crew power level and where I’m going (chapter:7)

The power level of the crew members as of chapter 7

King: without boost/Quasi Rear-Admiral with boost/Low Rear-Admiral

Shizuko: Quasi Rear-Admiral

Ken: Peak Commodore

Yami: Peak Commodore

Hiroshi: without bow/High Commodore/

with bow/ Quasi Rear-Admiral

As for the story I plan to make it as far from the original story while keeping the feel and story of One Piece.

As for when People originally in the story come in it will be in around the next few chapters but will still mostly deal with new characters.

Strength wise I plan to have king be at low admiral level by the time Ace go out while the rest of the crew will be 1-3 levels below him

Levels being Low-Mid-High-Peak.

Timeline wise this story takes place 5 years before Ace goes out it's been almost a year since the beginning so I have 4 years to get to the point I want.

As for islands I plan to make a lot of cool islands with fascinating abilities and have a few already planned.

As for enemies I haven't thought much but will in the coming days.

Character development wise I plan to have all the main crew develop throughout the story especially the main character as he seems to bland for my taste.

As for character personality of Characters of One Piece I can't make them perfect, but I'll try to make them as close to the original I can unless I plan to develop them away from their original personality.

Devil fruits I plan to make a lot of devil fruits but I will keep the number of devil fruit users in the crew to a low level as that makes fights and characters a little one note.

Haki I plan to make it more interesting and try to develop it beyond what was originally in the story without butchering it.

If you read this far then I appreciate your support

Thank you:)

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