20 Chapter 20 White Beard sonII!

In two years, all of Stone's abilities have reached the SS level, and swordsmanship is even more terrifying SS+ level.

However, he encountered a bottleneck.

He thought that now his abilities are all SS-level, he is able to extract the SSS-level abilities. But it doesn't work. Even if his comprehensive strength is already SS-level, he still can't extract SSS-level abilities. SS+ level swordsmanship is his own swordsmanship that he constantly honed in the past two years. And Finally it was upgraded to SS+ level.

"Is it that the abilities after the SS level have to be improved by myself?" Stone squints his eyes, then vetoes it.

"It should be that I have not yet triggered the conditions, so I cannot extract the SSS-level capabilities for the time being."

He murmurs in laziness, then prepares to leave the primeval(Virgin) forest.

He stayed in the navy headquarters for a year and a half, extracting a SS-class ability. Then he spent half a year in this virgin forest, integrating all his abilities. Master it thoroughly.

"It's been half a year, and it's time to leave."

Then he leaves the primeval(Virgin) forest.

The entire forest is in a mess, and it is ruined.

The strata collapsed, ancient trees crossed, and thorns shattered. This is the scene created by Stone in order to control his own power.


Back to the navy headquarters, Garp's residence.

"You kid still knows to come back?" Garp gives him a thump when meeting.

After half a year, the white hair on Garp's head has become much whiter. The wrinkles on his face also appeared one after another.

Looking at Garp, Stone grins and says: "Yes, I'm back old hag."

"Old hag!!!! I am not old….(Relaxes) Go wash your hands and eat!" Garp says, but he could obviously feel that he is relieved, as if the big rock in his heart had fallen.

Stone's heart warms, this kind of caring feeling is really good.

After dinner, Garp seems to think of something, and says to Stone: "Old boy, Z came to me today. He said that today he will take the students from the elite training camp to the sea to catch pirates. You just came back a few hours late. It's getting dark , if you leave early tomorrow, you should be able to catch up with them."

Stone says"Okay, I will leave early tomorrow."

No words for a night.

Early the next morning, Stone slowly leaves  the port of the navy headquarters in a small warship under Garp's arrangement.

The sea breeze is blowing, and there is an indescribable comfort on the face.

Standing at the bow, Stone looks at the sparkling sea.

This is the first time he has left the navy headquarters.

Stone leans on the mast, his thought drifts away.

It has been 7 years since he came to this world.

With his current strength, he can be regarded as having a foothold in this world.

It is going to take a lot of time to catch up with Z.

Waking up early in the morning, the morning sleep hangover is still there, Stone yawns and then leans on the mast, closing his eyes and resting.



Five hours later,

Stone suddenly opens his eyes.

Staring dignifiedly forward.

"Observation released."

He feels that there is a violent collision at some distance, someone is fighting.

Then, his pupils shrink slightly.

Very far away, there is ship debris floating in the sea.

"This is a warship!"

"Protect the escort ship of the Z!" Marines shouts.

"They are in trouble, I'll go one step ahead you guys catch up!"

Stone drops a word, and then uses the moon step, then he gallops towards the ship.

On the warship, the navy is taken aback.

They only knew that V.Admiral Garp said that he sent Stone to meet Z. But they never knew that Stone is so powerful.


far away...

The surface of the sea is full of debris from warships, and the corpses of the Navy are floating.

boom! !

There is a violent crash.

On a warship, the two figures are quickly clashing hands.

One of them is Z, and the other is a deformed giant with a smirk on his face.

The most striking thing is that he has a crescent-like beard.

His weapon is a Naginata.

The speed at which the two fight against each other is surprising at all. The air is wailing, the sea is shaking, and the scene is extremely intense.

"Old guy, Edward can fight, just surrender yourself."

On the side there is an old woman who is as short as a dwarf and wrinkled.

"Nooooo.." Z says

"Then I will kill your student!"

The old woman moves, and shoots towards Smoker's group who is protected by Z.

"you dare!" Z gets furious and blasts out a punch to block it.

boom! !

But because of the flaws exposed, he is slashed in the air by the deformed giant, and then falls in the warship, blood flowing.

"It seems that you value your students very much, son, kill him in the end, kill all his students for me first!"

"Yes, mother."

The deformed giant touches his head, then looks at Smoker and his party with a smirk.

Smoker is lying on the ground badly hurt, with the hatred in his heart.

He wanted to help Teacher Z before, but he was severely injured by a punch and couldn't move.

He holds his hands tightly.

"I am still too weak!!"

"You dare not touch my students!!" Z forces his body and rushes with a roar.

As a result, he is kicked by the deformed giant.

He then crash into the ship. His body is completely

paralyzed by the kick

Seeing the sword held high by the deformed giant, Z  burst into tears and despaired.

"It's all my own fault, so I shouldn't bring them into the new world."

But the only hope in his heart is still there.

The student he is most proud of did not follow.

This is the only relief in his heart.

Ain,Tashigi along with other trainees helds up their weapons to guard Smoker and other injured people behind.

The moment the deformed giant's sword swings towards Ain.

Ain and the others could feel the breath of death.


"Sorry, I am late."

The weapons collide and the deformed giant is forced back.

A very familiar voice came over.


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