One Piece: Gambling to The Top

A young man finds himself in a dangerous world with a system that allows him to play his chances in a lottery game. What will he do, with luck that varies, and only his head to bet on?

blazuki · Anime & Comics
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246 Chs

Chapter 179

Now, some might think how easily Catarina and Josh are freeing the inmates, while the staff of the Impel Down has yet to take an action. 

The answer is simple. 

They are busy with the 4th floor. As Josh had given Daze Bonez the keys to the cells and the seastone shackles, the criminals on the fourth level were set free, and they made their way up. As the watching snails had seen that, the guards responsible for watching were giving all of their attention to the fourth level, ignoring the sixth. 

Josh had made a gamble on Daze Bonez. He had bought himself enough time before even going to the sixth level, and with this in his mind, Josh had created chaos in Impel Down. 

Josh could tell this through Observation Haki as they opened the cell doors. 

"Why are you helping us?" Ace asked as he was walking along Jimbe and Captain Jack Sparrow. 

"I just want to escape, and it happened that I will the strong guys to help me out," Josh said, looking at the smiling huge woman as she walked forward with a strong group. Josh remembered a detail from the Anime. She should be one of the strongest 4 people in Impel Down, and she could take a head-on attack from the Fleet Admiral. 

There was also a swordsman who happened to be the previous Warden of Impel Down. And there were many other strong criminals. They, with their Haki, could tell that there was chaos up. 

Jimbe looked at the back of Captain Jack Sparrow. He was clueless about what's happening, yet Ace gave him a hint. 

"Why people are fighting up with the staff?" asked Ace. 

One prisoner replied. "This Captain here must have planned for that." He pointed to Sparrow. "Oy, Sparrow! Where have you been all of this time? Did they lock you up because you are a genius?" 

"I know. My genius can be frighting." Sparrow stood up in front of the door that leads to the stairs. There were few guards in their post, and they started shaking in fear. 

The prisoners here are really dangerous. Only the Warden Chief and the Chief Guard, along with the beast guards and a few elites can stand for them. Nevertheless, it would be too late. 

The guards were taken down, and the rest made their way up, to the fifth floor, where it was really cold. The surroundings on the fifth level were freezing. There were few criminals in their cell, and they were freezing to death. The strong-willed was only extending their life for the unenviable. 

The prisoners found themselves surrounded by wolves. They were normal-sized. But they were strong enough to keep pirates of 100 million and more in check. 

Unlucky for them, they met with pirates that has bounties more than that. Pirates and criminals were so dangerous that erasing their names from history was necessary. The wolves let one last howl before their bodies fell, turning into frozen corpses. 

Looking in front of them, there was one huge gate that separated this level from the elevator. 

Ace cracked his neck as he took a step forward and asked everyone to step aside. As a commander in Whitebeard's fleet, everyone knew that they better show him some respect, that if they wanted to stay alive after leaving this rotten Impel Down. 

Clenching his fist, Ace took a step forward. His fist turned into a pure flame, and it grew very big, hitting the gates and crushing it. Such an attack can take down a full fleet of pirates, let alone some metal gate. 

"I was begging to forget what's like to feel warm," muttered Ace as he wrapped his hand on his wrist. "Jimbe, by the way, how did you get those medicines. I thought you said it's poison for us to end the war. I ate it only because I thought it would save Father from the World Government trap." 

Jimbe, the Fishman, half-closed his eyes as he took a step forward. 

"I thought so, but that Josh, he is a mysterious guy." 

Josh, who was in Jack Sparrow persona, turned his eyes. 

People are talking about him in his back. 

'Why am I not sneezing.' Josh thought. 'The cliches stopped working?'

"Josh? You mean the Gambler, the one that killed Blackbeard?" said Ace. 

"Yeah. He beat my ass too… I can't really tell what that guy is thinking of." Jimbe said. "Maybe he is a crazy person who likes to mess things up. I don't know for real." 

"I'm more curious about him." 

"Ladies." Jack Sparrow coughed. "Let's leave quickly." 

The other prisoners left through the hole in the gates, making their way up.


The alarms sounded across the Impel Down. A huge army of guards and elites went down. On their leads were a few huge guys in Zoan Form, awakened Zoan. 

They were easily taming the 4th level prisoners. However, they didn't gather here only for that, as one of them is enough to control the situation. 

The worst criminals in history were going to make it out. 

Little Sadi, and the Warden Chief, with his vice, were standing. Sadi hit her whip and looked down at the boiling pot. Most of the prisoners in this level had either fell or voluntary gone back to their cells. 

Sadistically smiling, Sadi observed the gates that prisoners are coming from. 

This is going to be good. 

Magellan here would kill a lot of them. Although it would be tough, she believed it would be enjoyable hearing the screams of the scums. 

Now, they know they are going to fight a tough battle. But that doesn't mean that they aren't prepared. 

Half closing her eyes at the entrance of the fourth level,  she waited. Few prisoners started appearing, and they run on the bridge above the boiling pot, heading to her. 

Sadi quickly took a step forward, and she slammed with her whip. Some managed to dodge. Most didn't, and they were either cut in half or fell down. 

But that wasn't her aim. What she aimed for was the bridge, which cracked. The first wave of the prisoners didn't know what hit them, as the bridge cracked. 

Those who can't fly fell down, to the boiling pot. Those who knew a few movement techniques such as Moonwalk tried to climb the air for their lives, but they were met with a dragon made of poison. 

Magellan, a 5 meters tall man, a fat one, looked firmly at the prisoners behind the broken bridge. They stopped but didn't look afraid. The wise and strong criminals had stood behind on purpose, letting the foolish ones walk ahead. Those ones behind are more dangerous, as they can't fall into an obvious trap. 

Josh was standing with them. He and Sadi made eye contact, and Josh only crossed his arms, staring at her boobies. Sadi smirked and licked her whip. 

"There is a naughty boy who needs mommy to teach him a lesson." 

Jack Sparrow put his hand in his pocket as if looking for something. 

Sadi followed his hand. 

Sparrow lifted his hand out, and Sadi's blue eyes appeared for the first time as her bangs flew backwards as Jack Sparrow showed his middle finger to her.  

"So, you have chosen death." Magellan hissed at the prisoners. Poison danced on his back, forming huge dragons.