8 Results and Arrival

_________ POV Enel_________

Three months.

I spent three months going through the motions of training and constantly studying those poneglyphs.

I ended up doing what I could for training, Gold turned out to be a good thing to use for weights, so I asked Gan Fall to give me some more.

I also got started on building a mall ship using the old Enel's design. I plan to make it entirely out of gold, memorize its structure and form it at any time I need.

This is so that I can turn it into a weapon of sorts if needed. Being able to mould conductive metals with my electricity is a really great boon for my fruit, something that I might've underestimated at first.

I've made what I call a 'deceptive weapon'.

I managed to condense a lot of gold within my staff, that way I'm able to constantly expand and retract it, taking enemies by surprise with constant changes in the reach of my weapons.

It should be noted that I obviously didn't have any formal training in using weapons in my past life, I only did some MMA. Thankfully Enel's memories did provide me with some experience using the staff, as he was apparently considered adept at it.

I've managed to easily combine that with my ideas and create a new style. One based on both speed and sharpness.

It wasn't hard since staves, spears and tridents are extremely similar in wielding style. It needs some work but it's still a great improvement to just bludgeoning people with a golden bat, as Enel did before.

My progress is also easy to see, as I grew stronger with each day. People in this world are simply built differently by the looks of it.

Enel was also an inherently talented individual, he wasted that talent by disregarding his training. But he was still absurdly strong despite not having trained at all his entire life after getting a devil fruit.

I was now able to make noticeable progress, constantly having to change weights and ask Gan Fall for some more gold.

The stronger I get, the more gold I can condense inside my staff, making my style more and more effective. The more weight my weapon has, the more damage it will do as well.

It's a bit difficult to tell, but my staff should be weighing at least a ton by now. And this is a weight I can move comfortably around with.

To the point where I can barely feel it.

I could condense even more metals into my staff, but I do need to be flexible at all times for my fighting style, so this is ideal currently.

My body hasn't changed all that much, but my muscles do look a bit more well-defined.

At some point Wyper also joined me in my training, he is quite formidable by this island's standards as well. It was fun to finally have a sparring partner.

I obviously didn't use my devil fruit, that would've defeated the whole purpose. But apparently, the holds learnt in jiu-jitsu are extremely effective even in this world. Even more so now that I have what some could classify as superhuman strength.

In the end, Wyper taught me a few moves and how to use some more interesting dials, and I taught him a bit of grappling.

It was a great bonding experience, also extremely fruitful for both of us.

While my training has been more than fruitful overall, the same cannot be said about the decyphering of the Poneglyphs... Now, I know I was confident at first, but it seems that this language is a bit more complicated than I first thought.

Only now, after a full three months, did I manage to get a basic understanding of the language, which in turn enabled me to read and somewhat understand the other Poneglyph that was interesting on this island.

I now know the locations of Pluton and Poseidon, both ancient weapon that was previously mentioned in the show.

Well, I don't know their exact location, but I do know that one of them is somewhere in the country of Wano. This world's version of feudal Japan. Going there would be interesting, but I don't really care much for the ancient weapons. And the other is on the Fishman Island.

I want to look for the poneglyphs both of these places at some point though.

I still have plenty to find in this part of the grand line, so there is no rush to be had in that regard.

My proficiency with this language isn't exactly as high as Nico Robin's, but I can at least understand most texts if I am given an hour or two.

I guess I shouldn't have expected to be able to replicate the years of hard work and research that the people of Ohara put in just a few months.

Even if I had a boost in having an already translated phrase, a language is never this simple, especially one that was made for the explicit purpose of covertly teaching ancient history to future generations.

I've also taken to wearing glasses, something I needed in my past life. Here it's more of a fashion statement than anything since I have pretty well-developed observation haki and perfectly working eyes.

I always liked wearing glasses because I always felt that they made me smarter. I always felt that I could read faster as if I could concentrate on things much easier.

Right now, I've already made a change in my wardrobe. I had to ask Gan Fall for help with that, again.

With his help, I now wear a deep blue formal suit, with a white shirt, matching pants and shoes. Gan Fall ordered it from one of the tailors within Skypea, it's custom made and it fits me perfectly.

The best part is that, although it looks like formal wear, it is made of an extremely elastic fabric that allows me to fight without any hindrance.

I still train in my old clothes but having something I can wear while going out is rather nice. I've always liked looking presentable at all times.

Other than that, not much has changed. I still have elongated earlobes, but I've gotten used to them. I even thought of a funny attack, where I basically turn my earings into axe heads or stingers and headbang until my enemies die.

It was fun thinking about it until I realized that it might actually be useful in taking enemies by surprise... Again.

Although it is a bit hard to control my earlobes, I can't seem to do it consistently in fact...

Now that I think about it... The Rokushiki of the marines that the CP9 were using allowed one to have complete control over their entire bodies... So learning those techniques might actually benefit me greatly.

If I remember correctly, Seimei Kikan was the stage where one had absolute mastery over their body. I think I need to master all of the six techniques to reach that stage... Or at least gain some semblance of mastery over them.

Either that or simply master Kami-e to perfection. I can't seem to recall, but I will eventually learn all 6 techniques anyway, as they are all great ways to get stronger.

Besides that, there are dozens of combinations that I can think of using my devil fruit and the six powers. Tekkai might also be a good start in learning armament haki...

Regardless, the more time I spend in this body the more attacks and methods of fighting I come up with. It seems that devil fruits do indeed reward creativity.

*Ring ring ring*

I find this sound to be rather annoying, but the thing making this sound can't be any less interesting. Transponder Snails are an odd piece of technology... If you can even call it that.

The only people that have my number are Wyper and Gan Fall, so I don't have to guess who would be calling me.

"Hello there! Elongated earlobes speaking" I picked up the phone, I kind of decided for this to be my opening whenever answering a transponder snail.

Figured it's best to have fun with it if I can't change it.

"... Enel, Gan Fall here." I can somehow feel the uncertainty in his voice... I guess some people just can't take jokes all that well.

"Figured~ Wyper would've at least laughed a little at that," I said while twirling the cord on my phone.

"I-I see... I wanted to give you a warning that a group of pirates are approaching the island through the sea of clouds... Just figured it's better to let you know just in case they aren't a friendly bunch..."

Upon hearing that, I couldn't help but smile widely.

"Pirates, huh?"

They're finally here... Straw hats...


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