1 [0] Opening Remarks (IMPORTANT)

This is a pre-rework version.

A rework is on its way!

This is being reposted since the rework will be on an entirely NEW novel interface (same story, but not this novel).

Therefore, if you can wait 1-2 months then there's that, if not, I will just throw this back out.

The quality of the first half of the book is vastly lower (IMO) than the latter half with some cringe and whatnot, you have been warned.

I improved quite a bit so yeah, rework in progress with full 3rd POV, greatly altered early 30 chapters and overall polishing.

There is a string of stolen fics with my content regarding this fic, note that this is the original and it has all the images in comments (and even year-old comments) stored.

I suggest waiting but if you don't mind re-reading 119 chapters of the rework afterwards then go ahead.

Note: Discord server links posted throughout will NOT work, only the below will:

This is a non-chat server: https://discord.gg/aJHHHPvb6q

It has pics, fruit details, bounties, leaderboards, and many other things regarding the fic.^

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