15 Red hair Pirates (1)

"I'm 10 years today and Luffy should be 7, I've got 10 years till he starts his journey,I've to learn haki and be proficient before then *sigh*".

Lex was looking at his weekly report of pirate activity in the city,and then there was an unusual sighting, a group of Pirates docked here for the past week and all they've done for the past week is nothing but drink and party, the most unusual part is that they seem to be very passive they've never been in a fight with anyone and are always happy even if someone else tries to pick a fight, they just give up and apologise.

Then he saw a report of the captain and his hands started shaking, he shouted,"Oi Captain Cougar bring some men and come with me,we are going to Adele's pub right now".

The captain was surprised,this was the first time Lex wanted to go to the pub after their deal but nonetheless he complied and got 30 armed men with him and they left.

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Lex was riding as fast as the wind,"I hope they are still here,the reason I made this place a pirate hub was to attract famous pirates and looks like my efforts are coming to fruition".

Lex came infront of the pub and looked at captian,"Cover all the exits and don't let anyone leave without my permission".

Captain was worried but he complied and sent 10 of his men, the rest followed the prince inside.

Lex stepped inside the pub with his men and the the whole pub became quite,everyone stared at the people who came, as they were in uniform and armed, they looked intimidating.

The people were quite and the citizens bowed in fear..*ahem* respect,the pirates were quite also but one group were partying there minds out.

The leader of this misfit band of pirates was a man well-built, tan-complexioned, and in the prime of his mid-adulthood.His hair is toned distinctly red, his secondary trademark, a triple set of vertically parallel, linear scars that pass at an angle over his left eye

And last and most important his missing left arm

This man was the Captain of the 'Red haired Pirates' his name was,'Shanks'.

Seeing this man Lex was stupified and starring at him.

One of Lex's man Dave, seeing the disrespecting pirates went in front and held Shanks by his collar,"You dumbass pirate who do you think you are? Showing such disrespect to the Second Prince.How dare you?".

People hearing that the second prince was present started shaking and running out the door,but the guards didn't allow them and they had They had sat down quietly.

The red haired pirates started laughing and making fun of their captain and Shanks apologized nonchalantly,this made Dave even more angry and took out his pistol and pointed at Shanks.

Seeing this pistol Shanks,Benn Beckam, Lucky Roo and the other Red hair pirates became serious and the atmosphere turned cold.


Before things could escalate Lex used his fast speed to knock Dave out cold. Seeing this not only the guards but Shanks and his crew were also surprised.

Lex remembered the cannon where Shanks was at gunpoint and his famous quote [ Now that you've drawn your pistol, are you willing to use it? Pistols aren't for threats they're for actions. Are you willing to risk your life?] he knew that Shanks was serious,he'd kill him right here so he had to apologise sincerely even though he didn't like doing it.

Lex stood in front of Shanks and bowed, and apologized,"I'm really sorry for how my stupid subordinate acted I shall teach him a lesson later".

There was a strange atmosphere in the room, people seeing Lex bowing caught them off-guard, the citizens and guards in particular, they didn't think the 'Psycho Prince' would actually bow down, then they turned to Shanks wondering his identity,which made even the Prince bow and apologies.

"If you could please tell your comrade to put his pistol down",said Lex and looked towards Lucky Roo, who was holding meat in one hand and pointing a pistol in another, the whole pub was astonished, they never saw him pull out the gun.

Shanks signalled Roo and he put his pistol down.

Shanks was also intrigued,this kid in front of him was the Prince who had a dozen armed guards and yet he knocked out his subordinate and even bowed before him, did he Analysis that they were not mere pirates and that the guards were no match against them and he even saw Lucky Roo's pistol which not just anybody could figure out.

"As compensation you and your crewmates can drink and eat all you want and I'll pay the tab"Lex smirked.

This caused the Red haired Pirates to instantly switch their mindset and they all started laughing and started ordering drinks and they became lively again.

Shanks pleased with offer grinned,"Thanks kid!Be sure to train your men,now bye".

Lex got up and tugged Shank,"Wait, I need something from you".

Shanks turned and looked at him,"We're just pirates we came here cause this island happens to be the best for our type what could you possibly want from criminals like us?", questioned Shanks

Lex starred at Shanks,"Just Pirates!? Please you are the 'Red haired Pirates' and you are their captain 'Shanks' , One of the four Yonko with a bounty of more than 2,000,000,000 belly.You are the only one who can help me!".


Everyone froze after I finished talking,the red haired pirates stopped drinking and saw me with a serious gaze.

The citizens and even Adele who was lurking in the back was shaking,

The guards froze in their spots and only Cougar ran up and stood in front of me, guarding me but I could see his back drenched in sweat.

One lady yelled and ran for the exit but Lex gave a glance and the guards surrounded her.

2billion belly,what could that mean? It was an amount something that normal people could only dream about and with that bounty everyone knew that they were the at death's door.

The other pirates backed off from the red hair pirates and, some who ridiculed Shanks and his crew prostrated themselves and begged for forgiveness.

The most surprised was Shanks himself, as the East bule was the most peaceful sea and didn't see any much action so there were only a few that'd recognise him.

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