7 The Fish is out of the Pond

Chapter 7

Title: The Fish is out of the Pond


At the age of twelve, I have finally started working on my goal and gained some power.

When I arrive on Fishman Island like usual there are slavers all around getting killed.

In the canon I believe Whitebeard came to save this island by declaring it his territory... but now I don't think we even need help. My thousands of subordinates are taking a very active role in fighting any human that comes to Fishman Island. Well, I call them comrades, but they listen to me and do what I want them to do and I consider them my subordinates, so they are my 'friends' technically... but not really.

Now eight hundred more merfolk have joined me. I now have an army of two thousand and three hundred fishmen and merfolk, and since we are fighting (also robbing) any human pirate that comes here. I have gained a reputation amongst my fellow fishman... a very good reputation actually.

Also, I have started to notice that I have gained the ability to breed. I must say... that is nice... lust is one of the wonders of life and I must experience lots of it. Especially here in the One Piece world where there exist a lot of beautiful human women and mermaids. I can't wait to start having s*x again... but that is only secondary to my goal as I plan to use this as my weapon.

Plus now I can complete one of my plans during this year. Sometimes, I wonder if I had a system and jerked off... would I get the lucky pervert skill or perk.... that would be like free plot armor. Damn, my mind is really wandering around, I need to stop thinking about such useless things.

I look at the fishmen around me celebrating, we have a bunch of money now so I do nice things for them every now and then to keep them loyal and keep their morale up. Since I mainly operate in the Fishman District and most of my subordinates come from there, I have started to put some propaganda in the young fishmen children.

Anyway, I have given my more... cruel subordinates a certain order. I need them to start intercepting ships that are underwater and coming here from Paradise. After all, they are weaklings and don't have any benefits to my strength anymore. Also, this can be considered as paying my subordinates...

So now I am going to wait in Fishman Island for a month for Whitebeard to show up.



Even one month later and there is no sign of Whitebeard…

After doing another pushup with the giant boulder on my back. I kick the boulder off of me and stand up casually with no difficulty.

I can't help but think about the timeline. I am already changing the events and Whitebeard hasn't come here... well I guess I don't get to spar with any of his crew then...

This should also be the time during which Oden dies by being boiled to death. Well, goodbye Oden... it was nice while it lasted... look where your pride got you... I am not that compassionate that I would risk my life for anyone... also it was kind of your fault that these things are going to happen to you, Oden... I will never make the same mistake that you did. I will be someone who will kill his enemies and give it my all. I will never underestimate anyone. So thank you, Oden, for teaching me that lesson.



One year passes and I upped up my training to the extreme. Especially currently as I have my eyes closed, I open them and see my training ground.


I look at this lightning ravished island...


...and another lighting bolt hits my body I can feel hot electricity running through my blood... it feels as if every one of my nerves is being pricked with a hot needle. I almost pass out due to pain...

DAMN IT THIS HURTS!!!!... I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!!!.... why do I have to force myself so much...

*sigh* ... I might need to be a little harsher on myself... only then can I sharpen my Haki... senseless torture on myself will not strengthen Haki... I always concentrate on my Haki to protect myself from lighting and distract myself from the enormous amount of pain... even though I have built some resistance to lighting it still hurts a LOT.

Also since I am not brave or stupid enough to fight enemies stronger than me so this is my only method...


As another lighting bolt comes crashing down on me... I focus on my Haki and as it is about to hit me... something different from the other times happens...

As the lighting bolt is about to hit me straight on... my will of not wanting to feel so much pain anymore and my controlled frustration.



The lighting disperses as soon as it is about to touch me.

I looked around surprised...



...and another lightning bolt hit me and it stopped my celebration… DAMN IT THIS HURTS...






This thunder raining island has really done wonders for my Haki training.

While training me Rayleigh used to say that pain and fighting are the best teachers... well what better teacher than hundreds of millions of volts of lightning strikes on my body. I mean I have almost been knocked out by the lighting a lot of times.

But now after many years of training here. I can confidently stand on the outskirts of the island, which might not seem impressive since Rogers Crew could go on the island by protecting them with Haki.

But compared to those freaks, lighting is very dangerous to me, I mean even Roger's Crew would be hurt by lightning if it hit them directly.

Especially in the middle of the island where lighting with billion volts of power strikes, even if I have built quite a slight resistance to lighting... that amount would definitely critically injure me if it hits me directly. Actually, it might even kill me...

Then I point my palm towards a boulder nest to me and gently touch the bolder… let me see my progress now...


Invisible energy extends from my hand and...


The giant boulder explodes from the inside...

"YYYYEEEESSSSSSS...." I can't help but scream in joy... I have been training to advance my Armament Haki sooo long. Plus I trained diligently every day... no rest for the wicked and all that. Finally, I got to the next level, I didn't want to risk my life so I motivated myself differently...by forcing myself into painful and dangerous situations against lightning, the enormous amount of pain, and me not wanting to feel this torment anymore... I went to the next level...

I wanted to give up so many times but I didn't let that hinder my disciple and I was harsh on myself and I finally got the results I wanted... finally now that I have a grasp on this advanced form of Haki I can finally relax a little...


Well, then time to go to my new base.

I go outside of the island and start swimming underwater... then about a hundred meters deep I can see the entrance to my base...

Finally, I can rest a little...








The MC is finally starting to come out of his shell. His Armament Haki going to the next level puts him at a level that is different from the others in the New World. Also, he will never go easy against his enemies. He will fight dirty too and with everything in between.

P.S: Now that he has this strong Armament form of Haki. He now feels more secure, also his plan will start playing now.

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