24 Chapter 24: Crazy Dragon and Pirate Group, wiped out!

Stone nodes.

Now that his own strength can occupy a place in this world, it is time to see this magnificent world.

Beside that the main reason is it doesn't make sense for him to stay in the navy headquarters. He has to fight and defeat three enemies to unlock the extraction conditions of the SSS-class ability.

Garp nodes: "I agree, Now that you are strong enough to protect yourself on the sea, and it's time for you to explore. However, don't be arrogant and complacent because of your current strength. Powerful men in this sea are constantly emerging, with all kinds of weird devil fruit abilities, so never underestimate others, especially never underestimate your opponent!"

Stone nodes. These are all the experiences that Garp gained during his entire life at the ocean. Countless people underestimated their opponents because of arrogance, and ended up dead.



The sea is breezy and sunny, and the blue waves are endless.

The sun is slightly drenched.

Stone is sitting on the deck chair, enjoying the sun.

"Ain, thanks for the juice." Stone drinks the juice and says to Ain on the side.

It has been three days since they left the navy headquarters. Ain heard that Stone is going to sea, and she followed, saying that she also wants to experience sea life.

Not just her, all the students of the elite training camp also took the initiative to go to various branches to experience. After the incident of Edward Weevil, all of the trainees came to a serious understanding of their own shortcomings.

Even though teacher Z taught them very well they lack actual battle experience which is the most important thing they need if they are to become a marine one day. In this way, to get stronger and be capable of guarding the dangerous new world in the future. One by one all of them went to the branches in various sea areas to find some little pirates to practice. Some of the tough students, similar to those of Smoker, are dispatched to the Great Channel.

Ain follows Stone, Stone did not refuse her request cause it's boring to go to travel in sea alone.

Everything aside, how could Stone decline such a beauty request, but don't get me wrong mc is not simp, he is just a bored guy who wants company.

Garp arranges a small ship for them to sail.

Hearing Stone's praise Ain's pretty face flushes slightly, and she secretly look at Stone.

Boom! !

Sudden vibration...

The ship starts to shake constantly. The air smells like gunpowder, Ain sees a ship shelling at them in the distance.

There is a skull pattern on the sail and the flag of the ship is also a skull.

"Pirate!!" Ain says.

"It's been three days since we are out in the sea. I was getting bored, let's have fun Ain." Stone says lifting his eyebrow

"The mad dragon pirate group, the captain is The Crazy Dragon, with a bounty of 1m Bali, and he is capable of demon fruit." Ain takes out a stack of wanted paper and reads his reward.

As the pirate ship approaches closer and closer, Stone sees that pirates on the deck are more excited than him, the pirate captain has a murderous smile on his face.


The pirate ship dock near them, and a figure jumps into the air, and then lands on Stone's boat.

"So bad, there are only two people. Ashamed of my excitement, I thought I could make a lot of money again."

The crazy dragon spit: "It turns out to be a young couple who are in the sea to find excitement."

As soon as Ain hears the Crazy dragon say them couple, her face suddenly turns red.

"Boy, is it your misfortune to meet the Crazy dragon, any last word?" The crazy dragon grinns, "I hate you handsome little white faces the most."

"Oii you Dragon ass who allowed you to spit on my boat?" Stone asks lightly.

"Boy, you are going to die first..."

As soon as he finishes speaking, the Crazy dragon feels an unusually terrifying aura, and the handsome young man in front of him is the one which is realising such a terrifying aura.

Feeling this momentum, he directly turns into a lizardman. But the deadly threat is still there. Cold sweat starts flowing, how could it be possible, how could he have such a terrifying aura. The Crazy Dragon is in shock, his hand is shaking.

"Boss, kill them!!" A pirate shouts.

The pirates that are in Stone boat are in shock, it is the first time they have seen the captain directly turned into a lizard without a reason. It is that the captain is going to tear the boy's body without wasting any time. 

But the next second, their thoughts stop abruptly.

As they see the captain's head fly high in a blink of an eye. 

One by one the crew who is in the ship along with the captain head fly in the air, the pirates who are in the other ship watching silently sees the captain head fly high along with other pirate heads are in shock. In the mid air the captain's head turns toward his ship.

"Run," He says.

The scene is silent for a few seconds, and then the pirates scream in horror, they hurriedly steer the rudder to turn around.

"Noisy!" Stone grabs Samsara and slash it out.

boom! !

The entire pirate ship, which can accommodate more than a hundred people, split into two halves with slash.


This sword light shatters, and the terrifying sword energy contained in it breaks out and turns into a thousand sharp blades.

Chi Chi Chi Chi ~!

The screams of pirates come one after another, and then stop abruptly.

The entire pirate ship is directly dismembered, and the sea turns into a purgatory, a sea of ​​blood.

Attracting countless sea kings nearby.

In this regard, Stone has no mercy.

This stupid pirate didn't know how much innocent blood they waste.

Aside, even Ain, as a girl, didn't show any mercy.

However, this pirate said a good thing before he died, "little couple" that the crazy dragon said before. Remembering it Ain's fair face flush with blush.



Handsome guy;seeking powerstone

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