11 Chapter 11: Give up, give up! !

(Note: Advance training camp helps selected recruit to train for the selection process in order to get selected for Elite training camp)

Suddenly a terrible aura rises from Stone's body. It is a powerful sword intent(Aura), and huge pressure fills the entire senior training camp.

Everyone just feels their bodies sink, and there is a terrible pressure oppressing them.

Their expressions change drastically. How could this be possible? The momentum alone made people breathless.

Next second...

Stone raises the sword in his hand, but the sword is not out of its sheath.

The air became sharp, like a winter wind, making people feel pain when the air scratch on their face.

A black sword beam reflects in Eugene's sight, and everyone stands upside down, feeling threatened.

Eugene, who is the first to bear the brunt, has a numb scalp and is horrified. He feels a fatal danger just standing face to face.

"Give up! Give up!"Smoke from the crowd shouts.


Instructor Gerst's figure flashes in an instant and stands in front of Eugene.

He crosses his arms in front of Stone, his hands become pitch black with a metallic luster, and his arm Armament haki.

Chi Chi Chi Chi ~

Gerst collided with the sword energy, his body shape kept backing, his feet slid two deep marks on the ground.

Finally Gerst slid a few meters away before the sword energy dissipated.

Gerst feels his hand tingling and a little awkward. "He already has the strength of a swordsman, he is only 12-year-old...This world is crazy. Moreover, this is obviously not his full strength, he hasn't drawn his sword yet, the slash just now is cut out by the scabbard."

Thinking of this, he falls back, "He truly is the grandson of V.Admiral Garp."


"Still wanna fight?." Stone asks jokingly at Eugene who is still in shock.

Thinking of the scene in which he had just ranted, Eugene blush instantly, kneeling in the ground.

"Kid you are still scared of dying, and want to test other swordsmanship."Stones say out loud.

The people in the Advance training camp also wake up like a dream, they have never felt this level of aura. His level strength is terrifying. Even the coach is repelled; but in addition to shock, there are also very few people who look wary. Staring at Stone intentionally. And among them is Smoke.

They sigh in their hearts, it turns out that Stone is truly worthy to be here, his relationship is just a means to get where he deserves to.


Stone's appearance stimulates the entire Elite training camp, and he is training like today is the day he dies.

"Stone in the background is stronger than you, younger than you. Why not work hard to be at his level? ?" Gerst says to others to motivate them.

Few hours pass.

Stone is doing weightlifting training on the side. Although he has a system, he hasn't fallen behind in his own training.

At the same time, he was also sneaking up on the ability of Instructor Gerst.

[Name]: Gerst

[Possessing capabilities]: A* boxing (extractable), B-level Observation haki(extractable), A* navy six types (extractable), B-level Armament haki(extractable)...

[Comprehensive strength]: A*


Stone's eyes lit up.

All four abilities are extractable.

"The system calculates the time required to extract four abilities at the same time."

"On the virtual frame, a line appears: It takes 15 days."

Stone frowns. It takes 15 days to extract all of it, which is a bit long.

Then he took a look at the extraction time of a single ability and find that it takes 10 days to extract two A* abilities separately, while it only takes 12 hours to extract two B-level abilities separately.

Now the time to extract A* ability is countless times faster than before.

In the past, it took 3 months to extract the A* ability, but now it only takes 10 days.

This is also due to the improvement of his own strength, his own strength has reached the B level, and the speed of extraction has also become faster.

It only takes 12 hours to extract the B-level ability of the same level as oneself.

Making a decisive decision, Stone says: "Extract B-class Armament haki."

"Ability extraction..."

Extracting the Armament haki is his deliberate consideration, after all, this is the navy headquarters, and the Advance training camp is definitely going to be tougher.

There is no shortage of people with the ability of Devil Fruit, and there are also some people with natural abilities.

Stone didn't want to be beaten unilaterally because he lacks Haki. Therefore, it is the best choice to extract Armament haki first.

The light passes away quietly,

The sun hanging in the sky slowly sinks toward the horizon, Dusk comes,

Gerst looks at the exhausted students lying on the ground, and is very pleased.

"Okay, today's training is over. Tomorrow, take a day off, nurture your spirits, and keep your energy at its peak. The day after tomorrow is the selection of the elite camp. I won't say much about its importance."Gerst says.

The students' eyes shine brightly, and all the students in the advanced training camp want to be selected for elite training camp.

The teaching ability of the navy chief instructor Z resounds throughout the sea, and countless naval powers were his students. The current three navy generals are his proud disciples.

The day after tomorrow is the selection of the elite camp.

At the time of disbanding, Stone hears a pleasant voice in his mind.

"Ding! The B-class Armament haki extraction is successful, and has been placed in standby ability column."

Stone leaves the school and returns to Garp's residence.

"Activate Class B Armament haki."

"Ding! Activation succeeded."

A warm current rise in Stone's body, and then scoured among his limbs.

Stone clenches his fist, and suddenly a touch of darkness emerges, his fist glows with a metallic luster.

Armament haki!

At this time, he knows that he just acquired the Armament haki, Stone is still a little unfamiliar with the power, and is not completely proficient. It can only cover one hand, and his haki is a little thin, so it can be easily cut.

It will take him more than a month to master the S-level swordsmanship he has obtained today.


The underground training room of Garp's residence.

"Armament haki cover!"

When Stone thinks , his entire arm turns into a black metallic like.

Hit out with a punch.


The punch test machine made of steel in front of him is directly blown.

Stone nodes in satisfaction, because within a day, he completely mastered the B-level Armament haki.

In this way, when encountering those with devil fruit ability, they won't be so beaten like a piece of shit.

Leaving the underground training room.

It's been three months since Stone stepped outside, he travelled on ship for months and finally reached navy headquarters but was directly taken to training camp , so he took a hot bath, washed and went back to my room to rest early.


The next day, the naval school field.

There is a tense breath in the air.


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