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One Piece: OP & Lucky


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Two idiots have gone from their original world and stumbled themselves into one piece. One Lucky Idiot can't die and always stays alive, the other is an OP idiot with a chuuninbyou syndrome. Let's see how far these oddballs can live with the strawhat pirates and it's crew -DISCLAIMERS- Fanfiction first time ever, the one piece isn't mine nor the whole series, those aren't mine, the only thing that's mine is my ocs and whatever idiocy they made. NOTE: Since it's my first time kindly guide me here and read at your own risk, the main reason why I do this is that I wanna do something with this imagination of mine, going out of control lately. I would like to say it's a male and female lead here because I like two protagonists in this fanfic, just to balance the OP chara and the weakest member but with uncanny luck that keeps her alive no matter what. WARNING: you may or may not feel the shame with the chuuninbyou syndrome, read with caution. No Harem No Reverse Harem


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