2 Living a New Life

After coming to this sea all of a sudden I had a headache, swiftly passing out as quick as I woke up.

Waking up it was already morning and I learned something,


Apparently Gold D. Roger had a son and I'm 4 years older than Ace.

My name is Gol D. King and I'm 16 years old meaning Ace is 12.

After my father died Garp brought me away and left me on a island not far away from the island my mother died on.

The last time he visited was when I was 11 and since then he's never shown up.

At least my life was better then the last, he left me with enough money to live a comfortable live.

Garp noticed that I already had a deep hatred for the marines and wouldn't train me to be a marine as he knew it would be impossible.

All of a sudden after finishing my train of thought a voice popped in my head.

| System Activated, Welcome to the Multiplier System|

"What are you, and how are you in my head."

|Host, This is the Multiplier System, Once a Day you can Spin a Wheel Which will Currently Double one of your Abilities|

"What… what are my abilities?"

| Your Abilities are, Strength/Agility/Defense/Stamina/Luck/Perception/Spiritual Energy|

Then can I spin the wheel?

I was skeptical, but if this was true it would be amazing.

|Yes, Would you Like to Spin the Wheel Yes or No?|

YES! I said full of anticipation of what's to come.

All of the sudden a wheel appeared before my eyes and started spinning until it landed on agility.

| Host has Landed on Agility Which Will Last Until Midnight|

I began testing it out and I ran at super speeds I myself am much stronger than a normal person and with double speed I was incredibly fast.

Feeling the wind hit my face, seeing the things in front of me get closer, in just 10 seconds I experienced excitement and freedom greater than my entire pervious life.

After getting tired from running I returned to my home which was empty other than a bed and some essentials.

Soon I heard a knock.

Who could that be from my memory I don't have any friends here?

"Who's there?"

Opening the door a saw someone I never thought I would see.

"Garp, why are you here I thought I told you to never return."

He laughed and pretended he didn't hear anything.

"How have you been, I came to check on you I thought you would like to hear about your brother."

"Don't talk about my brother, just because you helped me doesn't change the fact your a marine."

I don't know why but I had already accepted my new life.

I know I shouldn't talk like this to Garp but I didn't just gain memories I gained emotions and ones so strong I would be willing to fight god.

Garp seemed upset but he knew the damage was already done, leaving without saying goodbye.

in-fact Ace didn't even know he had a brother as Garp didn't want me to try and influence him.

After he left I knew what I had to do,


-Three Month Later-

During these months I collected materials, had a ship built, and I collected maps and figured out islands that I wanted to go to.

Along with that, I trained and quickly grew to the strength of 20 million berries.

Getting into my ship I became excited to see the world.

My goal is to find strong people in the South Blue and recruit them my first stop is

the Summer island and Winter island which got their names because of being golden and white everywhere respectively.

-One Month Later-

Arriving at Summer island, all I could say is it was truly beautiful beyond words.

The Summer and Winter Island are owned and protected by the Season Pirates.

The captain's bounty is 55 million berries and the first and second mate has bounty of 34 and 20 million berries respectively.

With a total bounty of over a 100 million berry they are the strongest pirates in all of South Blue.

Everyone was happy, and they were all kind and went their ways.

-2 weeks Later-

During my time here I had the best time of my life and made some friends.

I suddenly heard cheering, apparently the Season Pirates finally returned after their month trip.

The Season Pirates themselves are good people that don't rob people.

Due to corrupted marines the islands were being taxed and robbed of their money and many were starving.

In order to protect their families and friends they created the Season Pirates to save them from the corrupt marines.

Jumping up onto their ship I said hello

All of them were shocked and pulled out their weapons.

"Relax, I mean no harm I just want to say hello hi my name is King."

I said hoping to relax their nerves.

Very quickly we became friends and we partied for their return.

I was excited to finally meet such strong pirates.

"Hey, let's duel, don't you want to see who's stronger." I said with enthusiasm

"Why don't you find this little guy first before you go after me." The captain said laughing while hold on shoulder of a kid that looked 18 or 19 years old.

What was striking about him was the two daggers on his waist.

"You want to duel me let's go."

Giving a nod, we got prepared to fight each other.

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