55 Chapter 55

[Ken P.O.V.]

I finally arrived at her location and saw that two CP9 guys were about to grab her.


I ran past Robin and arrived in front of the two guys. I grabbed them by their faces.


I smashed their heads into the ground, creating a massive crater that destroyed the buildings in the vicinity.

"Ken!" screamed Robin.

I let go of the two guys and walked towards Robin.

"Are you okay? Did they hurt you?"

"No, I'm fine."

I reached my hand out to her face and touched the side of her lips.

My blood started boiling.

"Then why is there blood dripping from your mouth?"

"I only got kicked once by the guy with the parrot."


Someone suddenly appeared behind me.



I got hit in the back of my head, but I didn't flinch.

I turned around and glared at him.

"If you want to hurt me, you'll have to be stronger than that, Rob Lucci."

He didn't show any reactions, but I could sense that he was shocked.

"You've made a huge mistake by attacking my crewmate."

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*WOOSH* x11

"Our crewmate!" x11

The rest of my crew appeared around us.

(An: I don't know if you would count that cool or cringe.)

"Should I take care of them, Captain?" asked Laffitte

"You can take the two struggling to get up. Make sure to get every little information from them. And I'm sure that you'll have fun with them. The parrot guy is mine."

"Hehehe. Understood, Captain."

"What should we do, Captain?" asked Robert

"You and Sabo can help Laffitte. I'm sure that they aren't alone here, so capture their comrades."

They nodded.

Deuce, go back to the ship and check if Robin is okay. Ace, Urouge, Zala, and Mikita, you guys can go with them back to the ship. Make sure to keep any marine from approaching us."

They nodded.

"Van Augur. I need you to do some reconnaissance on the marines. Let me know if something happens."

"You can count on me, Captain."

Van Augur disappeared. Robin and the rest walked back to the ship carefully to not further agitate her wound.

'It's to be expected that a kick from Rob Lucci could hurt her like that. After all, she and the other girls have been slacking off on defense training.

I looked at the CP9 guys and noticed them pulling something from their pockets.


Laffitte appeared in front of me and handed me three pills.

"So you pussy's tried to take the easy way out. Too bad, I can't let that happen."

Rob Lucci suddenly turned into a Leopard and disappeared.

"You three do what I told you."

They nodded, and I disappeared.

I started running after him.

I was easily able to keep up with him. After a little bit of running, we arrived at the scrap yard.

"So, where are you going to run now? Behind you is only the sea."

"Who said that I'm running?"

He threw away his disguise.


I appeared in front of him. I grabbed his black top hat and jumped back.

"This is a pretty cool hat. I'll take it."

I put it on my head.

I could instantly feel that his bloodlust and anger has risen to a phenomenal level.

"This thing must be important to you. What a shame that you can't have it back."


He appeared in front of me.

"Shigan: Oren!"

He fired a lot of Shigan's at me in a quick motion. But I easily dodged all of them.

"Is this the best you can do?"

My Den Den Mushi went off. I jumped back and picked it up.


"Captain! The Vice-Admiral is coming towards you!" said Van Augur

"I see. Thank you for the information. You can head back to the ship now."


I hanged up.

"Hahaha, what are you going to do now?"

He started taunting me like an idiot.

'If Momonga arrives, it will be too troublesome to get rid of Rob Lucci. I wanted his fruit, but I can't have them all, I guess.'


I appeared in front of him.



His head fell beside his body, and he died with a look of shock on his face.


I jumped back and just barely managed to dodge a sword from cutting me in half.

I jumped further back and looked at a guy with purple and white striped clothes with a Vice-Admiral coat on his shoulders. He has a red mohawk ponytail with a red mustache.

"It's nice to meet you again, Momonga."

"Shut your mouth, you vulgar pirate!"

"What has gotten you so pissed? Did some rookie defeat you and four other Vice-Admirals, including ten warships or something?"

He stayed calm. I couldn't sense a change in his emotions, even with my Haki.


He took out his swords.

"Let's stop the small talk and start the fight already."



I also took out my two swords.

We both enveloped our swords with Haki.


We disappeared.




We started clashing with our swords.

(An: Does anyone know how I can write the swords clashing sound effect better?)

'I can already feel the power difference between us with just a couple of swings.'

I smiled.

'Good thing, I had a plan.'

I took out a remote control and clicked on the big purple button. Why purple, you ask. Well, because that is Laffite's favorite color.




The marine ships started exploding one after another.

Momonga jumped back.

"What have you done!?"

I smirked.

"Hehe, did you really think that a pirate would fight fair?"

He wanted to go help out his men, but all the 30 ships that surrounded the island were already destroyed before he could move.

He dropped his sword and fell down on his knees, and he started punching the ground.

"How could I be this stupid!"




He kept punching the ground.

"Stop being so pathetic."

He glared at me.

"Don't worry. Everyone should still be alive. We only aimed to sink the ships. Now they won't be able to get here any time soon."

He stood up and picked up his sword that he dropped. He closed his eyes and used Kenbunshoku Haki to check if I was telling the truth.

"Why would you go through the trouble of not killing anyone? It would be much easier to destroy the entire ship and everyone on it." said Momonga

"Just because I am a pirate, it doesn't mean that I like killing. The opposite in fact. I despise killing."

"Then why do you do it?"

"What kind of stupid question is that? Because I have no other choice, of course. But let's stop the chit chat."


I appeared in front of him.

<Azure Twister: First Move>

I started spinning around with my swords, and I created an Azure colored tornado.




He was able to block every strike.

"Enough of this!" screamed Momonga


He sent a powerful slash towards me.



[Is Ken just being arrogant, or does he actually have a plan to beat him?]

(F's in the comments for Rob Lucci. He lost his hat and head. That sucks.

Btw, this won't be Ken's hat. I'm going to get him something else)

One Piece Quotes:

"The government says your existence is a crime, but no matter what kind of weapons you may hold, just being alive isn't a sin! There's no crime in living!"

- Franky

"People's dreams... Never end!"

- Teach Marshall D. (Blackbeard)

"Food is a gift from god. Spices are a gift from the devil. It looks like it was a bit too spicy for you."

- Sanji

(First quote from Sanji where he isn't a simp.)

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