One Piece: Gambling to The Top

A young man finds himself in a dangerous world with a system that allows him to play his chances in a lottery game. What will he do, with luck that varies, and only his head to bet on?

blazuki · Anime & Comics
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246 Chs

Chapter 177

Josh was facing Little Sadi, one of the most sadistic hot girls in the One Piece series. She was licking her whip, and she was staring at him behind the bangs that covered her eyes. 

'As I am about to let myself lose, I should just enjoy the view and the teasing.' 

Josh let an internal sigh, but Captain Sparrow smiled widely at Sadi. 

"So, your name is Jack, right. Hmmm…" Said said, hitting the ground with her whip. 

The ground cracked. 

This girl isn't weak. She is only second to Magellan, who has a very strong Devil Fruit, only with physical strength. In the Anime, she managed to whip a bunch of pirates who has bounty higher than 100 million Berries, and stronger than Rob Lucci. (The Okama that followed Ivankov, each very fast and strong in comparison to Rob Lucci and knows Haki.)

'Her whips may be painful a bit.' Josh squinted his eyes as he squatted, taking a martial art position. 

It's not a problem to handle the pain since he has a healing factor. 

However, there is one little problem. 

Josh has a Berserk Constitution.

Whips are known to do so little damage in the Eastern cultures back on Earth and don't do any internal damage, or serious harm. But the pain is unbearable. Some people die. Their subconscious brain would turn off that life in fear of the pain. 

Just thinking of this made Josh feel anger, and thus, he got stronger. 

'I'm already upset just by thinking of that.' 

Little Sadi lifted her whip and slammed down. Taking a step to the side, Sparrow let the ground next to him crack, and he dashed toward her. 

The rest of the elite guards dashed at him with their weapons, trying to kill him. However, they were no elites. Sparrow dodged their attacks. 

Tilting his head to dodge a whip coming from a random man, he hit with his elbow backwards, sending someone flying to hit the wall, and by hitting the wall, it was the end. 

"Don't get in my way!" Said Sadi. 

The guards froze. With a single move from the whip, everyone started flying to the side, before falling.

"Chief Guard. That wasn't nice."  One of them said as he was about to lose consciousness. 

"Hmmm… your groans of pain turn me on," Sadi said, before turning her head. "Shut the fuck up! You are a disgrace! You are going to be punished later." 

That guard regretted the day he was born because he opened his mouth now. Every guard fears Sadi because she is a crazy sadistic woman. 

Sadi then looked forward. There is one person who had managed to dodge that attack of hers. Jack Sparrow was standing on the side. 

"You can be entertaining." 

"What, you aren't going to yell at me?" Josh said, activating the future vision. He thought of a couple of scenarios, and he wanted to know the outcome of each one, so, he decided to sneak into the future, and choose what serve him best. 

"You aren't submissive," Sadi said, not treating Sparrow as the rest. "But, we can work on that, can't we." 

"You know what..." Sparrow muttered, extending his hands forward. "I may be. How about this, I surrender." 


Silence took over the place, no one believing how Jack Sparrow changed his personality. 

"Are you submissive?" 

"Well…I barely submit to anyone against my will. I just find pleasure in pain, in taming. It takes me to heaven, the feeling." He said, raising both of his hands and scratching his face, a wild smile was drawn. "A woman like you, she makes me feel attracted.' 

He said, licking his lips as he looked at her whip. 

'Fake it till you make it.' 

Everyone almost flinched at his smile. He is a crazy bastard. 

Sadi's cheeks started turning pink as she stared at him. 

In her life, she had seen many types of men. The man who never submit, and the man who fights, and the one who lowers his head to keep alive. 

They all had something in common. They all feared pain, and all they could do was handle it. 

But this man, Jack Sparrow, is a crazy motherfucker. 

He doesn't fear pain. It seems he craves for it, enjoy it.  A man who smiles while scratching himself can't be anything but a real man. 

(A/N: her thoughts, not mine.) 

'This is a man whom I can't control by whipping… Oh my! What should I do.' Sadi said, feeling her heart beating loudly and uncomfortably. 

Everyone had been talking about him ever since he arrived. How he had stolen a huge amount of money, and how he had split a marine base in half. 

'A man I can't control.' She observed him from head to toe, and she realised that he has some attractive hunter eyes. 'No! No! I have a job to do.' 

"Don't blush little lady, I know I'm handsome." Said Jack Sparrow, pointing with his thumbs at himself. 

'Hmm… this man doesn't act like someone who can break Sea stone cage. 

'I can't kill him since we are tasked to keep him alive. I should take him to the sixth level, and see if I can have fun later and If I can break him.' 

Sadi took a quick step. She vanished from her spot appearing behind him, and he turned slowly. Sadi quickly wrapped her whip around him, not hitting so hard. 

"So, you are being gentle." He asked. 

"Hmm… so you like rough lady… Ahem. You are under the arrest. You shall be taken to the sixth level." Sadi stomped on her foot as she moved her whip, putting Sparrow above her shoulder. 

Jack Sparrow looked at the dropped jaw of the inmates. He lifted his cuffed hands, and he said. 

"So, when was the last time you had the touch of a woman." He knew that others can't talk, since they seemed to be afraid of this woman. 

"Silence!" Sadi said sternly when she slapped his hip with her free hand. 


The emotional impact on Josh was so strong when his private part was violated that his constitution was activated. Josh bite on his teeth. 

the physical trauma was nothing compared to the mental one. 

'Calm down! Calm Down! Don't kill her!' Josh was telling himself as his muscles were tensing up.

 'I need to forgive this.'

'Remember what Jesus said. Turn the other cheek! Hey, that doesn't help, unless you dated a religious woman.' 

'That's right. Think about Hancock's cheeks.'

The Berserk Constitution for someone like Josh was a double-edged weapon. 

Josh is someone who always thinks about how to benefit from the bad situating he gets into. But going berserk can ruin it. 

On the good side, it helps him fight someone stronger than himself. 

Sadi felt the muscles tensing in his body, and she blushed. She felt like she has no power over this man, but to give him joy. It made her feel her sadistic feminine side confused. She can't plant fear, which made her believe that he is above her. 

'Jack Sparrow, why a strong man like you surrender when he can fight… Are you using me to win something else…' 

"Hmm… so you said I'm your type," Sadi said, taking him to the elevator. 

Jack Sparrow said nothing. Sadi bit on her lip.

Josh, on the other hand, was trying to calm his brain. The only thing that could stop him from punishing her was the fact his pp was hitting against her huge breasts. 

"I'll take your little brother's answer as yes," Sadi said, not feeling disgusted that his boner was against her. 

'My poor life.' Josh thought, but Sparrow smiled.