36 Water 7 (2)

The house was nothing short of funky and in front of the house stood the square haired sisters Kiwi and Mozu, as soon as they saw Iceberg and Lex they ran inside and informed Franky who came out.

Lex also viewed Franky highly, his craftsmanship was second to none, especially his out of the box thinking of using Cola powered engine ( He also reminded him of Johnny Bravo).

Iceberg spoke with a coercive smile, "Franky hope you aren't getting into trouble with anyone".

Franky wasn't too excited to meet Iceberg and seeing new people put him on guard," This is Franky family territory leave now".

Iceberg looked at Lex and gulped,"Franky we want to talk to you.. alone, so why don't you come with us... this has something to do with Tom".

Iceberg looked at Lex and gulped," Franky we want to talk to you.. alone, so why don't you come with us... this has something to do with Tom's killers".

Franky took the bait and the four teleported to a remote location

"So what info do you have?", Franky was impatient,

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Lex smiled, " We aren't here to talk about Tom, I want something that you have"

Franky was furious and looked at Iceberg for an explanation, "Franky please just do what he says, he has my secretary and he is threatening to kill her if you don't help".

Franky it's simple you are going to build me the finest ship ever know- Pluton, I know you have the drawings

At the mention of Pluton, both Iceberg and Franky became apprehensive and started viciously at me with Franky pointing his weapon at me.

"I don't know how you know about that but I'm not going to do anything for you, I'm sorry Iceberg but that secretary of yours is dead".

"Yes, I agree even if I have to die I won't let you have it", said Iceberg

"Haha I like how desperate you guys sound but before that why don't you look behind you", as Lex said that Tanya appeared from behind with two people, an unconscious khalifa and the mermaid, 'Kokoro'

Both Iceberg and Franky took a step back, Kokoro was struggling to get loose by then Tanya took a blade and cut her right ear.

Kokoro started screaming, Iceberg and Franky ran angrily towards Tanya but she teleported next to Lex, leaving khalifa

Iceberg went ahead and held her in her hands and tried to wake her up. What he didn't know was that she was now under Lex's control due to the chip in her head

"Now now calm down, let's all be civil here, don't worry about khalifa she's just unconscious she'll wake up in a day, now this is my good grace to you I'll leave her with you but Kokoro is my prisoner until Franky here completes Pluton and then she'll be returned unharmed...well until you cooperate else..", Lex snapped his fingers and Tanya disappeared

Franky and Iceberg gave up, Kokoro was like a mother to them and so, he handed over the blueprint,"Here is the blueprint for Pluton, *snicker* but I can't understand heads or tails of it, it's in a dead language so return Kokoro now"

Lex on the other hand ignored Franky and went through the blueprint and with an hour he transcribed the texts into readable language

"90%, I have translated 90% of the texts so your work will begin from tomorrow Franky".

Franky was astonished nay he didn't want to believe, cause no one could understand the dead language,"You translated it ?"

Franky hastily grabbed the papers and went through them and so did Iceberg both couldn't believe it

Lex had rolled his eyes,"So tell me how long will you take to complete it?"

Franky gulped,"With the right resources and workforce of a thousand people it would take maybe 2 yrs or more, but there are still missing parts not necessary for now but for finishing touches".

Lex agreed," You don't have to worry about the last 10% it shall be done after you've finished with the rest and one more thing you will come with me we aren't going to construct it here, too many prying eyes and I'll provide you with all the workforce you need".

Lex had thousands of labour from Tequila wolf it was time to make use of them.

Franky nodded and bid farewell to Iceberg

Tanya appeared ready to take Lex and Franky, "Remember Iceberg don't tell our meeting to anyone and one more thing your Mentor's killers are closer than you think keep that in mind".

Both Iceberg and Franky become serious.

-Un disclosed Island-

On a small uninhabited Island in the grand line, Franky,Lex and Tanya appeared the three walked a while and saw a cave and the ventured inside walking though the dim lit cave they came across an opening, the opening was huge, the cave was connected to the sea and the place was perfect for an underground harbour and shipbuilding, it could hold more than three thousand souls.

"For the next two years this will be your home, here is a transponder snail, if you need anything Tanya will bring it for you and your helpers will be coming by tomorrow so don't worry", before Franky could reply Lex and Tanya disappeared.

-Water 7-

Lex had come back to water 7, he had to relieve his men who were waiting for him, and give them their bonus for accompanying him

Lex met the vice captain of the ship, he was relieved to see their Prince and captain that he started crying.

The other men to started weeping and celebrating their Prince's hike in the Bounty.

After all was done, Lex gave the crew the bonus and they cried even more, it was getting late for Lex, he passed a letter to the vice captain addressed to his father and bid them farewell.

Tanya was curious about the letter and asked what he had return, "Everything will be revealed at the right time Tanya so have patience".

Saying this Lex and Tanya walked towards a diner when suddenly Lex's Spidey senses tingled and he pushed Tanya out of the way and he himself jumped up, and right then a bullet flew right past.

Lex was headfast arriving at the location at where the shooter was, and what he saw surprised him,

He saw a very pale man wearing an off-white collared long-sleeve shirt patterned with yellow crosses and navy jumper pants. His most distinguishing accessories are his classic black top hat and red wooden cane, with which he also wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings. His lips were bnormally dark red.

He was none other than the 'Demon Sherif, Laffitte'

he was the captain of the Fifth Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates

"Laffitte what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Blackbeard or in the West Blue", Lex was annoyed, he was afraid to he didn't know if he could take on Laffitte with the power he has now and win.

Laffitte was grinning gleefully,"Oya Oya I don't know any Blackbeard Mister but I am intrigued that you know about me and where I come from,it is fate that brought me here, it is destined that we meet , I had dreamt that I would meet 'you' here, and you not getting hit by my shot was not merely luck.

My King I am yours, please do with me as you will".

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