35 Water 7 (1)

6 months later

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-Dr Nero's Lab-

It was time, Lex completed his study under Robin, he wasn't perfect, but he could decipher poneglyph and that was enough.

"Now Robin it's time for me to return you to Croc and before you ask Yes, there is a poneglyph in Alabasta and I'm not telling you if it's the one you want, you are just going to have to find that for yourself, now I hope you find that acceptable".

Before Robin could protest, Lex released his Haoshoku which put immense pressure on her rendering speechless. Lex and Tanya carried Robin away


Crocodile was having the worst year, a brat suddenly appeared and beat him to a pulp and kidnapped his precious translator , but things were looking good for him now, the people of Alabasta were starting to revolt against their king all according to his plan.

He was sitting in his casino drinking his wine when suddenly his hairs stood up, his instinct told him to dodge and that's what he did, and suddenly a boom the sofa he sat on broke in half and in front of him stood Lex, Tanya and most importantly Robin.

Lex stood there only smiling, "Well well well, Cockroaches can survive in the harshest environment, so then Roach how have you been?".

Crocodile was standing defensively with his hook off and watching Lex menacingly not talking a word.

"I asked you a question Roach!", Lex was annoyed and released his Haoshoku, this made Crocodile limp and start breathing heavily…

"Hahahah, great you are back, I've been itching for a rematch", Crocodile looked aggressively at Lex and started striding forward.

"Sigh you just don't take no for an answer do you?", Lex dashed ahead and disarmed Crocodile before he could retaliate Lex drenched him with water and pitted him down, "Now Roach, when are you going to learn that you can never beat me?

It makes me sad that you are wasting your energy and time here but I don't blame you, you want retribution for the scar but what you seek is something you can't control so don't press your luck, Goodbye!".

Lex vanished with Tanya, leaving behind Robin with Crocodile.

Tanya and Lex came back to his base, "Captain do you think Robin will be safe there?"

Lex was surprised by her concerns, it was just 6 months but Robin and Tanya had become friends, well sort of, "Well I wouldn't worry about her too much, he still needs her for his schemes.

And one more thing", Lex let his Haki slip pressurising Tanya, "Don't show compassion that'll only get in the way of doing your job, so you shouldn't get attached to Robin or anyone who isn't in our organisation . Take this as a final warning".

Tanya gasped for air, as she lay down looking up at her captain she was shivering in fear, Lex was looking at her with an apathetic face.

This was the first time her captain had laid hands on her since joining his organisation. She now looked at her captain in a different light, she always saw his bright, goofy & fun side but now she knew that the frightful side to him which he always showed to his enemies could also be shown to his 'Allies'

With his show of power Lex chained Tanya's freewill and forever made her his lamb.

Tanya pushed herself up and knelt ,"I'm sorry captain you are correct she wasn't one of us, you can punish me however you see fit".

Lex turned his face away, "Oh you'll be punished, but right now we have a more pressing matter, teleport us to 'Water 7' right away".

Tanya meekly nodded and took Lex's hand teleporting to Water 7.

-Water 7-

Lex and Tanya arrived in Water 7,he was mesmerized at the sight, the one shown on Tv was nothing compared to the real thing, it was beautiful, the water ways and canals it was an architectural marvel.

After taking it all in Lex asked for directions and he finally came to his destination, 'Dock 1' as soon as he entered he felt it, the feeling of being watched ,Lex had already sensed them i.e. 'CP9', he shrugged it off and made his way to the mayor's office.

Lex went near Tanya and whispered looking at a certain direction they then continued walking.

Lex opened the door to the office, and he saw a

Iceberg was sitting Infront of his desk and doing some paperwork, he didn't notice Lex coming in which was convenient for Lex.

Lex quickly put up a barrier around the room which blocked off sound and entry into the room.

Iceberg noticed the change in the environment and quickly drew out his flintlock and shot towards Lex, he was startled to see the bullet hit a wall and fall down

"What the hell?", Iceberg then noticed Lex and he gulped

"You, what do want?

"Well it looks like you recognize me and that saves a lot of my time", Lex used his haki and Iceberg couldn't handle the pressure and knelt gasping for air

"All I want is Cutty Flam and you are going to take me to him",Lex said removing his haki.

Iceberg froze after hearing Cutty Flam's name,"I don't know anyone by that name and even if I did why would I help you?".

Lex turned towards Tanya, in an instant she teleported and came back with a lady.

She was a slim, pretty woman with blue eyes and glasses, had strawberry blonde hair tied up in a bun.

Wore a yellow long-sleeved jacket, and high-heel boots, she was Kalifa a CP9 agent in disguise as Iceberg's secretary

Tanya stood behind her in a headlock, seeing this Iceberg grew angry," You son of... let her go she has nothing to do with Cutt..." before he could reveal anything Lex muted him

Kalifa was in a daze one second she was outside the door spying on Lex and Iceberg, and the next minute she was being held hostage, she struggled but then Tanya whispered into her ear," I wouldn't do that, you don't want to let the mayor know about your secret ops here, would you Kalifa of CP9?".

This sentence shook Kalifa, her cover was blown no her entire unit's cover was blown she had to warn the others and report it back to HQ

In a last ditch attempt she tried using her superhuman strength in her legs to kick Tanya but Lex saw this coming and knocked her out with his Haoshoku.

Tanya took her to Nero's lab where the chip would be implanted in her.

Iceberg was furious at the moment but he could neither talk nor move he was in dismay at Lex's strength.

" Don't worry she's safe and she'll be returned back to you but that is only if you cooperate with me",Lex saw the desperation in his eyes as he surrendered

Tanya, Lex and Iceberg teleported away from the office to Franky's house.

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