One Piece: I Am Psychopath [Completed] Book

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One Piece: I Am Psychopath [Completed]


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[Mature Content Present] _________________________________ The sun was setting, the only source of light would soon go past the sea horizon. Black smoke filled the sky which mixed together with the white clouds turning them darker in shade. The sea of flames which burned the houses spread like wildfire not leaving a single house standing firm. Hundreds of pirates roared as they killed the men and old ones in the village while capturing the women as well as looting all the goods before the fire could completely destroy them. The men cried, screamed and begged to be spared while the women lost their hopes as the pirates killed all men with no mercy. The tens of ships docked near the village, all were soon fully loaded with goods and women. A man about 3 meters tall, wearing a black suit stood before the ruined village. His eyes which were glowing in multi-color scanned the area. On his face there was not a hint of emotion, remorse wasn't even a word for him. "This is just the beginning, very soon the entire world will know who I am. This village, it is the future which this world will suffer." ___________________________________ [Author Talk---] This is my first fan fiction from my own imagination and I will try to keep the characters as real as possible. Many characters are from the anime 'One Piece' and I don't own them as well as the world 'One Piece' itself. Also, it's an AU (Alternate Universe) One Piece. Please expect some changes. The cover is from my phone. The owner is of course me... If I see someone using this cover!! I will Report!!!!! Please support... If anyone wants to contact me, Insta- @birkang_bty I also have a discord, Discord- https://discord.gg/CrJgswEfRa I have more fan-fiction novels, do try them out. Who knows, you might like one. -The Monster: Trainer Kota [Ongoing] -Attack On Titan: Devil's Presence [Paused]