37 Spetsnaz

- Nero's Lab-

Lex was sitting and looking annoyed at Laffitte, he heard the gist of it Laffitte had come in search for his 'captain' and as a big believer in fate it led him to Lex

Laffitte was standing with his cane and smiling looking inocent, but Lex knew better behind his innocent facade lived a monster.

"So Laffitte you say you want to join my crew but how can I trust you, just a while ago you tried to assassinate me".

Laffitte got on his knees, "I'm sorry captain, but like I said,it was fate that brought us together, captain.

You needn't worry, I will live and fight at your whim".

Lex wasn't convinced if it was possible he would have put a chip in his brain but because of his willpower it would've been useless.

Lex was stumped at the situation but then Tanya took the initiative, "Captain why don't we test his loyalty".

Lex was thinking along the same lines when it hit him, a grin appeared on his face, Tanya seeing Lex's grin looked at Laffitte with pitiful eyes.

"Laffitte you want to server me don't you?"

Laffitte stood up and held his head high, "Yes captain just command me and I shall do it".

Lex stood up and walked a few feet away and turned his back towards Laffitte and spoke, "There are a few pirate group that have refused my offer of mutual alliance, I'm not a person who is desperate nor am I tolerant, they refused my sincere offer, dismissing me as a nobody,now I'm a very busy man I can't handle everything on my one".

Lex turned back and looked Laffitte straight at him with cold eyes piercing eyes which made Laffitte shudder and glee at the same time.

"Laffitte go crush them and bring them to me, make them beg for my forgiveness. Now go".

Lex waved his hands and Tanya took Laffitte away to tell him the details.

Tanya was confused, the people Lex was talking about were very powerful, with more than 1,000,000,000 beli bounties amongst them.

She didn't think that Laffitte could handle them, and when she tried to speak to him she was astonished, he was hyper ventilating and drooling.

Tanya knew right away, he was a sadist.

-A few days later-

These past few days had been a mind numbing, when suddenly Tanya burst through the door, "Captain bad news, Joker's henchmen just contacted us, they want to renegotiate and their terms well they're basically provoking us".

Lex kept his cool and thought for a few seconds *sigh*

"Oh well it was good as long as it lasted, contact them and tell them the deals off".

Tanya looked surprised she didn't think her captain would let them go off this easily, he'd atleast expose them to the world

Seeing the surprised Tanya, Lex sighed, "Doflamingo is well connected even if I expose him now, CP0 would take action and well everything would go back to being the same, now is not the right time to provoke him or his backer, we are at a critical junction here let's do this smartly and back away for now"

Tanya lowered her head meekly,"But capitan what about our finances".

Lex kept silent for a bit and smirked," Well let's see there is one way we can make money quickly, Tanya search the most experienced and good fighters among our drones and for a squad you guys are going Bounty Hunting".

Tanya turned her head to the side and with a puzzled look on her face, "Bounty Hunting, captain?"

Lex nodded, "With the money we have we can survive for a year at most and for the future I know a few places we can make money, but what we lack now are fighting power, so this is like hitting two birds with a stone.

Oh and don't forget to bring along Rollo too, I don't know how strong he's become, if he's lacking anything go ahead and teach him".

Tanya smiled,"Captain what about a name for our 'squad'.

"Spetsnaz", Lex said with a straight face

"Spet..snaz, Captian how did you come up with such a dum... unique name" Tanya said trying to control her laughter

"It's a name from a far away place, and you, don't forget you have a bounty on your head so don't show your face to outsiders and don't use your power in- front of others, if someone see you well...you know what to do".

Tanya shook her head furiously and as she was leaving Lex called her, "One last thing, do not venture into the grand line and the East blue, those two places are off limits, understand?".

"Yes captain", Tanya teleported away.

*Sigh* Doflamingo don't think you've been let off yet.

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