65 Chapter 65: Skill Card—

Zoro's rewards have excited a considerable number of top-ranked listers.

It wasn't because of the reward Zoro had received, after all, Armament haki was nothing to them. What they are interested in is that the gold list starts from the 15th place to distribute excellent rewards.

At this time, even the strong people who did not enter the top ten had some expectations in their hearts.

"What reward will I get, I hope it will be a somewhat useful reward." '

Gion murmured in her heart.

The training method of the primary armament haki was of no use to her.

Gion felt that if the golden list gave her such a reward, it would be better to give her some physical training pills.

What she didn't know was that the "training method of primary armament haki" issued by Golden List was much better than the haki training method they have.

Talented people, who train according to the Haki training methods of the outside world, must also be based on years to learn.

However, if you follow the method given by the golden list, this time will be shortened exponentially.

—14th place in the [Divine Soldier List], congratulations to Momousagi Gion for obtaining the [Skill Card].

— randomly select past, present or future people to fight, after victory, you can randomly learn a skill from your opponent.

[Redhead Shanks: huh?! randomly learn a skill on your opponent? this reward is too good, much better than the reward that Zoro got, obviously only a difference in rank. ]

Shanks, who was the Fourth Emperor, also did not regard Zoro's acquisition of the armament haki training method as a good reward.

[Dark King Rayleigh: This Skill card is not a particularly good reward, those who are stronger than Gion cannot learn skills, those who are weaker than her, Gion can not learn good skills, as the reward of the 14th place, but what's interesting is that it can also choose an opponent from the past. ]

[Whitebeard Newgate: Does the ability of the devil fruit count among the skills that can be learned? ]

[Golden Lion Shiki: this should not be possible... no, the golden list can reproduce the devil fruit that is not afraid of the sea, and it may also be possible to issue the devil fruit ability to others as a skill!]

[Redhead Shanks: If that's the case, then the reward is either good or bad, but it's not easy to say. If you choose a person with special abilities and not strong enough devil fruit abilities, it may make Gion's strength grow efficiently. ]

"Gion, pay attention to safety."

"It doesn't matter if you can't get a reward."

Seeing the hint on the gold list, Tsuru said to Gion.

"Rest assured, sister, I know what to do." Gion nodded.

At this time, the announcement on the gold list changed.

— time determined, present; opponent determined, Rifan.

After 10 seconds, Gion will be teleported to where Rifan is. 10-9-8...

"It was that guy!" Sengoku frowned, "Gion, you don't need to defeat that Rifan." "

"Try to talk to Rifan as much as possible to see if he is still in Cocoyashi village, and determine where his Dojo hall is located, which is enough."

Hearing this, Gion nodded.

No matter how confident Gion was, she didn't feel that she could defeat Rifan.

Rifan's strength was no longer in the same realm as hers.

After the countdown, Sengoku and the others only saw the Gion in front of them disappear into a white light out of thin air.

Their observation did not catch the trajectory of Gion's disappearance at all.

Looking up, the gold list shows where Gion was teleported to.

Gion was already standing in the midst of a snowstorm, and in the depths of the snow, a wide dojo stood quietly.

"Snow? wasn't Rifan's Dojo hall in the middle of a forest before? A trace of doubt flashed in the eyes of the Sengoku, "Why is there a snowy mountain behind the Dojo?"

[Golden Lion Shiki: Jiehahaha, Rayleigh is right, this reward is indeed chicken ribs. although the skills mastered by Rifan are very powerful, it is simply a dream to defeat Rifan and make the Skill Card work. ]

[Dark King Rayleigh: Who said it wasn't, when she met Rifan, Gion could only think that she was unlucky.]

[Red-haired Shanks: I am very interested in Rifan's swordplay. If I can learn it, it will be very good. however, thinking of Kaido's fate, who was directly cut into bones, I felt that I did not have the ability to defeat Rifan. ]

"That damn redhead actually talked nonsense when I couldn't speak!" Seeing shanks' message, Kaido clutched his weapon tightly.

"What about that guy Teach, haven't you found him yet!?" Kaido looked at his pirate crew member King next to him and asked. Thinking of Teach, Kaido was even angrier.

According to Kaido's vision, the two famous swords of Enma and Kitetsu II should have fallen into his hands.

He didn't think that he couldn't find the whereabouts of these two swords, but instead, let Teach, a person who had infiltrated the country of Wano, find it.

How could this not make Kaido angry?

"Sorry, Captain Kaido." 

The pirate in charge of passing the news gulped and looked at Kaido with a look of horror, "But our pirate group has united with the samurai to expand the search area to the whole country, and soon there will be news."


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