4 Fighting Against… Shanks (kid)

Chapter 4

Title: Fighting Against… Shanks (kid)


As soon as Rayleigh says. "BEGIN."

Shanks takes his cutlass out and slashed towards me. He covers his sword in Haki... I am a little impressed as he already knows how to use Haki even as a 13 year old, as expected of someone who lived and trained with legends. 

He then swings his sword towards me.

[Devine Slash]


And a golden colour surrounds his sword as he slashes towards meBut I am not idle as I too slash towards him with my sword.

<Water Sword Style: Water Surface Slash>

Water appears behind my sword to give it momentum, and it also creates a beautiful 

blue arc behind my sword.


Our swords clash against each-other but…


 Half of my sword falls to the ground as his sword covered in Armament Haki cut right through mine. Well… this sucks.

I just look at my Sword Handle and drop it on the ground, it's useless to me now. After doing that, I just run towards Shanks and get in his personal space, and immediately punch at his kidney. Showing not even a slice of mercy as I put all of my power into that punch.

<100 Brick Fist>

I also use Fishman karate on top of it and as my fist is about to hit him...


He blocks my punch with his hand, the shocks of my Fishman Karate punch travel up his arm, but he seems unfazed by it.

Damn he is strong... but still… I am still only six and he is thirteen. But that is stupid, that excuse of mine at why I can't beat a kid is stupid. I can't allow myself to make excuses for losing a battle against a kid. I can't start backing off now, or I will keep backing off for the rest of my life.

 I have to take some chances in this fight!!!

 I then suddenly have an idea.

If I can't over power him in strength then I will beat him in technique.

I immediately turn my back towards Shanks, and  start running towards a part of the crowd which has surrounded me and Shanks, looking at our fight. As I run towards them, they make way for me and I then… jump off the ship.


And into the water...

I was limiting myself by training at the fishman karate dojo and forgot the most critical part of fighting… to use my own imagination and creativity. I will cheat and use cheap tricks against my enemies. 

As I feel the water around me, I surround my arms with it and the compressed water takes the form of a whip. I then jump out of the water and into the deck again… 

 I immediately attack Shanks with the water child-like constructions of water around my arms. 

<Water Whip>

While I attack him he dodges some of the primary attacks and that is when I hear the other crew members say.

"Ohh I thought he ran away."

"I thought he had to pee"

(Roger) "Maybe he did but we didn't notice."

"You really think so?"

Ok these guys really are insensitive assholes who can't even read the vibe. 

But anyway now that I have water in the deck and even I am covered in water I get a boost in my strength...

I then slash towards Shanks with my water whips but he just slashed them to bits... and he gets covered in water... all according to plan... I already won... well then time to make it a little more dramatic.

"Jajajajajajaja I already won..." I say that with a smile on my face and with my own strange laugh.

But my joy is short-lived as I hear the crewmembers speak again.

"Wow now I really want him to lose."

(Roger)"I know right he even laughs like a villain."

Ok… These guys are really annoying. So I just turn towards them and yell at them with an angry face. "CAN YOU STOP GIVING BIASED COMMENTARY!!!"

Okay got to calm down and concentrate on the fight...Anyway... I bring my fist backwards… And then... Punch forward...

<Water Shockwave Fist> 

Then, nothing happens...

Even Shanks seems confused by this...

"Was it a dud?!" Says Shanks questionably.

 As soon as he starts saying that he starts sliding back slowly he looks at his own body as it slides back and then... then... 


Then as if by an invisible force he is violently pushed backwards....


He was thrown into the sea...

"YYYEEEAAAHHHHHH.... He won."Screams Oden, with a huge smile on his his face.

"What he didn't win, Jaw also went in the sea. If the rules are like that then he lost first"Says another crew member.

"And that is the difference Jaws went there but Shanks was pushed there... gyahahahahahahaha." Says Oden, but the other crew member refutes him and so he and the other crew member get into a scuffle which then immediately escalates to a brawl between the two.




And so, since my fight with Shanks, one month passes. And I must say, if there is one thing the Roger Pirates know what to do, it is have fun.

We are currently on an island that just brings lighting down like rain. I am currently training in it while the others are exploring... 


A lighting bolt just hit my body... GOD DAMN THIS HURTS.... 

But I got to train my lighting resistance. I also have awakened my Armament Haki... I just had to develop my Observation Haki till I could feel my 'Spirit' Armament Haki, I have been training since then, even though now I am just six I could probably be a pretty notorious pirate with my physical strength and Haki. 

Though I can't harden my Armament Haki yet I can now at least sense it. There was another way to awaken Armament Haki by just having a close to death situation, but I chose the hard and  SAFE way...

Also Oden seems to have found a devil fruit... the Zap Zap fruit of the Paramicia type. It let's a person generate electricity from their bodies... I am obviously not going to eat a devil fruit but it seems useful. So I gambled with Oden until I won the fruit, I only won the fifth time so I had to waste a lot of my hard stolen treasure... though I only bought sake to bet against him… but I am not really rich so that took a lot of my money.




So like that another month passes on the blink of an eye and here we are. We are currently in Wano. I know what will happen from canon Oden will leave his wife and children behind and his whole country will be in a mess when he comes back.... well  not my problem... I am only here in this crew to get strong not to babysit these monsters... 

Though being here is quite entertaining...

I have even made huge progress... my  Observation Haki can sense up to 500 meters. And I am finally able to use my Armament Haki to hit logia, also I have advanced quite better in other skills too... but while Oden is giving his goodbyes, I am just simply training. I can see the conflict in Oden... but he is a scum anyways because he abandoned his family just to have fun… even Roger calls him that to his face.

Well… no matter his end… it was his own fault and no one else's for leaving behind his people and especially his family. Also for not being strong and smart enough to kill them, he let his honor guide his actions. He should have just secretly sneaked inside the castle and killed Orochi… but then again, pride is a wistful thing.


Three days later and we arrive in Zou... Captain Roger is probably looking at the last Road Poneglyph now... he will soon become pirate king...

Well that doesn't matter I am currently trying to recruit some people for my future crew and I came in contact with a fatso *cough* I mean Poo he is a panda mink. He is also very strong so there is that. He is currently 16 years old... so that means 10 years older than me he can also cook some decent noodles... then there is his best friend that also wants to join my future crew he is called Shifu he is a red panda mink. 

And then there is the last one… his name is Shishilian, he is 8 years old and a lion mink with a red mane around his neck,and he is very dramatic... perfect for my crew. I also chose these three minks for my future crew because they are fiercely loyal and the mink race have great potential for the future.

I will be taking Poo and Shifu with me in the Sea. I will also take Shishilian also as a cabin boy, until he becomes 12 and strong enough.

Now I have to break some important news to Captain Roger....






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