6 Chapter 6: Stone's strength, Garp's shock!

"It is a sea king….."A Marine shouts.

"Shut up cunt!!!!!Don't piss me offf…."Stone says angrily.

But the Marine continuously shouts which triggered an alarm among Marine weaklings. Marine soldiers start running here and there in panic.

"Fucking weakling cunts, (He looks at a Marine who are running here and there in panic) You lend me your sword, I want to use it." Stone says to the Marine running in panic next to him.

"What????kid this is not a toy..Just run for your life.." 

 "Fucking cunt!!!!..Just do me a favour and die." Then as soon as Stone finishes speaking he grabs the sword from Marine's hand, simultaneously grabs him and throws him at the sea.

He does this in a blink of an eye.  

Stone helds the sword in his right hand, and the moment he holds the sword, his whole body glows with aura, and his eyes get sharp. It looks as if the sword charged him up.

The marine who just finds himself floating in water starts to cry for help. No one knows how he got there, even he himself didn't know.

Seeing a prey dancing in the water. The sea king gets to the surface.

At that very time Stone slashes forward.

A huge blade light burst out from the tip of the sword.

The blade light split the sea surface, directly splitting the king of the sea under the sea surface into two halves, and the blood dyed the sea surface red.

[Congratulations on obtaining the purple mysterious treasure chest].

On the side, Garp's eyes were almost staring, He was in shock. He couldn't believe what he just saw. A question rings in his head now How?.

Those Marines were even more dumbfounded.

"Where....how….when did you learn this?" Garp couldn't help asking, "At such a young age this kid is really a powerful swordsman." Garp murmurs.

"Well I don't know it myself. I saw something moving under the ship, I was blindly trying to figure it out. When I sensed the king of the sea,  I swung the sword, and then I was able to make the slash."

Stone's simple answer made all of the Marine speechless, even Garp is.

"There are many swordsmen who have been practicing swordsmanship for decades but still they are unable to reach this level of strength." A marine behind Garp speaks.

"Hahaha!" Garp let out a hearty laugh. 

"This is really a surprise. I didn't expect that Vice Admiral grandson would actually be a good seedling of swordsmanship.. His whole family is powerful." Some marines at distance speak in a cheerful tone.

Suddenly, because Luffy had been clamoring to be a pirate, the depression on the face of Garp is washed away without a trace.

"Come on, Stone, let's grandfather and grandson practice." Garp says to Stone.

Stone is already eager to try, and he wants to master his current level Swordsmanship. Since, there was no expert in Windmill Town to practice against him. Stone agrees to practise.

At the same time, he wants to probe Garp's strength.

[Name]: Monkey D.Garp

[Possessing capabilities]: SSS-level Armament Haki (not extractable), SS-level Observation Haki (not extractable), SSS-level marine six style (not extractable){ Tn:I don't know what this means if anyone know then just let me know}, SSS-level physical skills (not extractable), SSS-level iron fist (not extractable) )...

[Comprehensive strength]: SSS level

Stone's corner twitched, and he could only see SSS in his eye. Garp surely is capable of chasing One Piece around the world. Of the four SSS-level abilities, only one is SS-level, which is simply inhuman.

But it's normal. Garp's current strength is still at its peak. His hair is only white at the temples, and the rest is black and black, and his physical fitness is also at its peak.

Stone gets excited, Since he is going to fight against the top powerhouses in the world.

"Boy Stone, you go first." Garp says.

Stone is at another side standing with a sword, and as soon as Garp finishes speaking, Stone without a word rushes up instantly, slashing towards Garp. 

Garp didn't flinch, he simply raise his index finger,

The index finger instantly became pitch black, exuding a metallic luster.

The index finger and the tip of the sword collides with each other, making a sound of steel collision, and sparks splashes around from the collision.

Stone's body shakes slightly, then he instantly jumps behind Garp.

But Garp turns his head simultaneously just like as if he has eyes on the back of his head, his shoulders instantly gets pitch black as if he already knows that Stone is aiming for his arm, just like he thought Stone swings sword in midair and slashes on Garp shoulder, the spark form collision charged all the way, but it had no effect on Garp, even his clothes were not cut.

Even though Grap knew his moves already, Stone maintained his expression, seeing that Stone presence of mind Garp is totally surprised.

Since Stone failed to deal any damage inorder to maintain proper defense against any possible attack he flys away.

In midair, Stone stabilized his figure and landed on the ground a few meters away from Garp.

Stone starts to shake both his hands, and the muscles of his arms become thicker. This is the strength of the gorilla. He bends over to generate strength, then leaps forward like a frog pointing sword directly toward Garp, the blade tores the air, and slash's towards Garp.

"Oh, then strength.....interesting"

Garp points out his index finger and slams at the fierce blade downward.


The sword in Stone's hand trembles violently, Stone gets in his feet and steps back, in order to get proper grip on the shaking sword.

Sure enough, there is still too much difference.

Stone looks at Garp and smirks: "Old man, be careful next."

Stone holds the sword then the sword stops shaking, after that Stone stands straight, his eyes become extremely red.

He is condensing his aura. When he starts to condense his aura, the calm sea begins to agitate, and the atmosphere becomes deadly. When his aura accumulates to its peak. Stone moves and raises the sword.

The next second, the sword starts to shine, Stone focuses all his energy on the sword.

Then the shiny white light turns black.

"Haaaaaaaa….." Stone shouts.

A black sword aura slashes toward Garp, cutting through the air, and making a harsh sound. This black sword aura, is at extremely fast speed, covering the distance between Garp in an instant.

Garp's face is as usual. At this moment, his right fist becomes pitch black and he blasts out.


Sword and fists collide, and the hull behind cracks and starts leaking, the surrounding sea starts to shake violently, due to which the ship shakes.

But the sword energy is shattered by Garp's punch.

With this sword slashing, Stone's sword is overwhelmed and shattered into countless segments.

He shakes his head, and as expected, the gap is still too big. He used his strongest aura and couldn't make Garp move even half a step.

However, Stone is not discouraged either. In the Marine headquarters, there are countless strong men which will allow him to extract abilities and be stronger.

Garp looks at Stone, feeling a little shocked in his heart. He had underestimated Stone's swordsmanship. He didn't expect that he actually would be compelled to cover his entire fist with Armament haki when fighting with Stone,(more like practising).

Garp raises his right hand,  there is a slight blood stain on his fist.

This also shows that Stone's attack just now cut off his Armament haki and successfully injured his hand.

The marine instantly covered the leaking area as soon as Garp called them.


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