22 Chapter-22

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"I want to see if you can recover from multiple injuries." Stone says lightly.

As soon as the voice fell,

boom! !

An aura that is stronger than before swept forward, and the sword aura rage all over Stone.

The turbulent sea water around it seems to be shredded by countless small sharp swords, turning into drops of water and falling into the sea.


Extremely dangerous! !

The old woman's face suddenly reappears. Since her son is heavily injured, but Stone is unscathed, she is already planning to retreat in her heart. Moreover, the opponent's sword level is very high so it is wise to think about retreat.

After half an hour of collision, the giant sword is completely damaged.

"Giant you fought well, but….I am getting bored so let's finish this."


Stone closes his eyes and focuses his aura.

Then the terrifying sword intent(Aura) erupts on Stone's body, and the nearby sea water starts trembling as if it is boiling. The air around Stone distorts.

Then the worst part, Stone opens his eyes, all of sudden the sky turns dark. In the eyes of the old woman and Edward Weibull, Stone's body seems to be extremely dark , like a shadow

He holds Samsara, then the old woman and Edward hears a strange sound coming out of the sword, like a spell of their death.

"Reincarnation·Evil Ghost Road!!"

An extremely dark blade light burst out, and this blade light is as cold as Stone.

Stone's sword aura at this moment...turns into countless evil spirits, horrifying. At this moment, the minds of the two were frightened by countless evil spirits.


The old woman's eyes sang the song of death…. she couldn't hide the shock in her eyes.

She jumps onto Edward Weibull's shoulder. The latter jumps into the sea with a thump.

The blade light sweeps across and turns into a fan shape, wherever it passes by like the floating wooden blocks on the sea are cut into shreds by the slight sword energy.

Boom boom boom! !

The world is silent, and the sword energy is raging.

The sea water splash in the sky more than ten meters high, and then forms a continuous downpour.

It took half a minute for the rain curtain to slowly dissipate.

In front of Stone, there is a fan shaped large area of ​​sea water that is cut off.

The sea is trapezoidal.

This is abruptly cut off by the sword.

After a few seconds the sea water surgs back and reunites.

There are many corpses of sea kings floating on the sea.

In the distance, the figure of Edward Weibull and the old woman floating is seen, but Edward's body is covered with dense scars, and some bones visible.

Stone walks(Fly) over with Samsar.

At this time, the old woman struggling swims up and climbs onto the floating wooden board.

There is no injury on her body, at the critical moment she used her son's body as a shield to save herself.

She looks at Stone with a look of horror: "Spare, spare, you can't kill me, I am the wife of the Four Emperors White Beard, and he is the biological son of White Beard."

"I'm afraid my words are not persuasive."She murmurs.

She takes out the white beard's reward order: "Look, you look at the beard, is it exactly the same as the white beard?"

"Oh? Not to mention the authenticity of your identity, even if it is true? The son of the white beard can also be caught there is bounty!"

Stone sneeres, Stone turns his face as if he didn't believe in their identities(Absolutely faking).

"How could White beared have such a mentally retarded son and such a dwarf and vicious wife."

Stone grabs her hand.

"I'll just ask you, a white beard who has the blood of a giant and is seven or eight times taller than an ordinary person, and a dwarf who is about the same height as a 5-year-old child, so it's interesting…..how you gave birth!.....Well my question is wrong..it should be…...How did chihuahua give birth to an elephant!?"

"Ehhhhh!!!!This is none of your business, boy."

"You are too noisy, old hag."

Stone glances at her coldly, covering his arms with haki, punching.

The old woman faints and her several teeth are knocked out.

For this kind of person, Stone would not keep his hands to himself, he absolutely hates noisy people.

Stone carries the two uses moon step to get on the warship. boom!

He threw the two down: "Arrest them."

[Ding! Congratulations host on getting the purple mysterious treasure chest]

Stone obtains a purple mysterious treasure chest from Edward Weibull.

Z looks at Stone, the shock in his heart could not be calmed for a long time.

After two years of absence, Stone has grown to this point.

It's no less than myself.

His swordsmanship is enough to gallop in the sea.

Presumably, in a few years, he can hit the world's first throne.(greatest swordsman)

Z looks at Stone and sighs incomparably.

He knows that Stone is an evildoer, but he never expected the evildoer to be like this.

There are more than fourteen people like Smoker on the side,in shock.

Originally all of them thought that after Stone left the elite training camp to develop on his own, and his strength growth would slow down. In comparison to under the guidance of Teacher Z.

Who would have thought that the Stone would get this much stronger and powerful.

"Is it all right, Ain?"

Stone asks Ain, Ain and the others performed very well just now, even if they were facing the threat of death, they did not take a step back and protected the injured people like Smoker behind them.

"No, it's okay." Ain's face suddenly flushes.

Stone nodes, then look far away from where he felt the presence of strong aura. Ain secretly looks at Stone's back, her cheeks turn reddish, and her eyes are afraid of being seen, out of fear she quickly retracted her gaze.

A warship approaches.

In the sea, a figure is seen, it is Garp.

Seeing that Stone and others are fine, he is relieved.

The navy headquarters received a call from den den mushi for help. As soon as Garp heard that Z's practice boat had an accident, he rushed in without stopping.

"Where is the enemy? Did you fight it away?"

Garp looks at the ship debris all over the sea, and the scarlet blood on the sea.

In this tragic situation, you know how powerful the enemy is.

"Already caught."

"Haha, Z,  you not dead?. I didn't expect you who retire from the front line for more than 20 years then fight like this. This proves that your sword is not old and your body is not rusty." Garp patts the latter on the shoulder.

"No...no..no I didn't defeat them it was defeated by Stone."

Garp: "..."( An: At this moment he knew he fucked up…--From the meme)



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