1 The Boy By the Sea

I'm a boy that lives in the slums, my father gone, my mother sickened, and we're barely getting by with food stamps.

So I'll start from my last day and the best day of my life.

Waking up I went to get medicine for my mother," I'll be back soon mom." I said rushing out.

My mother was a sweet women, but after my father left, because he realized he couldn't deal with being a father she became sick and angry.

After going to the only pharmacy in the area I

quickly rushed home.

My mother has a rare lung disease which causes her to struggle to breath and makes it so she can't get out of bed.

"where do you think your going brat!"

"I don't have the money, I'll get it to you by the end of the week" I said, sweating profusely.

He was a loan shark, in order to get medicine for my mother I've been doing jobs, but I wasn't able to make enough ending up resorting to a loan shark.

"That wasn't the answer I want!"

Picking me up he tossed me into the wall.

"Now do you have the money or do you need more persuasion!"

Picking me up and kneeing me.

"I promise, I don't have *cough*, the money just give me to Monday when I get paid.

Grabbing me and knocking the wind out of me.

"Get it to me by tomorrow or forget walking!"

I didn't dare fight against him as he was infamous in the area and rumor has it that he's killed several people that failed to pay up.

Getting up and dragging my body as I went home.

"What Took You So Long, do you want your mother to Die *cough*!"

My mother is sickly pale, and thin she used to be strong and and have a lively skin tone and she always was out and about, always giving the biggest of smiles.

"Im sorry mother, I'll do better next time."

Handing her the medicine.

"I got to go to work mother I'll see at dinner time."

It pains my heart to see my beautiful mother like that, but I can't help but resent her.

I work at the dock selling fish and running errands, but no cares if I struggle as everyone is, they barely had time to care about themselves.

"Your 15 Minutes Late You Want To Get Beaten Again!"

My Boss was a big old man with a striking white beard, and he was always finding ways to cut my pay and abuse me.

"No sir, I'll get straight to work."

I said getting into my work clothes

"You better, and I'll be cutting you paycheck!"

Chopping a fish head off.

"I need the money I can't afford another pay cut."

I said on my knees, praying he'll let me go this time.

"When did that become my problem, Now get to work!"

Not bothering to look at me any longer,

by the time work had ended it was all ready 10 pm, I went to my boss to see if I could get my paid now.

"Boss, I need my pay, I'll do anything just give it to me."

I said while kneeling, as that was my go to move.

"You think you can boss me around!"

Grabbing my hand and chopping my finger off before I could react.

"Stop your screaming or else it won't be just a finger."

I bit into my clothes as I try to muffle my screams.

"Now leave, you no longer are getting paid and if you don't come I'll kill you!"

As he raised his butcher knife that was covered in my blood.

I immediately got up and ran as fast as I could with all my strength.

Unknowingly I ran straight to my demise.

"Oh look at what I found here, with you like this I don't think I'll be getting my money!"

He said with a smile that even devil would admire.

"No,No I'll get you that money a finger isn't going to stop me I promise!"

I said while trying my best not to faint from the overwhelming pain.

"Your mother is quite a beauty, I'll have you pay with her."

He said licking his lips, while smacking me to the ground.

"You can't, she's sick she'll die." I said pleading.

"Do you honestly think I care, you served your purpose in life now disappear!"

Stomping my face repeatedly, I could hear my ears ringing the pain and the numbness.

I no longer wanted to exist, as my life itself was worse then any kind of hell you can experience after death.

Lying in the pool of my own blood unable to open my eyes as I slowly waited for death to come, and it did.

Shooting up, I felt a jolt in my body and I could hear the sea.

Sitting up I saw a beautiful vast sea and stars that lit up the sky and for the first time in my life I felt free.

I'm no longer me, I'm someone so much greater now.

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