81 Chapter 81

Brook grabbed a guitar from his Cabin.

"What song would you like me to play?"

"Do you know a song called High way to Hell?"

"Of course, sir. Back in my day, it was a song everyone listened to at least once."


He started playing it.

"Alright, let's do this, everyone. Van Augur, shoot at his legs. Make sure to slow him down."

"Fate is with us today, so I will get it done."



He started firing at the Devil, who dodged all the bullets and fists flying towards him by just a hair.

"Laffitte, wait for a good time."

"Yes, Captain."

He disappeared.

I saw that the Devil started fighting back against Urouge, which made Urouge even larger and stronger. Urouge grabbed one of the Devils' fist that came flying towards his head.

"You're done for!"


Urouge punched him in his stomach, but since Urouge was still holding onto his hand, he didn't fly away.




Van Augur shot both of his legs, and Urouge punched him again, but this time he let him go.


The Devil flew into the castle wall.

"Negative Hollow!"

A hollow passed through the Devil's body before he could react. He went on his knees and started drawing circles on the ground.

"I'm useless. I should just fall down and die."


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Laffitte appeared in front of him and put a pair of seastone cuffs on him, and then he put a knife against his throat.

'The battle is finally over.'

I walked towards the Devil, who is glaring at me. I glared back at him, and then I squatted down in front of him and patted his head.

"Hahahaha, who is laughing now?"

He tried to use his Haoshoku Haki on me, but I brushed it off.

"So how about you leave your son's body and fuck off to the grave."

He suddenly spits towards my face, but I dodged it.

"Calm down. There is no need to act so aggressively. You know, for how arrogant you were, I didn't expect you to lose so easily to my crew. I didn't even use my two strongest. You're really pathetic."


"Bla, bla, bla. You talk too much for a dead man. I don't need your permission to destroy you anyway."

I grabbed his head, and I channeled all my will towards him.

<Haoshoku Haki>



I suddenly got sent flying back.


I quickly stabilized myself. I looked at the Demon, who is screaming his lungs out. He is slowly starting to turn younger.

A little bit later, the screaming ended, and I couldn't feel a spec left of his soul.


'This experience was something else.'

"Laffitte, thow him in our cell."

"Yes, Captain."

He picked Vlad up and brought him to our prison cell. I jumped up the ship and looked at my crew.

"You guys have done amazing work, especially you, Urouge. But too bad, you had to get help to stand up against him."

He smiled at me like always.

"I'm sorry, Captain! I will train harder to be able to fight someone of his strength alone next time."

"You idiot! You need to aim higher!"

"I will train harder to defeat any person that dares to oppose my Captain!"

"That's better."

I looked at the giants.

"You guys did great. Your Teamwork is great like always. Being able to hit small targets at the same time without hitting each other. The other idiots on this ship have much to learn from you guys."

"Of course, we giants are born for fighting." said Brogy

"But at the end of the day you guys didn't do much. The only thing you guys did is making him and Urouge stronger. I expected more from the giant race. But maybe you guys are just the worst they have to offer."

I could sense that they were pissed, especially Oimo and Kashii. But they just smiled at me.

"We just didn't have the chance to show you what we're made of. I promise that the next opponent you give us won't survive our wrath!" said Dorry

I glared at them.

"You guys are still too weak."

They stayed quiet.

"But I'm confident that you guys will be able to become the strongest giants to have ever walked onto this earth."

Their spirits immediately lifted.

'I need to make sure that none of these guys gets a big head, but I also need to give them motivation.'

I looked at Perona.

"I have nothing bad to say about you. You did what I asked you and more. Because of you, we were able to easily take him out."

She smiled.

"Thank you, Captain!"

I went to Van Augur.

"It seems like fate treaded us kindly today."

"It really did, Captain."

"Good job, Van Augur."

"Thank you, Captain."

"Ey Brook. You are really good at this music, shit. It made the fight way better to watch."

"I've had a lot of practice, Captain."

"It shows."

I looked at Ace, Sabo, and Deuce, who were about to throw a fit for not letting them fight.

"Don't get mad, guys. I didn't think that he was worth your time."

"And who would be worth our time then?" asked Sabo

"Well, the three people I want you guys to fight against aren't that strong either. They just go by the names, Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akainu."

They suddenly turned stiff.

"K… Ken, we were just joking." said Ace

I smiled.

"You guys better start training. And that goes for everyone on my crew. You aren't going to survive by slacking off in training like how a lot of you guys do. The enemies that we're going to face in the future aren't people like this guy. They have entire armies behind them. With one snap of their fingers, they can make the current us disappear if they wanted to."


Everyone seemed to realize the situation.

"Those Admirals will be the last of your worries. But I guess we still have some time to become stronger. Now I'm going to have a quick word with the prisoner. Get this ship ready to sail before I come back."

They nodded.

"Huh? I didn't hear you bastards?"

"Yes, Captain!" x15

"That more like it."

I walked into the ship and down to the bottom of the ship. There were two cells with one that was occupied.

"You've woken up pretty quickly."

"You're Ken, right?"

I took a chair and sat down in front of the cell.

"Yeah, I'm Ken."

"You did something really stupid back there."

"Yeah, I realized that a little bit too late."

"So may I know why I have become your prisoner?"

"You can never be too safe. Who knows when your father decides to appear again."

"You know that he is completely gone. Before I woke up, I could always sense him, but now there is no trace of him left. So give me the real reason."

"Alright. I don't trust you."

He looked at me, shocked.

"I tried to help you, you bastard! How dare you repay me like that!"

"I got you out of that coffin and took care of your father who took over your body. In my opinion I did way more than the location of the exit is worth. We could have found it by ourselves if we searched the island for a couple of days."

He looked down.

"900 years ago, my ancestor created this kingdom. In that era of chaos, he used a martial arts technique that he had found when he was a kid to create this kingdom. He used that martial arts technique to force people to serve under him, and he used those people to create his own kingdom. That's also why those World Government bastards came for us. They found the technique too dangerous to be kept by a single kingdom."

"If the technique was so powerful, why didn't your father use it? I would think that that technique would be given down from ruler to ruler."

"While the technique did give him incredible strength, he became incredibly weak and sick without reason. They first thought that it was something else, so the second ruler also used the technique and the same happened to him. The third ruler, however, ate the Batto Batto no Mi/Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire."

'I think I know where he is going with this.'

"So the third ruler thought that he could use the technique with his Devil Fruit. But unlike the previous users who became sick many years later, he became sick right after he learned the first move. And since that time, no one dared to use that technique."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"If you bring me out of this hell hole and give me all the information you have about the World Government, I will give you the technique that the World Government sacrificed so many lives for but were unable to get their hands on."

"Hahahaha, do I look like an idiot to you? What use do I have for a technique that will make me sick?"

"The World Government knew about the side effects, but they used everything they had to try and get it. And you may say that they thought that they might be able to crack the technique's secret. But do you really think that they would do all of that for a possibility?"

'Did I accidentally get thrown into a wuxia novel?'

"Do you have anything else to offer me?"

He shook his head.

I stood up.

"Alright, I will think about it. I will tell you tomorrow if I will accept your offer."

I went to my room and sat down on my bed.


[Accept or Decline?]

(Don't worry, guys and girls. There won't be any Qi or magic involved with the technique. It will be something that will make sense in the One Piece world.

It won't be something that you will need a bloodline to unlock or drop your blood onto. It also won't have any connection to any weapons.)

Anime Quotes:

"I'm not a hero because I want your approval. I do it because I want to!"

– Saitama (One Punch Man)

"100 Push-ups. 100 sit-ups. And 100 squats. Then a 10-kilometer run. Do it every single day!"

– Saitama (One Punch Man)

"I know no one expects much from me. And I know better than anyone how useless a C Class hero is. I know I'm too weak even for B Class! I know more than anyone else that I'll never beat you. But I must fight you anyway!"

– The Strongest Hero: Mumen Rider (One Punch Man)

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