Grabbing them and jumping off the mountain we quickly crashed into the water but with me blocking most of the water it was just a long fall for them.

Everyone on the ship has a certain appeal to them.

Shizuko is average looking, but has a cool demeanor, Hiroshi is has nice long black hair that's tied into a bun, and has friendly eyes.

Yami has broad shoulders, and nice toned skin and has a big brother vibe to him.

Ken has pale skin with sword like eyebrows and stands like a statue, and has a very solemn look with a dependable vibe to him.

As for me, I'm 6'6 with hair like my brother has and have a lean look as for my demeanor I can't say.

Continuing on our journey I finally decided it was time to give Hiroshi a bow.

"Take this, it's time."

"I-I can't, I promised I never shoot a bow again."

For the first time it seemed like he was serious.

"I have a question, your upset because you killed someone right, but what about all the people that will die if you don't help, one bad experience shouldn't make you cower in fear because now you know your values and to never do it again, set things right."

"B-but what if I hurt someone again I can't stop him."

Trying his best to get me to give up.

"Do you think I would put my crew in harms way if I didn't already prepare for the worst, do think I'm weak?"

N-no Captain, but I don't want to do it, I don't want to become someone else.*sob* *sob*

"Don't worry if worst comes to worst I'll just take the bow from you.

Patting his shoulder trying my best to comfort him.

"O-okay I'll do, I'll believe in you."

Grabbing the bow his expression his eyes narrowed his smile became crooked and it seemed he was scheming.

"Hiroshi, how do you feel?"

I didn't like the look of these changes

"I'm feeling great Captain, better then ever also I'm not Hiroshi anymore you can just call me Heart Piercer.*cackle*"

Closing the distance between us to grab the bow he was already prepared and jumped back.

"Relax captain, isn't this the person you really wanted."

He said it has if was above me…better than me.

"It seems I need to teach you a lesson."

Closing the gap I immediately pressured him with the rest of them immediately creating a circle, but it seemed that we had underestimated him, breaking free he jumped into the sea and began escaping.

I immediately jumped and gave chase, but it seemed I wasn't any faster than he was.

For 3 days and nights I chased him until I got something, a agility boost.

Closing the distance between I stole the bow reawakening Hiroshi who immediately began crying.

Going back to the ship we decided to take a break of returning Hiroshi normal again until we could be sure to defeat him.

-1 Month Later- we had finally arrived at what was to became the entrance to a land of powerful pirates and Marines.

This was a place where millions even billions of pirates and marines dead for what they believed in and to achieve their goal.

With the strongest standing on the bodies of thousands of corpses.

Whether or not we survive to the end or die trying we will die while trying to achieve our goals, and there is no greater death then that.

We became climbing up the reverse mountain barely avoiding getting our ship destroyed because of the water currents.

Finally arriving at The Grand Line we quickly landed at our first island it being called Rainbow island, filled with colorful plants and trees landing on the island we quickly went to buy the materials such as a, New boat, Log Pose, food, as getting equipment repairs after getting all of that we ended up being broke.

As for the people they didn't seem to be the friendly type but it will take time for our log pose and ship to be built.

In the meantime we continue to train and I began working on trying to learn skills such as Soru and moonwalk but having little success with it.

Beginning think about everything I read I began to think of how to hit the ground 10 times instantaneous.

With time I began to figure out it was about maximizing speed in the beginning, then strength at the end otherwise you would move to far away to hit the ground again.

Continuing my practice with trying to learn the rokushiki I also tried to learn haki as well.

Everyone one was training even Hiroshi even though he couldn't use his bow he was still incredibly powerful.

-3 Month Later-

Our ship has finally been built and everyone has had a massive increase in strength it seems that we are truly ready for the Grand Line this time.

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