5 Visit to the city


After walking for 10 mins they leave the castle grounds and arrive in the city.

The city was rumbling and bustly,the building exquisite,and mejestic,the roads were paved and clean,carriages could be seen drawing nobles as the carriages were too fancy.

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"Hm looks like the captain bought me to the noble district of the city to keep me safe,he should think that a 6 year old kid might be satisfied with this much glitter and might want to go back.Well I'm not a normal kid,I this isn't where the excitement is",thought Lex.

"Sire is the city to your liking,we can stay here for a while and return back to the castle",said the captain.

While replying to the captain the group saw a certain girl about 20 years of age wearing tattered dress and skimpy shorts stumble and hit a noble.

The noble looking with disdainful eyes at the girl shouted,"Who do you think you are!? Pushing Count Varys!",he slapped her to the ground and ripped off her shorts,the people walking on the road turned a blind eye and walked away.

Lex was watching this scene with no difference in his eyes,he thought"The girl looks poor and malnourished and the Count is audacious enough to molest her on the street,and by looking at my gaurds and their angry face,I can tell that they want to intervene but can't do it since they don't have the authority to",Lex looked at his people and the girl and with indifference commanded his men to walk away.

"The captain and his men are shocked with what I said,as if expecting me to intervene, please I see no merit... atleast not now,but I'll remember his name"thought Lex.

As they walked away,Lex saw his men with relentless eyes and said,"Captain do you know why I walked away? I could have ordered you to reprimand him but I didn't,do you know why?"enquired Lex. Captain looking at the prince nodded saying no.Lex answered"You see I maybe the prince but he is a count,and not even the crown prince,at most I have the authority to stop him from doing it now,but what would happen next?"asked Lex, while thinking about it he had a realisation and looking at his face Lex continued,"Looks like you understood,I can stop him now but what will happen later,if he is satisfied now that's the end of it, if I disturb him now he will be resentful and he could after us leaving take action on her family or someone else to release his frustrations",he looked at the group and all their head were down with a mixed feeling on their face.

"Don't make such faces in the future I'll teach that Count a lesson if not for you then for me, he dared to sully my eyes with such distastefulness"scowled Lex to his men.

"Now then take me to the most famous bar in the city", commanded Lex,the captain maintained his composure and said,"My prince the most famous bar is on the other side of town and well it's dangerous,it's filled with pirates and vile men of the sea,so I recommend we head back home instead of going there for your safety". Lex was getting annoyed by this time,"Your prince has ordered you are you disobeying me? This is the East blue you are more than enough to handle any situation so take me now!"

The commander hesitantly took the prince to the bar,the prince was walking in between four men to protect him.

*In the slums of the city*

After walking a deep into the heart of the city,the roads started getting narrower and the shanty house looked like they were about to fall anytime.

Lex was standing in front of the bar called 'Smiling Tomb'

It was mid sized bar with a huge billboard with its name written,it looked bleak on the inside,many tables were empty and in the corner a few pirates were having a brawl and the city guards trying to stop them, the smell of booze was in the air mixed with smoke and lust.

As they entered the bar a pack of men started staring them down but they just shrugged it and sat in a corner and ordered some wine and beer.

"Flithy Pirates" scoffed one of his subordinate under his breath. Lex leaned forward to the captain and whispered"Go and find the owner of this place and have him meet me, do it discretely"the captain could only nod sighing.

As he left Lex saw two men arguing about who won their arm wrestling match,Lex amused by this left his seat and was moving towards them the guards tried to stop him but Lex sent a glare with his eyes and the men backed off and started sweating

" Hello scum want to arm wrestle me? I bet not one of you can win!"exclaimed Lex coming in front of the two men.

The two men got ticked at this statement and raised their arm and said"Oye kid go back and suck your mom's ti*s this isn't a game for small children".

"Oh aren't you just scared? Ok how about this if any one of you can defeat me then I'll give you 5000 beli but if you loose you kiss my shoes".The whole bar became silent the people fighting in the back stopped fighting and started watching this kid with an interest so too the gaurds

The two men were fuming"Ok we'll take your bet but in addition to the 5000 beli you have to bow down to us,what say?said one of them.

"You" one of Lex's men tried to intervene but Lex put his hand up and said,"Fine".

The two men were laughing thinking they just made easy money.While the two men were arguing who should wrestle him Lex took off his weights from his arm and sat on the stool,"Whenever you are ready scum!"exclaimed Lex

A pirate sat on the table and put his hand forward and locked his hand with Lex and as soon as the match started Lex swung his hand to the other side and broke the table and pinned the pirate down, everything happened in a fraction of a second.

The people in the bar were dead silent they couldn't believe what had just happened,a 6 year old kid just bested an adult..no he totally crushed him

Seeing his mate down he was in disbelief and demanded a rematch with him and Lex agreed

and it was the same result no this time Lex used more pressure and broke the guy's wrist.

The two men angry and frightened especially the second one he was screaming because of the pain

"Now then growl and kiss my shoes"said Lex amused by his growth in his power

The two men in a fit of anger unsheathed their swords and pointed it towards him and when the guards went to stop them,a person standing near the bar counter coughed getting everyone's attention,

This women smoking a cigarette, wearing a pink mini skirt and a white top with a black leather jacket and a head bandana looked towards the Pirates and said,"You retards have lost fair and square now do what he says".

Just that one sentence was enough to make those trigger happy pirates face turn pale and kiss Lex shoe.Lex was amazed and cautious about the new- comer who could instill fear in these rowdy pirates.

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