17 Stepping Down

*Inside the pub*

"So when are we going to start training?"Lex enquired

"Slow down kid! We're here to party so we'll start when we leave in 3 days,so get ready"Shanks said getting back to all the free drinks.

Lex nodded and went back to the Palace with Cougar.

*Inside the palace*

The head maid came to the entrance and as soon as the price arrived she knelt down and said,"Lord the king requests your presence".

Lex was expecting this so he nodded and went to the bedroom and knelt down infront of the king"Father I'm here".

The king raised his eyebrows and sat up and with a serious look he stated,"Looks like you found a powerful teacher, and Heard your conviction but know that you are risking this country and its people and your family".

Lex understood,"Father I'm steping down from being the Prince but please announce this when I come back from my training".

The king smirked,"I'm glad you understand, and don't worry I'll announce it after you Leave,I hope you become strong and come and I Hope that devil fruit comes in handy!". Saying this the king nodded and went back to bed.

*3 days later*

Lex came to the harbour,and stood infront of the Red hair pirate's Flag ship, Lex was astonished at this iconic ship and turned around he saw the maids,the captain and his men crying and waving goodbye,as he entered the ship he saw the pirates looking at him and he went infront of Shanks.

Shanks put his hand forward,"Welcome to the Red haired Pirates,you are the newest member the people around you are now your family, you'll live with them and die with them".

Lex smiled and shook his hand.

They sailed froth and the people were waving goodbye to the prince,the prince meanwhile was standing red faced, it didn't help that his new mates started teasing him.

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Shanks announced a feast for welcoming Lex and his contribution.

The party went on for 2 days, everyone was banged up it was the middle of the night and Lex went to the deck and was starring at the sky in his hand the Oto-Oto no mi, Lex sighed and took a large bite, Lex felt disgusted and gagged.Lex felt a warmth flow of energy inside.

Lex looked at his fellow mates sleeping soundly and a wicked grin grew on his face

Lex stood infront of his mates and clapped his hands,and *Boom* the air split and ground breaking noise penetrated the ears of the people sleeping and they woke up and held their hand over their ears and whined.

Lex meanwhile was laughing and seeing this others grew angry and chased him all over the ship

Shanks and his inner circle meanwhile were in their cabin and looking at Lex with a smile on his face.

*A few days later*

A newspaper fell from the bird and landed on Lex's lap the headline shocked him, "Breaking news Former Prince Leximus steps down and joins 'The Red Hair Pirates''.

Lex was surprised by how fast information spread here.


Captain Cougar,his men and the maids were crying seeing that their Prince steeped down

The remaining nobility rejoiced to this fact and started their old ways

Few citizens also shed tears as they were liberated from the cruelty of the noblity.Few were relived as the psycho Prince was no more

Max was in the practice yard, training his new devil fruit he sneered seeing the headline,"Thrash I'll teach you a lesson later, joining Pirates and sullying our family reputation".

*New world*

Doflamingo was in fumes he had plans of killing Lex next month but then the unexpected happened and he joined the Red haired Pirates,"Damn why did that fool join that man's group,looks like I'll have recalculate my stance and kill him later.

The World was surprised that a prince was recruited by a Yonko. Everyone knew that the Pirate era began and everyone will be impacted by this.

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