7 Chapter 7: Supreme Sword, Reincarnation!

"Your swordsmanship is amazing, but the speed and burst are too naive." Garp's eyes are very vicious. Stone couldn't deny it. After all, his explosion and power is extracted from ordinary cheetahs and gorillas, and he really couldn't make it to the table with their ability.

But it's not a big deal. The Marine has a comprehensive practice method to improve physical fitness, and that is the Marine Sixth Form.

When the time comes, we will arrive at the headquarters of the Marine and extract the six types of Marine power.

"Old man, I'm going to rest first."Stone said to Garp.

The trick just now consumes a lot of his physical strength, but more importantly, he cares about what he can extract from the purple treasure chest he just got from the King of the Sea.

Garp looked at Stone's leaving, his eyes flickering, it was really an unexpected joy, he still underestimated his grandson's extractiction skill.

After training in the Marine headquarters, it is certain that in the near future, the position of the world's number one swordsman will change.


Back to the cabin.

Stone took a sigh of relief while sitting on the bed. 

"That was the power of the first-class man on the sea, it is terrifying."He murmurs.

If people like Garp combat power are fully deployed, it is estimated that a country can be destroyed.

 After being defeated by Garp, Stone is now more and more eager for power.

"Only strength can make oneself a foothold in this dangerous world." He murmurs inside.

"Open the treasure chest." Stone looked at the purple treasure chest in his system interface and said directly.

"The purple treasure chest is opening..."

"Ding! Congratulations on getting the supreme reincarnation sword-Samsara."


The system voice just dropped.

A sword appeared in front of Stone. The handle was purple with many glyphs. There was a hollow circle on both sides of the handle, half of which was white and half black.

Under the handle is a black and white jaw, which is stuck on the sheath.

The blade is wrapped in a simple sinking wood scabbard.

The whole sword looks very extraordinary.

The sharp blade came out of its sheath, the air hummed, and a dark glow appeared like a dark night. At this moment, the air in the room seemed to become bitter and chilling.

Purple hilt, black and white jaws, and night-like blade.

At first glance, this Sword looks ordinary, but after carrying it for a long time, Stone felt it as extremely extraordinary.

"Supreme reincarnation sword-Samsara! !This sword is what every swordsman dreams of." System says.

HawkEye, the world's largest swordsman, possesses a supremely sharp sword named Black Sword Yoru.

Stone felt ecstatic in his heart, never expected to extract a supreme sharp sword from the purple treasure chest.

Swords are too important for a swordsman, it helps swordsmen to release their aura smoothly.

Ordinary swords couldn't bear the intent of the swordsman, when Stone was fighting Garp just now, the ordinary sword limited Stone ability and when he tried to break the sword limitation it scrapped.

After fighting with Garp, Stone knew that the sword limited his power, thought of not owning any handy sword was bugging Stone. After getting some rest Stone thought he would request Garp to help him get a good sword.

Unexpectedly, he got the supreme reincarnation sword-Samsara, the supreme sword that never appeared in the original work!


Stone held the Samsara sword.


The air in the room became extremely sharp and extremely violent.

The blade was trembling violently, trying to get rid of Stone's hand.

Supreme swords are just like living being (alive), and if you want to use them, you must get their approval.

If an ordinary person wants to use the Supreme sword, then the contained in the sword alone is enough to destroy them if the sword didn't like its new wielder.

This is why some supreme swords' are named "Demon Blade".

Inorder to wield the sword a wielder either needs sword permission or should possess a strength match to that of sword.

Stone's starts to condensed his aura, he covers his entire body with aura and focuses the aura on the Samsara sword to fight it.

The collision of the two set off a gust of wind in the room, making the entire room extremely messy.


The tremor of the Samsara became more and more intense, and the confrontation between the two became more and more fierce.

Chi Chi Chi Chi ~

The air turns into sword intent(Sword favour), a huge amount of aura is realised by the sword and the walls of the room are full of scratches.

"Supreme reincarnation sword Samsara, I'm a 12 years old boy. Do you want to follow me? In the future, I will let your name resound across the sea. Every swordsman will worship you. I will live upto your name and crush all the enemies."

Stone's eyes are beaming with aura , this is his goal and also Commitment to the reincarnation sword Samsara.

Chi Chi Chi Chi ~!

An even more amazing violent aura erupted from the saber body of Samsara.

Stone's eyes were torch, his body shook, and a sharper sword intent gushed out.

The two confronted, and there seemed to be a crisp sound of swords in the air.

In a few minutes...


The Samsara Sword trembled violently, and then returned to peace.

Stone smiled, knowing that he is recognized by the Samsara Sword.


Two months passed quietly...

Stone stood on the deck, and in front of him appeared a large towering and building, with a seagull-like pattern on the huge wall.

After two months Stone finally arrived at the Marine headquarters finally.

Garp took Stone off the ship and walked towards the Marine headquarters.

As they set foot on the Marine headquarters, the second half of the Great Channel, also known as the terrifying waters of the New World, Stone faced a treble flow of aura around the place.

Then Grap said "Boy,Anyone who throws a single stone may hit a pirate with a bounty of more than 100 million Belly. So don't do anything stupid like throwing marine into water."

Stone face turned num (-0-)


New world, on the red-haired pirate ship...

The red hair sitting on the chair opens his eyes, stands up and looks at the calm sea in front of him, grinning, "Hold a banquet today, and a friend has arrived!"

"Friend?" Everyone was a little puzzled.

In the next moment...

On the calm sea, a small boat pierced the sea like a peerless blade, and sailed towards the red-haired pirate ship at a very fast speed.


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