17 Chapter-17

In the evening.

In the backyard of the house, a bonfire is slowly rising, and many ingredients are placed around it.

Stone and Garp are grilling. The reason is that they don't like eating anything other than meat. Luffy is very similar to them.

"Boy Stone, where did you learn Armament haki?" Garp asks.

Stone is deeply immersed in eating meat, not to mention, the meat grilled by Garp is really delicious, he says without looking up: "On that day, I watched you use it for a while, and then I learned it?"

Garp: "..." "Seeing me use haki you just learned it? ??

" This boy is really a monster!" Garp murmurs.

 Looks at Stone with a look of monsters.

"Hahaha, I lied to you." Stone also felt that this was a bit too shocking. He severely bite the meat and says: "After I learned about swordsmanship from Shanks, he taught me about haki precisely about armament haki. Then while we were on the ship, I spent more time practising it."

 Garp nodes. From Windmill Town to the Navy Headquarters, Garp was busy conducting training and looking after navy assignments here and there for two months.

"In just two-month he learned to use haki and cultivate to this level?"

"How long did it take to learn Armament haki?" 

(Thinks for a while)Well...

"It seems that it was about 3 months. The two Sengoku and Z spend 4 months, and it took them more than half a year to cultivate to the current level of Stone. But Stone said that it only took him two month of cultivation to reach this level. This is too shocking for me. He has true talent in him, this boy is evil. Nevertheless, I am proud that he joined the navy, now he is in good hands, I am sure that this kid will surpass all of the Marines and be the strongest and powerful marine in the world. Talk about marine, this kid will be the most powerful person in the world. If he pledges his loyalty to justice and peace no pirate will dare to go against him, but if he chooses to conquer the world then no one could stop him." Garp murmurs inside, he has fear in him but today he is proud of his grandson.

Tonight, they both eat very enjoyablely, holding the big wine jar, drinking it endlessly.

Holding a mouthful of meat Stone says: "I, I'm very happy." 

"I'm really afraid that I am on the verge of retirement, old, and my combat power is declining. No one will come to protect you anymore."

"The bastard dragon became the leader of the revolutionary army. The world government can't wait to break his body into pieces. Someone made a damn opinion before and used Luffy as a bait to lure the dragon out. I beat that bastard half to death."

(Grabs a cup of wine, then drinks it)

"But I can only shelter for a while, not for a lifetime. My body is getting worse every day, and sooner or later I will become unable to shake my fists."

"Sengoku holds a grudge against my family, if some bastards suggest to bait Luffy then he would definitely listen and do so. But ah, he is also old. The future navy belongs to Akainu. Akainu is the current Admiral who is more temperamental than a pirate. He can do whatever it takes. I am afraid that he will be detrimental to Luffy in order to persecute the dragon."

Looks at stone who is chewing meat and listening Garp  carefully.

"But...but...but now I, I don't worry anymore. I am sure that Stone will have the same strength as me in the future, or even surpass me, the navy dare not do anything to you."

Garp thinks and talks a lot when he is drunk, his voice inside his mind slowly gets lower and lower, finally Stone sees bubbles in his nose, and then Garp falls asleep with saliva.

Listening to his words, Stone remains silent for a minute.

Garp's age is old, his fame and wealth are all in the past. The most important thing to him is his family.

War on top...

The most painful heart is not White Beard, nor Luffy, it is him.

He wanted to save Ace but because of his identity, he could only watch him being punched and then die in front of him. In the end, he was only able to collect the corpse.

When he saw Ace being punched by the red dog(Blackbeared), he was furious and wanted to shoot at the red dog.

But Sengoku suppressed his head severely on the ground, and shouted: "Are you crazy? You are the navy!"

His eyes were full of tears, and the blue veins on his forehead were exposed. He roared to the Sengoku and said, "That's it, stop me like this, otherwise, I will kill him!"

Sengoku knew that he had lost a grandson.

When Luffy went to rescue Ace, Sengoku turned into a giant Buddha and slapped Luffy with a palm. He could not lose another grandson.

Otherwise, relying on Luffy, who could not even know what haki was at the time, how could he be able to take a palm off without any damage?

From the moment Ace was killed in front of him...

He regretted that he was a navy. 

Now Sengoku is going to retire, and if Akino gets in power, this situation is really likely to happen.

Wasn't he just using Ace to force White Beard to come to the navy's home court to fight. Akaino for the justice in his heart, was able to slaughter civilians and even pirates, and even his colleagues.

Moreover, Monkey D. Dragon, the number one enemy of the world government, is far more threatening than the Four Emperors Whitebeard!


"Don't worry, I will grow to the point where no one dares to mess with me." Stone said silently to the sleeping Garp.

He is eating quietly by the side, while also exploring the navy around him.

Before extracting the B-level aArmament haki, his comprehensive strength reached A/level.

Now his detection range is extended to 20 meters.

Garp is surrounded by navy officers.

At that moment Stone happened to find a naval officer from whom he could extract.

After reaching A/level, the ability to extract the same A* only takes 12 hours.

Extract B-level ability takes only about 2~4 hours.

But this is in the case of separate extraction.

That night, Stone extracted the B-level conqueror haki.



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