A week has past we gathered materials for our travel while also helping to rebuild the islands.

"Hey, King look at this."

Oh, it's about time we got an update after defeating those marine.

Vengeful King: Dead or Alive 80,000,000 million berries

Dual Assassin Shizuko: Dead or Alive 55,000,000

This isn't a bad start, I need to get strong quick I can't let my brother die in the future.

"Come here Shizuko, our next stop is Waterfall island, you should of heard about it.

Waterfall island was once a place were marines and pirates went to fight and hangout by 30 years ago a sea-king went into the mountain which Waterfall island was on and dug out till the top causing water to spew out around it killing all who try to leave.

Even the stronger pirates had no way to leave.

This accident cause a decrease in honest Marines which lead to this dark age in the South Sea.

With the strength we have now the waterfall isn't much for us to go through.

After having a giant farwell party me and Shizuko set out to Waterfall island.

-1 Month Later-

I've seen beautiful island before but this has to take the cake.

It was thousands of feet up, and water was raining down making it look like a waterfall was coming out of the sky from nowhere.

Grabbing a knife I began to stab and climb up the mountain facing tons of pressure any normal person would be bones by now.

-2 Hours Later-

"*cough* *cough* that was awful I could barely breath due to the waterfall mostly being my face making me almost fall off a couple times.

Looking over it didn't seem that Shizuko got it easy either.

Looking up I saw people staring at us like we were monsters.

"How did you get up here…I-I-it's IMPOSSIBLE."

The man was acting as if he saw a ghost and the rest didn't seem to far off.

All of them had seen some of the more daring people try to leave and die, so it wasn't a surprise that they would be shock, because it would only be harder to come up.

"We come in piece, I heard they're some strong guys here, so I want to recruit them."

"Most of those strong warriors that you know are either died or old it's best for you to leave."

This man was clearly one of the strong ones and must have had so many of his brothers die before him.

"I'm sorry, I know my presence brings back memories but if I want to fulfill my dream I need help."

I said while bowing, as I already promised myself that I would never kneel before anyone again.

"Very well but I don't know if you'll find what your looking for."

Walking away upset everyone continue about their day they had already long given up hope about returning home.

Walking in to a bar I went to the bartender.

"Do you know any strong people that would be willing to join my crew."

He nodded his head and then looked to the tip jar.

Putting 10,000 berries he finally let up.

"The people your looking for are three people. Battle Axe: Yama, Sword Demon: Ken, and Heart Piercer: Hiroshi.

I wanted more information but he just looked at the jar again.

Reluctantly putting in another 10,000 berries I hurried him.

Battle Axe: Yama /Age:22 /height:6'6/estimated strength: 25 million berries

Sword Demon: ken /Age:19 /height: 5'8/ estimated strength: 30 million berries

Heart Piercer: Hiroshi /Age:18 /height: 6'2 /estimated strength: 25 million berries

"Thanks for the information giving him another tip."

These guys are a little weak but with a little work I can make them into powerful members of my crew.

It didn't take long before I found one.

"Hey I heard your Heart Piercer Hiroshi."

"Y-yeah I-I am what do you want."

Seeing him, you could feel the anxiety and shyness from a mile away how did someone so shy get the name heart piercer?

"Join my crew, and I'll promise to make your goals into reality."

Sticking out my hand to him.

"I-I can't be a pirate I'm to weak."

"Sure you can you didn't get your nickname for no reason."

"I-I got my nickname because when I was practicing I accidentally shot someone in the heart."

"How do you shoot someone in the heart when aiming at a target???"

My mind was in such a state of confusion thinking about how this happened.

"I-I didn't mean to he just kinda was there."

He was looking down like a seven year old kid who knows he did something bad would look.

I was confused if he was so awful why was he given such a high rating by the bartender.

I went to a inn which was originally meet for visitors who came to fight in the arena.

I give up for today I'll try tomorrow *yawn*.

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