1 Chapter 1



Was the last thing I heard before being rammed into a wall dead.

I first thought I was dead, but I seemed to not be dead as I could see clearly. The sun in the sky, the lively grass that I laid on, the sea.

'Wait the sea?' I questioned as I hurriedly got up from the ground only to catch a painful headache.

I sat back down as memories or what looked like a short film went through my head.

My name or what used to be my name was Derek Fuller. I was 20 at the time of my death and was headed to the store as I was craving some snacks.

I was crossing the street and out of no where a truck was headed my way and before I could react I was hit and everything went black.

"Wow, what a dramatic death" I said out loud

I notice my voice was diff-

"Wait I died. I died? I died. OH FUCK I DIED" I said panicking realizing that I died.

"What about my mother is she going to be alright on her own? What about my sister? Ahh, damnit so much shit is going on, who would've thought that just by going to the corner store I would die. FUCK" I yelled as I kept panicking.

"Shit Shit Shit" I start to hyperventilate. "Calm down, calm down" I said as I slowed my breathing and took some deep breaths.

"Ok, I'm calm. Now where the hell am I?" I ask to no one I look around.

"Right, the sea. How the hell did I get all the way from a giant city to an island or what looks like an island in the middle of nowhere?" I ask again to no one.

I start looking around to see if there was any people who could tell me where I was.

Well to say the least at least I don't have to worry about being killed by people on the island. The island had no people on it at all.

I continued to look for some more hours just in case as the island was to big for me to search the whole thing in a day as I had to rest sometimes.

I finally decide to stop searching and try again tomorrow as I was tired and hungry. I find a rabbit, it was the first animal I had come across all day and boy was I happy.

I caught, cleaned and cooked it. It was super easy to make the fire I needed thanks to all the YouTube videos I have watched.

I finish the rabbit and find a good place to sleep close to the fire so I won't be cold. I close my eyes but as you may know it isn't that easy to do to sleep so I struggled to fall asleep.

Finally I feel myself dozing off, but suddenly I feel pain all over body like everywhere. I couldn't help but to scream loudly. It felt like I don't even know what, it was unbearable so a couple more seconds go by before I fall unconscious.

(Unknown Pov)

'Finally, I have found a suitable body to take over. Wait but this body already has 2 souls residing in it' I thought as I see the body that I was supposed to inhabit have to different souls.

{A/N- the souls look like the ones from the anime Soul Eater}

The 2 souls then merge, it surprised me as I have never once seen souls merge, I always see one take over the other.

'No wonder I was lead to this body, it is rare to find one this good' I thought observing the action of the body.

So one of the souls is from another world and the other is an inhabitant of this world.

'I will wait a little to see its actions' I thought as the body starts panicking.

After a few hours go by I decided that now was the time to take over the body and just as the body had finally gotten tired I took over.

The soul had the courage to fight back, which caused harm to the body. I quickly devoured the soul making its resistance stop successfully taking over the body.

-1000 years later-

Who would have thought forcefully taking this body would put me into a thousand year slumber.

'Hmm, it wasn't the soul that took over the body but the body that took over the soul. What a rare occurrence and I was lucky enough to come across this strong body' I thought as I gained sight through the eyes of the body and everything was dark.

'It seems I have been encased into the earth of this island. No wonder my movement is limited' I thought to myself as try to move but nothing happened.

'Perhaps I should go through the memories of the two former souls that inhabited this body'

After thinking this I go through all of the memories that I could access. The rest of them had seemed to had been forgotten by the body as it was damaged from me taking over it.

'Gods existed in this world, but they were weak. They could even leave this world' I thought as I laughed upon the fact that they even chose to call themselves gods.

'Time for me to resurface'

-3rd Pov-

"Captain, there is an island up ahead we can rest on" a man on a ship yelled

On the ship, there were many injured man that seemed to have been beaten in battle. A room that was labeled 'Captain Quarters' the door had opened.

A man with the height of 6'4 had come out. He was extremely well built with wavy black hair and red eyes.

He wore a black shirt with his pants and shoes being the same color. He wore a cold expression on his face.

He was the only one who didn't have any damage done to him.

This man's name was Yujiro Hanma or what the world knew him as 'The Demon back Ogre'.

"You useless pigs, I brought you along so you could handle the small fry as I had no interest in dealing with weakling and you couldn't even handle them" Yujiro said

"Sorry captain, they were just to strong" the man said

"How long will it take to reach the island?" Asked Yujiro

"About 30 minutes captain" the man answered

"Make it less" Yujiro said as he walked back into his room

In less then 30 minutes they had made it to the island they weren't close enough to dock on the island but they were close none the less.

Everyone on the ship then feels a tremor coming from the island making some of them lose their footing and falling.

Yujiro also felt the tremor and decided to check what wa showing on.

It looked as if the whole island was breaking apart as trees started to fall and a mountain had started to crumble.

Soon enough to whole island seemed to cave in as something from the mountain had come out. What came out was a huge shadowy figure that had started to visibly shrink.

A couple of seconds go by as the shadow had finally shrunken down. What took place was a man the age of 45. He had long black hair with menacing wine red colored eyes.

He was 6 maybe 7 feet, it was hard to tell from the distance. He wore shiny silver armor and a large black ripped up cape with it being red on the inside that was seen as it fluttered from the wind.

Also adorned with a stubble of a beard and mustache, the man was nothing less of domineering and the aura that the pirates felt coming from the man proved this.

'Is this what the color of supreme kings feels like? What power' Yujiro thought to himself in shock as to not make it seem like he was weak in front of the other pirates.

-Mc Pov, A couple minutes before-

'I need a base appearance' I thought as I went through the memories of the one named Derek Fuller as he had interesting memories.

I then find an interesting appearance from his memories. It was from an anime which was a Japanese form of cartoon called Hellsing Ultimate.

A couple of minutes later I finish taking form and I am truly satisfied by this body.

I then sense some living presence that wasn't the animals that inhabited this island, but humans that were traveling by ship.

'All of them are weak, accept one. He is not stronger then me but strong nonetheless. It seems either he is a demon or one inhabits his body. Let's investigate' I thought as I focus on the red haired man.

I start walking towards the end of the island where the ship was about to dock. A hour later I arrive, the ship arrived many minutes before I did and the humans on it waited for me on the ship.

The red haired man was the first to get off the ship and walk on the island, the rest seemed scared as they didn't an inch and just watched the man walk to me.

"Who are you? I've never heard of someone who possesses the color of supreme kings in this desolated part of west blue" the man said

"It's rude to ask questions without introducing yourself first" I said

The man face gained an angered expression, but just as quickly disappeared.

"You are right" the man said with a smile. "Yujiro Hanma" Yujiro answered.

'Hmm…I now need a name to be recognized by…I suppose Alucard shall suffice' I thought

"Alucard" I said

"Alucard, join my crew. You are more then powerful enough" Yujiro asked me


"I figured as much"

As he says this a red aura envelopes him as his hair flares like fire and his eyes slowly turn completely black with orange pupils.

He visibly grows in size until he was about 8ft tall. The shirt he was wearing had ripped showing his well built upper body and compact muscles.

He then forms a fist with his hands and faster then the human eyes could see, his fist appeared in front of my face.

I seen the punch from the moment it was first thrown and decided to test the durability of my new body and let the fist connect.

The force behind the punch was powerful enough to send me flying a far distance away, but not enough to cause damage to me.

I spread the cape to slow down my momentum and land on the ground. Satisfied with the results, I wait for Yujiro to appear.

-3rd Pov-

"Finally a challenge"

Yujiro soon appeared with a crazed smile as he looked down upon Alucard with a crazed smile.

His haired flared like fire with the red aura around his body.

'Is this the power of a devil fruit or is this his battle prowess?' Alucard though as he saw the red aura coming off of Yujiro.

"How do you possess this strength? It's not to impressive but it's acceptable. Through the memories I have required I heard pirates have come to be, I shall make a crew and come to rule this world. I give you this chance to join me on my conquest"

As Alucard said this, an aura similar to when he first appeared came from him but even stronger then before.

Yujiro who realized that even if he used all of his strength he wouldn't be able to win in a fight against Alucard, but he still didn't falter.

"I offered you to join my crew but you declined. Now you say that you are forming a new pirate crew and want me to join you. I refuse"

Yujiro says this loudly as his aura becomes more profound taking a more solid form around his body, his hair yet again flares like fire.

Faster then before he disappears from where he stood breaking the ground in the process. Appearing in front of Alucard who stood with an emotionless face just looked at Yujiro.

"You still challenge me even knowing you are weaker, but I'm proud that you refused my offer or I would have killed your for disappointing me"

Saying this he dodged the punch that Yujiro had thrown and punch him in the stomach sending him high in the air.

Jumping up he delivers a devastating kick to Yujiro sending him crashing into the ground. It was as if a small bomb had went off when Yujiro hit the ground making a crater.

Alucard who had not yet landed on the ground looked down at Yujiro with a small smile.

'He's not dead, luckily I know how to control this body from spending many years in it or I may have mistakenly killed him' Alucard thought as he landed on the ground.

'He's gonna be out for a while, should I take him and his ship and kill the rest…no I'm gonna need them to navigate and give me more information about this world until he awakes'

Alucard thought this while walking towards the end of the island while dragging Yujiro out of the crater.

On the ship the pirates had witnessed the strongest person they have ever come across be easily beaten and thought about running away.

This thought left their minds as they all saw Alucard coming towards them while dragging their captain.

They saw how quick Alucard and Yujiro moved well not necessarily saw, but caught glimpses of when they stopped moving and knew that Alucard would catch them before they can even fully turn the ship around.

Soon Alucard had arrive a couple of feet from the ship and noticed the looks the pirates were given him. Some where fear, others where admiration.

He finally arrived close enough to board the ship.

"Until this man awakes, I'll use you for information and to navigate me to the closest island with a town that has a populace of at least 100,000 people"

Alucard commands as he throws Yujiro to the captain quarters, the door was already open so Yujiro went through with a crash.

He then sits crisscross on the deck. The pirates just looks in shock at how their captain was treated by Alucard, but didn't say anything knowing they could be killed instantly if he so wished.

They then get the ship ready to sail. Seconds later they begin their journey.


Aye hope y'all enjoyed this starter chapter, throughout this fanfic, some stuff maybe left out as I don't know everything about One Piece…except the basics.

Also before anyone gets on me for Yujiro being as weak as he is, he isn't. I made him stronger then his original and plus they aren't the same person. One is the pinnacle of what a human can be and the other is a character I put in one piece.

Mc isn't Alucard, but he does have the ability to take any form he wishes, giving the title of this fic. As the chapters go on the meaning of the title will also have more meaning.

He does have one ability from Alucard but no spoilers.