16 Red hair pirates (2)

*Inside the bar*

Lex and Shanks were starring at each other and the atmosphere was thick,people held their breath.

Lex pushed Cougar out of the way and went in front of Shanks and took out a chest and placed it in front of Shanks and opened it,Lex spoke"I need your help with indentifying this devil fruit and for your trouble I'll buy you a year's worth of alcohol".

Shanks looked at his comrades and grinned,he took the devil fruit and tossed it to Benn Beckman,Shanks Said " Ofcourse Second Prince with such a generous offer we can't refuse just a moment I'll let you know".

Beckman took out an old book which looked withered with use and went through it and after a couple of minutes he tossed the fruit towards Lex and said,"Wow that was not easy to find but this old journal has an entry, it's the 'Oto-Oto no mi'{sound- sound} a basic paramecia type, nothing special though, it can allow the person to increase or lower any sound they control or that is near to them, as well as unleash powerful bursts of sound waves from any part of their body, pushing against their target and can also mute their surroundings".

Lex kept a neutral face and started thinking,"Although what he says is right,we can't actually take these devil fruits at face value, Like how Luffy could only stretch his arms and legs to fight at first, but then he used second gear which hastens his heart to pump more blood and increases his fighting prowess

And again with gear third and fourth....

And with the oto oto,one could not only do the things he said above but also use sound waves to talk to animals with ultrasound and infrasound, and also use the sound vibrations to create tremors just like Whitebeard...in theory besides these there are many applications so it shouldn't be dismissed".

Lex with a gentle smile bowed and thanked Shanks and his crew.

As Shanks was about to ask for a refill Lex interrupted him,"Shanks I don't want to disturb you any further but I do have another small request"

Shanks got a bit annoyed,"What is it?".

Lex ignored his annoyance,"I want you to teach me Haki".

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned towards Lex,Shanks with a serious face,"What to you know about haki?".

Lex amused and let his Haoshoku Haki, with ripples he knocked out everyone even his own men, except Shanks and his comrades and well Captain Cougar,Lex smirked,"As you can see I have what it takes to become an emperor but I have little control over it".

Lucky Roo dropped his ham and everyone were equally stunned, "He's the same as the captain, the one who'll rule everyone"

Shanks had his jaw dropping, "Although he's not able to control it but to see a kid at such a young age able to use Haoshoku it's truly amazing".

Lex was Snickering inside,"See that I'm the one who'll rule".

Shanks was quiet for a while later,"Tell me what is your dream?".

Lex was stumped he had never thought of any lofty ambitious, "I have no intention to become the pirate King or join the Marine all I want is freedom.

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Freedom to do what I want without any hindrance and I want the power to achieve it".

Shanks was amused by his answer as he also just met another kid with the same dream of freedom,but contrary to what Lex thought Shanks had other things to say," I like your ambition kid but...I see darkness in you,which is something I don't want to nurture and so I don't want to train you,besides it's such a hassle..."

Lex was gobsmacked he didn't expect Shanks to outright reject him but the thing he said about darkness got him thinking, didn't his father say the exact same thing?.

Lex still had some cards left to play,"Ok buddy,how about this, you train me in haki for 3 years and I'll supply you all the food and alcohol for the next 5 years,what say?".

The pirates had drool dripping from their mouth,and so was Shanks,but he nodded no.

Lex was getting impatient,"Your annoying me Shanks,all right final offer you teach me Haki and I'll tell you exactly where the person who gave you those scars will be" Lex said pointing it at Shanks left eye

Shanks broke the glass in his hand and his demeanor grew angry,"What do you know about that person?".

Lex stayed neutral,"Marshall D. Teach aka 'Blackbeard' he's got a screw loose if you ask me,but I know some things about him, so I'll know exactly where he'll be but I can't tell you they yet".

Shanks was sceptical and let his murderous intent,"What do you mean you'll know where he'll be?".

Lex was calm,"I know a devil fruit user who can predict a part of the future so I'll tell you where he'll be but that's only if you train me".

Shanks was hesitant but put his hands forward,"Deal".

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