1 One Piece: The OP & The Lazy / Prologue

Two idiots went from their original world and stumbled themselves into one piece.

One Lucky Idiot can't die and always stays alive, the other is an OP idiot with a chuuninbyou syndrome One Piece:

Let's see how far these oddballs can live with the strawhat pirates and their crew


Fanfiction first time ever, the one piece isn't mine, nor the whole series, those aren't mine, the only thing that's mine is my OCS and whatever idiocy they made.


Since it's my first time kindly guide me here and read at your own risk, the main reason why I do this is that I wanna do something with this imagination of mine, going out of control lately.

I would like to say it's a male and female lead here because I like two protagonists in this fanfic, just to balance the OP Chara and the weakest member but with uncanny luck that keeps her alive no matter what.


You may or may not feel the same with the chuuninbyou syndrome, read with caution.


The two-person within this vast white world is sitting there dumbly, they do know that they're dead but...

This doesn't look like heaven nor hell, so the two looked at each other, confused.

"Hello there young ones.." said a voice that's coming from all directions.

"Who are you?" the girl asks softly but still confused while the man stands up from his sitting position, with sparkle from his eyes, and started shouting


The girl just looked at him with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

Author: I won't go into detail about their past looks, you can think whatever you want there.

"...."- entity

"... are you insane?... " - the girl

Before the man could say anything to the girl the entity suddenly said

"Yes, it's true both of you are going to reincarnate, before you ask why, here's the answer to that, Luck, both of you are randomly selected for this special treatment, both of you will get three wishes each aside from the world you'll get into, the other world you'll get reborn is MY decision, are we clear?"

The guy slumped down when he heard they can't choose the world, but still stay positive when he heard they have three wishes each and with renewed vigor, he stands up proudly and stated his wishes. While the girl is shocked to the point she freezes over.

" First, I want to be able to use word magic! Second, I want a big mana capacity and third I want to be handsome!!" The man said.

"dear ghad what you wanna have a harem?!" the girl suddenly exclaimed, getting out of the trance, but grumbled while she stands up slowly, then she stated her wish, "I want to be healthy, I want to be lucky no matter what and third I want to have determination"

Curious the entity asked, "don't you want to become powerful or beautiful??"

The girl just rolled her eyes at that "power means responsibility, and beauty means nothing but trouble, who cares about those? I want a peaceful life!" The girl huffed and puffed.

The entity laughs at that, "because of your frankness, I'll give you a small gift" with those words a small golden ball suddenly fused to the girl's body. She became confused as to what it is.

"That's my blessing, as a R.O.B. I can give blessings to anyone I have taken a liking to, although the guy has a good heart and it is made of gold if it can be created as such but unlike him although a bit weird.."

"HEY WHO YOU CALLING WEIRD HUH?!" the guy exclaimed

The entity completely ignored him "you're weak and doesn't have any power while he asked for it, so with those I gave you those small blessings, you'll be protected and safe, lucky to the ninth heavens, but the will of the heart is for you to make"

The girl just looked ahead for there's nobody of the entity, as such, she just smiled and bow to show her respect, she's not great with words since a small child and she's still introverted until her very last moment.

The man on the other hand...

"THAT'S SO COOL! I'LL HAVE GREAT POWER RIGHT?!" He actively asked the entity.

The entity just chuckled at this grown man child "why of course young one, the comprehension is your job to make but I'll send all the information to your head, as such you can only unlock the level you're capable of, that being said it also means you have to train hard for it, there's no free lunch in this world or in any other plane after all... if you're not yet strong enough then you can't have access to a higher level of magic..."

"YOSHAAAA!!" he said with a pose of both hands in the air

The entity continued "but your personality will be changed for one it's another different body and world, second because to balance your gift to the world I send the both of you, your memories will be regained at the age of 10.."

The girl murmured, "I don't think his syndrome will end that quickly.."

The two suddenly got enveloped to white bright light, their bodies getting transparent as the seconds tick by.

" good luck to your new world, of one piece"

The entity said with a soft voice, too soft the two can't hear him. And that's how they came to the era of the pirates.

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