50 Joining The Marines...

Chapter 50 (BONUS CHAPTER) (The Daily Chapter will come in a bit too.)

Title: Joining The Marines...

During the time the Reverie was happening. In the marine headquarters, Itachi is walking next to Garp who is eating crackers. "Okay, Itachi, if anyone bullies you… come to me so I can beat you too. That way maybe that will push you to learn and study harder in the marine base."

Itachi nods at this. He will beat himself if he is bullied, he has power, so he must use it too. But he can't stand Garp already, the old man has been bragging about how many times he broke the Cracker Eating World Record during his time as a marine.


Garp keeps bothering Itachi all the way till he takes him to a building that seems like a dorm building, with a green yard, blue roof and there were countless marine flags around it. 

"Welp, this is it brat see ya around. Say hello to my old pal Zed if you meet him." says Garp as he walks away while at the same time eating some rice crackers.

Itachi sighs at this, why do strong people like Garp or his father have to be so weird at everything they do. Even his strongest sibling, Kisame acts extremely weird. In the end, Itachi just sighs and gets those weird thoughts out of his head.

He just enters the yard of the building and looks around. He sees a couple of trees and green fields. He also sees that the entrance door is huge. Itachi can easily figure out that it's most likely for bigger-sized students. Itachi just walks forward, he has no luggage or anything like that since Garp said that he wouldn't need it. Everything will be provided by the marines anyway, so it doesn't matter. In the end, he just has some white shorts and a dark short-sleeved shirt. As he enters the building Itachi sees that the inside of the place was dyed in a light brown and white color. Also, a kind-looking old woman at the receptionist table. She looks at Itachi with a kind smile. "So you must be a newcomer?"

As she asks that, Itach nods his head and walks towards the old woman with a smile on his face too. "Hello there mam. I was wondering what I should do since I already have had all of the paperwork done. I was brought by Vice-Admiral Garp… and… well…"

Itachi just scratched the back of his head nervously with a hard to keep smile on his face. The old woman still has a sweet smile on her face. "Oh, I understand how that feels. Garp has always been like that. Anyway, what is your name young man."

"Ah! Thanks for understanding me, miss…" 

"You can call me gran-gran. Everyone here does."

"Okay, gran-gran. My name is Itachi Uchiha." Answers Itachi as he also spells his name for the old woman to write. 

 After that, he is handed some keys and the old woman says. "Take care now, also in the evening a paper with your schedule will be put under your door. Your room is number 769. Soon you will most likely get a roommate too, but at the time you can enjoy the free room all to yourself. Also tomorrow morning you will get a uniform too. Since all of the recruits are currently training, even the chore boys so they can't bring it at the moment."

Itachi nods at this and starts climbing the stairs till he hits the 7th floor and in there he finds his room and he unlocks the door. When he enters he can see a simple bunk bed, two desks, and another door with 'toilet' written on it.

'Well, this is good enough.' thinks Itachi as he checks around the room and looks around for any cleaning appliances since there is quite a bit of dust around the corners or under objects. 'Probable a chore boy too lazy to clean it.'

Even while he thought that Itachi has a contemplating look and in the end, he decided to go downstairs and ask the old woman for some cleaning appliances. Fater getting some he starts cleaning every nook and cranny of the room. After all, no matter how strong if one gets sick then that is it. After that whole ordeal, he decides to explore the grounds where he will be living for a little while. Well, he plans to rise in rank and not stay as the chore boy for a long time.

Garp already told him to rise through the ranks by himself… and he will do so. No discussion about it. 'I must train hard to get the Vice Admiral rank at least, or else this would be a worthless venture with any less.'


In the end, he finds out where the cafeteria, showers, and many other rooms are. He decides to go to the library and see if he can get anything.  He searches about books in cooking and such things. Nothing too special was in them, but he did learn some new dishes except the ones from east blue and such. 


-Itachi POV-

It is truly cool reading about different things from all of the blues and different cultures. For example, the people with the cleanest teeth are the ones from North Blue. I should try my hand at craftsmanship too, I wanna be able to build my own ship if I am stranded on an island or something like that.

Immediately I create some clones that come out of my body while at the same time they start going to read some books on different subjects. I think that with ten clones a day, I should be able to read this whole library in a year. But I will keep creating more and more as I don't plan to stay too long here. Creating clones takes stamina, but maintaining them doesn't really take any stamina and even if it does it is pretty negligible to me. Dad said that I shouldn't create clones until I am exhausted as that would put me at risk needlessly. He said that someone can't attain awakening just by using a devil fruit. They must understand it to its core and have countless experiences using it. One must come up with almost impossible methods of usage for a devil fruit before it awakens.  



A couple more hours later and the sky starts darkening. I let my clones just wander around. I already gave the information to the marines about my devil fruit. Of course, I said nothing about returning memories back to me when I absorb them. 

Still, I must now show just how much potential I have if I wanna raise through the ranks quickly.


After eating dinner I just go back to my room and fall asleep. I also absorb half of the clones and then create five more. I understand some things now, even on how the marines cross the Calm Belt, but dad already figured it out so that is useless to tell dad. 

I didn't meet anyone interesting at dinner and just simply ate alone. But the chore boys are really weak… like really weak. Like a five-year-old Naruto could wipe the floor with one hundred of them. Wonder how Naruto is doing now? Probably just messing around…

Tomorrow will be the first time that I will start training with the others.



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