1 Introduction

"When darkness emerges, the universe appears in the sky! Remember, darkness has gifts"

Lex Gruber lived a conflicted life, while born to a rich family his every needs were fulfilled, but at a young age he knew,he was black-hearted. When he saw people boasting and spreading their virtuous deeds he felt nauseas,he could perceive all their unholy sins,he was fed up of the fakes but, life was and is unfair so he decided to put up a facade of being a good and meritorious person by which he ironically become the person he most despised of, and deep down all he wanted to do was burn everything down.

But as he lived in modern society all he could do was hold it all in and play his role,he wanted to escape from reality so he turned to Manga,TV series just about anything but what he always started cursing and hating the character for not portraying the selfishness that all humans have and creating an unreasonable high standard of Morales.Although later he became a very successful banker and made millions he found himself in a mundane existing. He lacked courage to do the things he wanted.

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The only thing he could endure and approve of were his Feline (Cats) friends, Lex was fascinated by these Predatory animal and how they don't give any F*** and did what they like but in the end they became his undoing.

While going out for a walk he found an injured kitten on the side of the road and when he knelt down to pick the kitten up *SMASH* out of nowhere "Truck-kun" comes up and smashs him.

Lex couldn't make heads or tails of the situation,"eh!? Just like that my time is over? I haven't achieved anything yet.I was never a devout but if you are listening then hear this,give me an opportunity I want to fulfill all my desires,I want to release my frustrations I want to live without fear, without despiraton, without anything holding back my true nature. GOD DAMMIT I WANT TO LIVE!!".Those were the last words spoken by Lex.

*GRANTED* came a resounding reply to Lex as he laid there bleeding.

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