches with his new body, he quickly noticed the ornamental circle with four wooden drums attached. Alexander found them similar to the legend of the god Raijin, extremely fitting for the power he now possessed.

He then reached out to the side of the throne, as if it was muscle memory, grabbing a golden staff that was just as tall as he was.

"How peculiar..." Alexander spoke out once more... Then it happened.

He quickly grasped at his head as he felt a searing pain cover it instantly. His mind was assaulted by a lifetime of memories, Enel's memories.

Alexander quickly got over the pain though, he was no stranger to heat strokes, so this much only surprised him momentarily.

In the next few minutes, he instantly gained an understanding of where exactly he was, and where exactly he was within the timeline of the story.

He also gained an understanding of something else... His powers.

Having a logia devil fruit did give one a certain sense of superiority over others, but Alexander wasn't just a nobody, he knew very well that there were plenty of people capable of getting around his defences.

But Enel had no such foresight, he simply considered himself a god because he had gotten his hands on a fruit that the world considered to be one of the few invincible ones... It was on the same level as that of Whitebeard, the strongest man alive.

But power needed to be trained, otherwise, it was just like having a dull giant blade. Extremely useful against wooden tools and smaller weapons, but otherwise useless against other giant blades.

Then there was Mantra, Enel's saving grace. Observation Haki was certainly developed to see over a large distance.

Even now Alexander was able to sense all of Skypea, due to the devil fruit's powers, Enel was even able to listen in on conversations within the range of his Haki.

The Observation Haki was even trained to the point where it could see slightly into the future. But it wasn't perfect, nowhere on the level of Katakuri, who was able to see perfectly 10 seconds into the future.

Besides that, from Enel's memories, now Alexander could tell that he was relatively close to the Straw hats arriving on the sky island. From what his men had told Enel, the golden ship they were building was relatively close to completion.

'I have quite a few things to fix before their arrival...' Alexander sighed as he finally decided to take on his new identity. From now on, he would live as Enel inside this new world.

But that also meant that he now had to go ahead and fix past Enel's countless arrogant mistakes. And he wanted to get them done before the straw hats arrived. At least attain some semblance of peace.

Enel sighed as he rubbed his temple in frustration. 'Why did the previous owner of this body have to be such a piece of shit?'

The first thing on his to-do-list... Somehow solve the conflicts within the sky islands, as well as lessening the fear of the people.

Enel knew that it was impossible to get the trust of the people back, the past him had basically been a tyrant that simply instilled fear into them for almost 8 years already.

Enel still believed that there was a relatively easy fix for the entire situation... Put someone that people could trust in charge of the sky islands.

Someone that was also likely to actually want to put an end to the war that had already been waging for 400 years.

And Enel just happened to know exactly who the most qualified individual was.

Enel sighed as he started making his way outside of his temple, it was time to visit an old man that lived somewhere off on the Skypea.


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