20 Lougetown (2)


"Smoker you know I despise people like you the most you are neither of the extreme, you don't uphold 'absolute Justice' like Akainu neither do you have Lazy Justice like Aokiji , you do things that you think is good for the people and that's just BS"

Lex was fuming and punched Smoker's Stomach, Smoker gagged a bit his eyes showed signs of fear.

Lex got bored at this time and reached his hands and grabbed Smoker's jitte,"Hm I like your sword especially the seastone I'll take it".

Lex took Smoker's jitte and let him go, Lex turned around and started walking back to the bar.

Smoker was filled with Rage and as soon as he came to his senses jumped and tired to attack Lex.

Lex saw through him with his observation haki and all he did was smile and snap his fingers *snap*

A dome was created and encased Smoker.

It was Lex's devil fruit power with the help of sound vibrations he could create a dome which acted like a prison and anyone who touched it would be ripped to shreds because of the friction and vibration at a supersonic speed.

And that's exactly what happened,when Smoker touched the Dome his hand got ripped off but thanks to his Logia powers he remained unharmed but still in pain.

"You scum you're dealing with the wrong person here give my sword back or I'll make you regert coming here"

Lex was examining his new sword and laughed,"What can you do Smoker? You can't even get yourself out of my dome...So tell you what you stay away from me and I'll let you go but if you come at me again.." *snap* the walls of the dome kept shrinking driving smoker into a corner and when it was about to touch him the dome froze

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Lex started laughing again,"Who's the scum now? Just don't get in my way again I'll be gone in two days" the dome disappeared and Smoker was free,but he didn't dare do anything.

And when Lex started descending to the bar he stopped and turned around and spoke to Smoker,"By the way, my name's Leximus and I'm not with the red hair anymore nor am I a pirate,do inform your superiors for me will you?". Saying that Lex left a bewildered Smoker alone to his thoughts

Smoker felt anger but he knew he couldn't do anything,and as much as he hated it, he left the place and went to HQ to inform his superiors.

*Inside the bar*

Lex stepped in the bar only to see Raoul behind the counter with two glasses of milk,"I never would've guessed you'd be more powerful than Smoker,the world is truly big isn't it"

Saying this he handed Lex one glass and Lex chugged it

Lex sat on the stool and took out a Den-Den Mushi and a sack and put it on the counter,"Old man I really like this bar and it's history, even if nobody visits I want you to keep this open, so here there is about 5 mil belly in this sack that should be enough for you" As he said that Lex threw the sack to Raoul.

Raoul saw its contents and was shocked it really did contain 5 million belly.

Lex continued,"You don't have to thank me or anything but I do want something in return,if in the future some fool does come to this bar and starts speaking about becoming the Pirate King then I want you to call me on this Den Den Mushi,and I'm warning you if you don't contact me then....."

Lex's silence said everything to Raoul, he instinctly nodded he was sweating profusely.

Lex smiled and took his leave, on his way out he stumbled and walked slowly he was also panting heavily.

He managed to go the main Street where found an inn and he got himself a room for the night.

The room was decent and as soon as his head touched the bed he fell unconscious

*The next day*

Lex woke up a little groggy,"Damn! I fell unconscious again, the devil fruit power is too powerful, that dome I created took a lot out of me, I'll have to increase my control and soon *growl* well let's go have something to eat first"


In a office A man was sitting in front of his desk, a tall, fair-skinned, and muscular man with a long, braided goatee and a mustache.His cap covers his hair, which is set in a large afro. He wears black-rimmed glasses and a white and gold full Marine admiral uniform that is adorned with medals. The most distinctive features of this uniform are a life-size seagull on top of his cap, and his oversized Marine coat which he wears like a cape and a goat present next to him eating an official paper.

This man is none other than Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

And next to Sengoku there was another person he was tall, tanned, broad-chested, muscular old man. He has a beard and a scar over his left eye and the most distinctive feature was he was wearing a dog mask and eating rice crackers.

He was the Hero of the Marines,"Monkey D Garp"

Sengoku was listening to the latest report coming out of the East Blue about Lex beating Smoker and flaunting his power and his statement that he is not with Shanks.

Sengoku was furious and his fists slammed the desk which broke it to two.

Garp on the other hand was laughing,"Ah the power of the youth".

Sengoku got annoyed,"Garp you should be more serious,you know he's just like your grandson he got corrupted because of Shanks"

Garp started digging his nose with his Pinky and said nonchalantly,"Yes that damn Red hair,he made corrupted my grandson and now he's adamant about becoming the Pirate King*sigh* but this kid is different didn't he say that he isn't a Pirate?".

Sengoku seeing Garp's careless attitude snatched his Rice crackers,"You think I'll believe that brat when he says that he's not a Pirate, his power is already at a rank of Vice Admiral".

Garp was looking like a lost puppy,with his crackers taken away,"What can you do? He's that guy's son afterall".

Sengoku sighed,"Yeah,even though I wanted to put a bounty on him the elders stopped me saying that it wasn't the right time...

So listen to me Garp I want you to head to Camenealia and meet the king and have a chat about Lex".

Garp lied down on the sofa,"Don't wanna"

Sengoku was fuming now,"Garp this is a direct order from me, you are to go to East Blue and talk to the king and report back. NOW GO!!"

Garp was the least interested but he got up and left.

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