3 The First Battle

Getting into a stance I began to rush at Shizuko.

My current boost is perception, and even with that I could barely dodge his attacks.

He began Stabbing at me then switched into a slice barely avoiding getting my head chop off

In fact I'm stronger then him but with zero fighting experience I quickly got cornered.

Using my perception I began countering and swiftly adapted to his attacks.

The speed at which I was learning was terrifying.

I began to pressure him but All of a sudden I got kicked in the chest.

Rolling back and getting on my feet I forgot that he didn't have to use his daggers.

Continuing to swap blows we continue both of us adapting to each other over and over again getting stronger every minute.

"That's enough, you two boys can't keep going on like this look at yourself."

The captain said with a caring voice, even though I wasn't apart of his crew I was still their crews friend.

I was completely exhausted after that fight if it was any other boost I most likely would have lost.

"Good fight, we should do again sometime". I said with a grin.

All I got was nod, but that was enough.

I continue to stay with them for awhile.

During the two weeks I stayed with them I continue to challenge Shizuko with a winner never being decided.

Then we saw a boat coming.

"Captain, the Marines, they're attacking the winter island and they will arrest anyone related to you if don't come."

"This again This happens every year when will they stop."

We began traveling, I no longer challenged shizuko, when someone's family is a risk you never have time to play.

-2 Days Later-

Arriving to see houses broken and one the houses are on fire.

"These damn marines how dare they do this!" One of the pirates said

All of them were boiling with rage right now especially the pirates house that was.

Metting the Marines the captain was pissed this time.

"Why are you doing this, didn't we have a unspoken rule that we wouldn't mess with each other."

"This the first time I heard about it, and aren't you rotten scum pirates."

His scum smile and condescending voice made it easy to see that they were looking for trouble.

"Pirates, beat these guys black and blue for me."

We began fighting but there was a rule no killing, this was important because as soon as one marine dies the marines will crush us with their force until they're dead.

All of a sudden a women ran out a marine shot her.


A sword pierced the marines chest killing him.


What followed was devastation the Season Pirates were losing it seemed that the Marines had planned to finally end their lives.

Shizuko got cut by a captain I rushed in as I currently had strength boost using my full force I insta-killed the marine captain but my hand was was mangled with the bones shattered and skin and muscle everywhere.

Disregarding the pain I ran and gathered all the civilians and used the escape boats defeating the marines In the way.

-2 Days Later

We had finally arrived at Summer island which was still safe but in 2 weeks when Marine reinforcements came we won't be able to fight back.

Shizuko waking up, immediately tried to fight opening up the cut on his chest thankful it didn't damage anything important.

"Relax, we'll get our revenge, but for now we need to heal and prepare for what's to come.

Knowing I was right he laid back down and cried silent tears as it's almost guaranteed that all of the Season Pirates are died.

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