12 Joker (2)

*Dead silence*

A mini explosion occurred in the heads of all the Donquixote family members present, including Doflamingo. They were shocked as only the family members knew of Doflamingo's alias as Joker,no outsider had figured it out even the Marines are in search for Joker and here was a kid who knew a well kept secret.

A vain popped on his forehead, cracked his fingers and started laughing,"Yo kid looks like you know about my identity, looks like I've to send my family to the east blue".

Lex was not surprised his identity had been a secret for good reason and Lex was not in a position to fight him yet,"Now now Mingo if you get angry at just this then we won't be able to conclude any business, besides don't you like being the Government's Dog?

I wonder what would happen if they find out about Joker's identity".

Doflamingo was not surprised as he knew this might happen if he had already figured out and not reported to the government."What do you want?"

Lex smiled and replied,"Now that's the way, all I want is to make some money nothing more, so tell you what if you follow my rules on my island you guys can do anything you please, all you've got to do is send me 35% of the cut nothing more nothing less and I won't tell anyone about you".

Doflamingo thought for a while and agreed,"Deal but you can't interfere with my business".

Lex was not surprised as the cut from this small nation was nothing compared to his identity remaining a secret.

When Doflamingo was about to cut the call,Lex continued,"Now then apart from this you are going to pay me a 15% cut on all activities in the East Blue for the next 10 years".

This statement struck a chord to Doflamingo and angrily replied,"Kid do you have a death wish? Being greedy will get you killed and no amount of blackmail will work. Itseems our deal won't go through looks like I've got to kill you".

Lex was calm and collected he had a final trick left up his sleeve," I'm not asking for much and if you still feels this way, I might just tell the Marines about your pet project the 'SMILE' factory".

Doflamingo was visibly shaking, he couldn't figure it out how this bloody kid knew about such a top secret project which hasn't even started yet,"How...Where did you hear this from? Tell me or else..."

Lex smirked,looks like he bit the bait now to destabilize and reel him in,"All I can say is my source is closer to you thank you think...so now then do we have a deal?".

Doflamingo was preplexed,he didn't want to believe the brat but only his family knew all the secrets so he couldn't rule that out and grudgingly accepted,"Ok,10 years not a single year more, your ending is near rest up for 10 years" Doflamingo laughed and hung up.

Doflamingo was filled with anger and looked at his family with hatred but didn't do anything for now,he decided to shift his focus and started gathering large amounts of information on Lex and investigate the leak.

Lex was quite satisfied with this arrangement and he didn't think much of his threats as he would definitely get caught up by the Marines before he could touch him.

"Ah today was a very productive day, I just made a deal which could be worth hundreds of million belly,damn it feels good I haven't felt this happy every since I punished those greedy bastards and before that I was only happy when I found out I could use Haoshoku haki". Lex started giggling and left the dungeon.

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