2 Obtaining Powers and Training

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Kyrin: "Okay I want a Sharingan"

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The World :"Since it's you who came up with this debate thing you can start"

Kyrin "Okay my Sharingan can be evolved into it's complete form"

The World : "what do you mean by that?"

Kyrin : " meaning it can be evolved into Rinne-Sharingan "

The World "okay that's acceptable but you will have to reach the required amount of power to unlock the the next evolution"

He continued "And that's means you will have to get stronger over the time to unlock more powers, it can be perfecting the powers you already have , training your body , obtaining Haki, Practicing Sword arts until you reach the next rank"

Kyrin" what do you mean by ranks?"

The World " in One piece world there are serval ranks to the Swordsmen and they're 10 in total"

Kyrin " oh I get it for my next buff it will be once I unlock my Mangekyō Sharingan I will have every ability of it including : Kamui, Amatrasu and so on"

The World: "Denied, Overpowered"

Kyrin: " I thought he has an agreement"

The World "okay fine But you will only get Kamui on your right Mangekyō Sharingan so you will have the same powers as Obito if you trained hard enough"

Kyrin:" okay that's fine"

The World :" Since you will be getting a rinnegan I'll nerf it by taking Outer path and the Animal path and weakening the Human path"

Kyrin: " since you have taken so much I want 2 requests from you after we finish our debate is that okay?"

The World :" yes it's okay hurry up and choose your buffs already "

Kyrin : " When I Perfect my Rinnegan I want to have access to Truth seeking balls"

The World :" If the balls have taken a hit capable to knock you out unconscious they need some time to recover depending on your strength "

Kyrin : 'So the truth seeking balls will improve as long as I do huh?' thought to himself.

Kyrin:" since Susanoo comes with the Mangekyō Sharingan It won't be consider an extra ability right?"

The World :" I suppose so"

Kyrin ' NICE!!'

Kyrin : "I want to shape my susanoo shape and weapons"

The World " you can't shape it however you like but with enough training and control you can alter it's size and make small adjustments "

Kyrin:" okay can I have my request now?"

After hearing the soul which was previously human he The World began thinking on what he could possibly wish for after some time he ask the soul " what do you wish for human soul?"

The human soul replied after remembering his state of being "first of all I want to start at Sabaody Archipelago" Sabaody Archipelago is the island where the Straw hats crew got annihilated and sent to different location .

"And I want to my journey to start 6 years before the canon starts"

The World thought about it for a minute and he agreed to the soul's request and asked for the second request which he replied hoping it will be granted

"I wish for a body with perfect shape and resistance to poison"

The bald man raised his left eyebrow after hearing the soul request and said :" Your request is denied but I will grant you something else in return " after saying that they appeared on a white room

"This is where you will be spending a month here"

The soul asked " why here exactly ?"

The World replied " this is a special room everything you do will have a 10x effect for example if you ran for 1 mile the benefit will be as If you ran 10 miles however this is not the best part of it. you can summon you like to train you from your memory or you can ask the room itself to make that person appear. Of course he will follow your every command and he will not have his usual self."

The soul replied "Can I ask for anyone?"

The World said as he began walking to the exit of the room "yes even if he as a fictional character"

The soul replied " before you go isn't time to grant me a body? I mean how can I train while I'm just a soul?"

The World frowned after hearing the soul because he actually forgot giving him a body

" *cough* *cough* I'll give you a body the same as you had before but it'll change after you go to your next world but don't worry everything you have achieved will be transferred to your new body afterwards" after saying that he left the room

After being alone for the first time since he got here he began thinking about his life.

Kyrin live with his family which consists of his dad and mother and 2 younger sister but he reached the age of 15 his family died in a tragic accident afterwards he fell in a deep depression due to the connection he had with his family but he continued with his studies when he reached his dream of becoming a surgeon the only thing that excites him is watching anime in particular Naruto series and One piece as he aged with those two in particular after years of sadness he finally moved on but his happiness didn't continue as he got played by his ex-girlfriend

as she stole everything from him including his parents house but he got his revenge by stealing back everything that belongs to him and more but he didn't want to continue living so he sell everything he owned and donated it to the orphanages around the globe and he planned to take his own life next week.

Kyrin :" let's stop thinking about the past and focus on the important matters which is training my body."

After that he began thinking on which mentors could give him monstrous physical strength as it's one of the important aspects of One piece world but he asked the room the following question:" Hey If I died here will I really die?"

Then the room replied:" no you won't but every injury you take will be regenerated after 10 minutes even if your heart is crushed"

'GOOD!!! ' he thought then a huge smile appeared on his face and said : "Maha Zoldyck I summon you !" Maha zoldyck is a character from HunterxHunter which is one of the oldest characters out there so he must have immense knowledge about the human body and how to improve in a short time.

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