25 Karate Island

*Present time*

"That's how I met Tanya,an assassin and my first mate"

Lex stopped narrating his story to the crew, he didn't mention the part of Doflamingo though that would remain a secret for now

The crew meanwhile where shocked at the power of their Prince,Lex smiled and made his way to his cabin the crew made a path for Lex and did a military salute expressing their respect and fear towards Lex.

*A few days later*

The commander came and knocked on Lex's door,"Prince we've arrived at Karate island".

Lex woke up with groggy eyes,"I'm your captain not Prince",The commander shuddered,"My apologise Captain,but we have docked in Karate island, you can get going".

Lex yawned and got ready.

*Karate island*

The island's an irregular rectangular shape,with the main town based near the harbour and the back being a huge Jungle. The centre of the town consisted of an arena where an annual fighting competition takes place, and surrounding it consisted of various martial arts schools and swordsman dojo.

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Lex came here for a specific reason, he had heard that a daring swordsman had infiltrated the navy base in on a nearby island and indiscriminately cut down everyone In his path and only left when an Real Admiral came along, there were rumours that he had taken shelter in Karate island.

Lex was after this man and searched the streets for a day but couldn't find anyone, "*Sigh* looks like he's hiding,My only choice is to go and ask Jokers men"

Just then sound of someone fighting came from an alley. Lex turned around and entered the alley,there he saw a young man in his 20s holding two Swords against 20 men all with pistols,swords and other arms. The fight started and ended in a matter of a minute,not one of the 20 men survived all of them cut down from their head to their toe.

Seeing this scene Lex walked towards the man while applauding*clap clap*, " That was magnificent, i couldn't expect anything less than that from the famous or rather infamous swordsman,with a bounty of 80,000,000 belly 'Rollo the butcher'".

Rollo looked at Lex with disdain and without saying a word jumped towards Lex and tried to slash him.

*Sigh* Lex half expecting this used his haki and grabbed his sword,this made Rollo anxious.

Lex immediately used his physical strength and crushed his sword into pieces,Rollo recognising his situation tired to jump back but Lex caught a hold of his extended arm," Where do you think you are going? I admire your instincts to run away more than your swordsmanship but you are a hard man to find so just pass a test for me and then I'll let you go".

Rollo squirmed and tired to release his arm but it wouldn't budge, then Lex took out the Sandai Kitetsu, seeing this cursed sword made Rollo anxious, he probably felt the sword.

Lex didn't give him time to think and threw the sword up in the air right above his hand,Rollo looked in horror but regained his composure and stood still

The sword started falling down and when it reached Rollo's hand it barely grazed him and fell to the ground going deep in.

A little blood dripped from Rollo, seeing this Lex looked down in disappointment, "I've got to say I'm a little disappointed in you, the way you are you will die soon but I can help you if you want, I'll even give you that sword and this", Lex removed his tight grip on Rollo and took out another sword, the Yubashiri

Rollo who hadn't talked at all starred at both the swords and spoke," If I go with you,will I become strong?"

Lex smiled,"Ofcourse you don't know how strong the people around you are, you are at the bottom right now,all i expect is 100% loyalty to me".

Rollo nodded, this surprised Lex,"You expected this rather easily, so tell me why do you want to become strong?".

Rollo shrugged,"You can make me strong and if being loyal to you makes strong everything else is trivial...and to answer your question i want to become strong so that I don't have to be looked down by anyone".

Lex smiled,"Fair enough,just stick with me and everything will be alright".

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