5 God Army, Priests and Control

Enel sat down in his room, he looked at the table full of food in front of him and then at the women that stood around the table.

He stood there for a minute or two, before telling the women to simply leave the room, they seemed scared at first, but still left nonetheless.

Enel then called the 4 priests to his room, making sure to tell them to all arrive at the same time.

He wanted to eliminate them but didn't want to do it while they were separate. That would mean their chances of putting up much of a fight were much lower.

Right now, Enel had yet to completely get used to his new body, so it was a great time to practice his powers on some live targets.

Enel manipulated lightning through his fingers, making it dance around his palm and twirl around his hand. Controlling his devil fruit felt oddly natural, he wasn't even sure if that was a trait of devil fruits in general, or just Enel's memories sparking up.

The newly transferred otherworlder continued to get used to his devil fruit, until controlling it felt even more natural.

After a few more minutes of controlling and producing lightning, the 4 priests walked in.

All of them looked exactly as Enel remembered them: Satori, the red-haired man with a ball-shaped body; Ohm, a bald and muscular man of average height, a large sword strapped to his back;

Shura, the aviator looking-priest with a pointed moustache and a lance on his back; And lastly, Gedatsu, a tall dark-skinned man with an extremely strange hairstyle.

Enel could remember them both from his past life and the memories of the old Enel.

"Glad all of you were able to come here on such short notice..." Enel spoke out with a leisurely smile, his attitude seemed to get a few raised brows.

The priests weren't used to Enel ever being polite after all.

"We thank you for your grace, God Enel. If I may dare inquire, what do you need from us at this moment?" Ohm was the first one to speak out, being the strongest of the four he was also the most confident.

"Well, it's simple really... I just need you to disappear."Enel said, all of the priests widened their eyes, in the next second, Enel was already in between all of them.

"Do your best to fight, I wish to see the strength of my priests after all..." Enel used his staff to first strike Gedatsu, who went flying through the wall of their room with a strange shriek.

"W-what is the meaning of this God Enel! Did we do something to displease you!?!" Ohm was quick to ask, but he also unsheathed his blade at the same instant, not being one to just roll over and die.

A part of him hoped that this would just be one of their God's tests, to see if his Priests were really up to par. But the reality was a bit less merciful...

"Hmm... Maybe a bit?" Enel said as he tilted his head, he thrust his staff forwards, this time towards Satori, who in turn brought both of his hands up, in hopes of blocking the strike.

Enel simply smiled when seeing that, with a bit of electricity flowing through, his staff quickly turned into a trident, Satori didn't even have time to think as his ball-shaped body was skewered through its midsection and impaled on Enel's trident.

"I believe people in power should always take responsibility for what happens to those underneath them..." Enel said as he swung his arm, flinging Satori's body into Shura, who was still flabbergasted to the side.

"G-god..." Shura grunted as his fellow priest's body to the side, he quickly took out his lance, preparing to do his best to defend himself.

"None of you ever showed any care towards those beneath you. That behaviour isn't one fit for a leader..." Enel said as he sighed a bit. He knew that it was useless to talk to them in that manner, even somewhat ironic coming from someone like him.

But he was no longer the old Enel, and he wasn't exactly used to killing others. He was doing his best to distract himself while also justifying his killings with the fact that they deserved to die.

In truth, he also felt weirdly nonchalant about killing them... Sure, he had made up his mind about it beforehand, but he didn't know if he could go through with it or not.

It was strange he didn't remember being that sadistic and blood-thirsty, but Enel decided to ignore it, for now, not wanting to give it any more thought in the middle of a fight.

Ohm reacted this time, taking the moment Enel stopped his movements for a split second and swinging his long blade towards him.

Even though it was from behind him, Enel could still feel it clearly due to his Observation Haki. But he didn't bother stopping it, his body split in half in that instant.

However, it reconnected itself in an instant, making it look like Ohm's blade had passed right through him. The elementalization part of logia devil fruits had always been an interesting aspect for Enel, now he actually got to experience it in person.

Enel then sighed as he released a surge of electricity, Ohm was instantly paralyzed as he felt the current course through his body, Shura, who was dashing towards Enel wasn't any better, his lance had attracted some of the electricity and it had also paralyzed him.

"I didn't want to use my powers too much... But I guess it can't be helped." Enel sighed as he turned his trident into a Chinese spear, a Qiang. He swung it with confidence, and in one swift motion, he decapitated both Shura and Ohm.

Their faces wore shocked expressions as their heads rolled on the floor. Their bodies didn't even hit the floor before another enemy made his way back to the room.

The only priest left alive was Gedatsu had just returned into the room from the broken wall, only to see the horrifying scene that had occurred, he quickly shrieked, turned around and tried his best to run away.

Enel didn't move at all, he simply sighed in pity. With a snap of his fingers, a bolt of lightning fell from the skies right onto Gedatsu's path, it created a large hole into the island that Gedatsu instantly fell into, right down to the lower seas.

Enel somewhat pondered why his devil fruit was even allowed to exist, it made him so powerful, to the point where he felt that he was cheating. He could instantly attack anyone within his Haki range.

Enel simply couldn't understand how Luffy had managed to defeat something like that.

Even if the rubber man was immune to lightning, Enel could always turn his staff into something sharp and skewer Luffy to death with his superior speed.

The only conclusion he could reach was that the past Enel was indeed a monumental idiot, but his exploits were also a bit more impressive than what an idiot should've been able to do.

The ship he had designed with his devil fruit in mind was extremely impressive, it was a ship specifically made to travel through space.

And while the current Enel didn't feel like putting his chances on that and actually going to the moon, he still found the fact that the ship was capable of flight to be impressive.

It was certainly not the product of an idiot. So he could only guess that past Enel was simply too blinded by his own power to act accordingly.

Regardless, now that his job was over, Enel decided to also inform Gan Fall about that.

The old man took the news in stride, he seemed to have already prepared a few things in the little time in between Enel's visits...

In the end, it only took one day. One day for Gan Fall to completely gain control of the entirety of Skypea. He also managed to speak to the Shandians and actually come to an agreement with them, helping them retrieve their temple and island on the exact same day.

Gan Fall had wanted to end that senseless war for a while now, and thankfully he was able to do so quickly, with Enel's retirement of course.

The old man didn't go into specifics about what had happened to Enel, but the people of Shandia, although wary, were more than happy to take back their homeland unobstructed.

Gan Fall, using his name and authority, made the rest of the God Army instantly obey him. They feared Enel's retribution at first, but after seeing that the few people that accepted were completely fine, they all turned coats in an instant.

The police force in Skypea didn't hesitate to listen to Gan Fall for even a second, and the people of skypea all rejoiced when hearing of Enel's retirement from his rule.

Again, no one had any idea what had driven the maniac that had ruled over them with an iron fist to give up and kill his own priests, but there was always that idiom: "Never look a gift horse in the mouth."

So the people didn't ask many questions directly, although many rumours would surface later...

And just like that, Skypea was once again under the control of its rightful ruler, Gan Fall.


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