9 Unexpected encounter

After leaving the abandoned it was time to try to switch Hiroshi again.

"It's time Hiroshi, just like last time we will bring you back."

Unlike last time I already had agility to make sure he couldn't escape as well as having everyone holding one of his limps to avoid any accidents.

Handing him the bow he quickly got prepared.

"No need to be so tense *cackle*."

He seemed as if he wasn't be held down but was relaxing at a beach.

"Let's make a deal, you will be granted 12 hours of freedom a day and exchange you help us."

"That's seems like I'm losing considering that I have to fight."

"Fine, and in addition I won't throw your bow into the sea and never allow you free again."

If he thought I would truly allow him to negotiate after the stunt he pulled he was mistaken as a king it was already grounds for execution.

"No deal." Dropping the bow.

It seems like it won't be possible in the near future to get him to corporate.

"I-I'm sorry captain."

You could see he was disappointed in himself.

Wrapping around his shoulder I looked at him.

"When I invited you I wanted heart piercer, but when you joined I wanted you, your my crew-mate not him."

As timed past we had a lot of fun we made a chess board and I taught them how to play we also had cards.

When we got bored of that we would fish and spar.

The more time we spent the closer our bonds and our friendship became.

Along the way, Shizuko opened up more and began saying one word reply's, which was a lot of progress to someone who doesn't speak.

It was all good until we saw a marine ship.

Preparing for the battle we quickly fired our cannons.

Once we got in range I used moonwalk and began fighting the leader.

Judging by his coat he was only a commodore but he was much stronger than Black Sky.

We easily took them out easily but, it greatly worried me as marines knew our location.

We quickly arrived at our next island, Clear Island.

I studied and it takes two weeks for the log pose to update and with the marines knowing our location it didn't look too bright for us.

During this time I began also teaching them rokushiki as I got the basics of all of them down.

In between training, eating, and sleeping I began setting up traps and places to hide and fight.

Little did I know how useless things would be.

In just 3 days the marines already arrived leaving us open to attack.

I had already been collecting information with the help of Shizuko about the marines,

The man before my eyes was Rear-Admiral Nikko.

Standing at a whopping 9ft tall with golden hair down to his lower back.

With the devil fruit, Rei Rei Fruit also know as the ray fruit.

It allows him to shoot sun rays out of him, once he condensed it enough it turns into a deadly laser beams that can pierce steel.

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