2 Waking up

When you look into to the Abyss,the Abyss looks into you.

~some guy

After an unspecified amount of time staying in the darkness Lex saw something glowing in the far reaches, and stretches to reach it when suddenly a suction pulls Lex from his position.

Lex opens his eyes and finally sees that the darkness is gone replaced by a beautiful meadow with a stream running next to him and the bright sun scorching the road he's standing on, the lushious trees and the abundance of fresh air had a soothing affect."This kind of scenic view can't be seen in the city"thought Lex.

Just as he was brushing his hair,he noticed that his hands were way too small and tanned to be his and the next second *BAM* Lex fell on the ground with his hand on his head as he screamed from the pain and convulse.

Lex slowly got up rubbing his eyes and his thoughts were all over,"Thi..this is my bed no,this is the bed of the person whom I've taken over 'Leximus Vi Denman'[Lex Denman] the second prince of a small island nation called 'Camenealia'. Looks like I've transmigrated and into the world of 'One Piece' no less" as he was trying to grasp everything the door opened wide and the head maid ran over to his said,"Lord Lex are you feeling better now?" asked the maid putting her hand on his forehead,"I fine Gerta, just get me something to eat I'm hungry"replied Lex.

The maid bowed and exited.

"Now then let's look at the new me" he looked into the mirror he saw a chubby baby faced fellow with short curly black hair with a smidge of blonde at the base of his hair,tanned skin,golden iris which apprently runs in the family."Hm not bad,but I'm only 5 years old so let's see how I become" he then started recalling his present situation,"Man this previous guy was a lazy, good for nothing,all he knows is eating, bossing around and sleeping.God dammit I don't even know if I'm on the grand line or any one of the four seas.Well it's a good thing that his or should I say my father is a devil fruit user or else I wouldn't have know that I was in OP".As he was contemplating his situation the maid walked in with the food and another guy whom I think is a doctor.

"My lord, he is Dr.Zeno he treated you and is here to check up on you"said the maid.

"My Prince you look fine now but you must take care I've prescribed some meds please take them on time", said the doctor waving his torch on my eyes.

The doctor took his leave and Lex turned towards the maid and asked"Hey Greta do we have a library at home? Well whatever take me there immediately".

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The maid in surprise dropped the food she was carrying and looked at Lex,"Since when has Lord ever wanted to study? This must be a joke, he must be joking right!?"thought the maid.Not realising she zoned out Lex clapped his hands to get her attention

"I'm sorry Lex-sama I'll clean this up and bring some other hot food, please forgive this servant"she was on her knees and begging."Whatever bring me some food"Lex forrowed his eyebrows.

As he was fleeting in his thoughts Lex was happy no thrilled to get a second chance and now he wouldn't squander it,"I still can't believe that I'm here and like I promised I will fulfill my desires, I will become the greatest", resolved Lex,then stretching his arms he yawned and no sooner he noticed something odd, there was a mark no more like a tattoo on the backside of his left arm,It was an inverted pentagram within a circle and then something clicked,"So the last thing I heard was not God but the devil,eh?"smirked Lex,"and this must be his way of saying that I belong to him now *sigh* no matter, I'll live life to the fullest devil be damned I'm gonna crush everything in my path"Lex started laughing out hysterically, the maid watched this scene from out the door and had goosebumps all over her.

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