33 Night Raider

-Dr Nero's lab-

"Here you are Young'un I have distilled the antidote and with this new serum this should keep the poison dormant for a couple of months you would need to come back for another doze, but i must warn you if,when you start straining yourself the effectiveness of the serum will start to reduce",the Doctor warned Lex.

Lex heeded his caution and drank the serum and as soon as he did he felt much better,the pain was gone as if he was never poisoned.

Lex started laughing with joy, he sat at a table and started hammering on the food, he then turned to Tanya,"Its time to talk to our friend,bring Robin here",Tanya nodded and instantly bought Robin to the table her hands bound and she gave a killer vibe.

"Tanya dear open her cuffs won't you she needs to eat right?, and I'm sure with Robin's intellect she'd understand that any stupid attempts to escape or hurt someone will be futile",Lex let some of his Haoshoku out which frightened Robin but she laughed it off like her usual self.

Tanya hesitated but didn't disobey and uncuffed Robin.

"Now Robin why don't you eat first then we'll talk",Lex pushed a bowl of soup towards her.

Robin as suspicious as ever didn't drink the soup, seeing this Lex sighed and gave drank half of her soup," I understand your suspicious nature but I don't poison my treasures you see".

Robin's eye squinted, "Treasure?".

Lex smirked," Oh well looks like it's onto business, you see Robin from what I understand you are the only one capable of deciphering the ancient language on the Poneglyph and well i want that".

Robin shuddered for a second she remembered her past,her last day on Ohara and the times she was betrayed.

Lex saw her sullen face, " Well what I mean is I want you to teach me the ancient language Robin, nothing more and Nothing less".[ It always bothered me that everyone was behind Robin as she was the only one who could translate it but couldn't she have taught it to a member of the strawhat it could have been thier hidden card...]

Robin was struck dumb, nobody in their right mind would want to learn the ancient language, it could get them killed she kept a Poker face and asked Lex,"Why do you want to learn something so dangerous and what makes you think I'd help you?".

Lex sighed,"Robin i thought you'd be smarter, well let's just say that even i want to know what happened in the void century that should be enough, isn't that why you were with Crocodile? And you don't have any other choice but to teach me, otherwise you can forget about wanting to continue your research and keep that promise you made to Saul".

Robin started laughing but she was shocked inside the man in front of her knew everything about her, even the promise she made to Saul which no one would know but before she could speak Lex interupted Robin,"Oh and i know the location of all the Poneglyph especially the 'Rio Poneglyph' you teach me and I'll tell you their location",Lex was bluffing ofcourse they had shown only a few Poneglyph in the series,he was betting everything on Robin's curiosity.

Robin's poker face went away and turned to bafflement and then into suspicion,"I find this hard to believe nobody knows where all the Poneglyphs are even the World Government"

Lex was a little ticked off,"You think I'm lying,lady?" Lex released his Haoshoku,Robin bore the full wrath of Lex she did not fall unconscious but she was in a bad state.

"You are going to teach me from tomorrow and that's final",Lex turned to Tanya and made a gesture and she teleported her back to her prison.

Lex turned his attention to another matter of importance,

"Dr.Nero how many 'Drones'[ People implanted with the microchip] can you make?"

Dr.Nero stood for a while and calculated,"Well I can make 10 drones in a day but that's without any help if you can find me some surgeons then it'll increase exponentially".

Lex frowned 10 drones a day was no where near the amount he needed so now his plan was to abduct surgeons and the best place to find them would be at a Naval base.

Lex held Tanya's hand and teleported to a deserted island in the East Blue from there with the help of a map Lex carried Tanya,she held onto Lex tightly with a slight blush and Lex with the help of his Devil fruit flew at the speed of sound towards Marine Base 23.

-Marine Base 23 -

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*Yawn* a marine with sleepy eyes was talking to another one "I don't know why they keep us on night patrol this is the East Blue nobody has the guts to attack us here".

"Sussh be silent if the Commodore here's it you'll be cleaning toilets for the next month",the other Marine said in a hushed voice.

The Marine shrugged and just started out into an open sea just then he saw something coming towards them at a very fast speed the Marine pointed at it to the other,"What the hell is that? A shooting star!?".

*Boom* *Crash*

The shooting star crashed and landed at the square where the Marines were trained

The sound woke everyone up and Sirens began to sound

"Shit is it an earthquake ?" one Marine asked in panic.

"No something fell from the sky it must be a meteorite",said another Marine

Just then they heard a voice coming from the speaker,"This is Commodore Spike, wake up you fools we are under attack! The enemy has landed in the square get your as* up there and surround them immediately".

The whole base was in a state of Chaos they never expected someone to attack them in their own base.

Around 500 Marines surrounded the impact point in the square they pointed guns and were waiting for futher orders,Commodore Spike stepped in front,"Surrender you maggots you're surrounded by 500 of our finest Marines".

The dust settled and Lex walked infront and looked right infront of the commodore and laughed,"Stop me? Just by yourself!".

Commodore saw Lex's face and recognised him, his became anxious and ordered his men,"Fire!".

Before the Marines could fire Lex used his Haoshoku and knocked all of them unconscious only the Commodore and one Marine survived although they were panting heavily.

"Ho I didn't expect a Marine private to have a strong will, what's your name Pvt?".

The man didn't answer," Oh well you don't have to answer", Lex hit his head and knocked him out and then turned to Commodore.

"Hehe you can defeat me but in the end Absolute Justice will win",Lex was least interested," Don't worry i wont kill you but let me see how your Absolute Justice will help you now", Lex took out his Jitte and stabbed it into his eyes, the Commodore screamed in pain Lex then went and cut his legs and hands off then he let him off.

"Tanya go and find the surgeons, any other info and stuff you can find now go", Tanya grinned and teleported away, half an hour later Tanya came back with 2 surgeons a devil fruit and info about other Marine bases.

Lex was laughing with joy.

This was the start of nightmare for the the Marines with the info on other bases Lex started his thuggery he swept through 10 bases in all the 4 seas and took back 20 surgeons with him and 5 devil fruits and shi*tons of money.

This night became infamous thought the Marines and a folklore was created for Lex and a new moniker was coined, 'Lex the Night Raider'.

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