24 First Mate(3)

Lex used his devil fruit power and directly used small amount of vibrations directly on his heart,which the heart couldn't handle and it exploded

Lex saw Zef's lifeless body and sighed, he got up and was panting he saw the Mobs looking in astonishment at him, they had taken care of the small fires long ago

Lex slowly made his way towards the mobs when suddenly *Swish Swish* a sword cut his way and when he looked down the heads of the Mobs were rolling on the ground.

Lex with no emotion on his face looked up to see the old man with the sword which cut his Mobs.

Lex indifferently looked at the old man and said,"So you've finally shown your true colours, why don't you remove that god awful disguise and show me who you really are?"

The old man was shocked he didn't understand how Lex knew about it,he was amused as well so he removed 'his' disguise but 'he' turned out to be a sexy,busty young women in her 20s, she had long black hair and fair skin, her lips were rosy red, she was the most beautiful women Lex had ever seen, in this world and on earth.

And this Young lady was standing infront of Lex.

Lex couldn't say a word he was mesmerized by her beauty.

The girl looked at Lex and moved to strike him down but her sword hit a barrier around Lex she tried hiting him in every direction but the barrier was intact.

The girl was getting annoyed,"You coward lift that barrier and fight me and also tell me how you found out about my identity".

Lex smiled,"Beautiful maiden I'll answer all of your questions but first may I know your name".

The women shuddered "Me? Beautiful?"Lex simply nodded

The women nonchalantly said,"My name is Tanya"

Tanya should a calm demeanor but inside she was churning 'He he he called me beautiful... Does he love me? No No No that's impossible he just met me and I've got to kill him so focus Tanya'

Lex smiled," Tanya what a pretty name...

I knew who you were the minute I saw you, you can change your appearance to that of an old man all you want but you can't change your heart, the rapid sound of your heartbeat can't compare to a slow and worn down of an old man. Now that I've answered you question, it's my turn How did you change your appearance and Who ordered you to kill me?"

Tanya was having a breakdown,she had always prided herself as being the best in infaltration and disguise but here she was defeated by a kid.

She looked at Lex with anger,"Kid you're the first one to see through my disguise I'll applaud you but there's no way I'm telling you anything else, it's useless you're going to die".

Tanya picked her sword and used haki and broke the barrier,when she was about to hit Lex,he used his supersonic speed and went behind Tanya and Karate Chopped her on the back of her neck and put her to sleep

Lex tied Tanya down and then suddenly *cough cough* Lex coughed violently and blood came out of his mouth,"Fu*k i knew it was a bad idea to kill Zef using that method it was too taxing on me, i have to take some rest".

Lex sat down under a tree and fell asleep.

*A day later*

*Rustle Rustle* A sound made Lex wake up from his sleep,he looked around and saw that Tanya was awake and trying to break free of her binds.

Lex sighed, he went to Tanya and put his hand over her heart.

Tanya seeing Lex put his hands over her chest was filled with Rage,"You Rouge, where do you think you are putting your hand, take them away before i chop you"

Lex was least bothered,"Tanya dear don't try to escape and tell me who sent you, and about my hand i dont have any lecherous thoughts you do remember what happened yesterday to Zef right?"

Tanya's eyes opened wide she remembered Lex put his hand on his heart and then it exploded Tanya gulped,"You... fine I'm an assassin and I've been sent to kill you by Joker".

Lex was surprised he didn't think Doflamingo would be involved,"That bastard looks like he's tired of having to pay me".

He asked her one more question,"So why are you working for him?"

Tanya's face turned sour,"He..He.. turned someone precious to me into a Toy. Our clan were regarded as the best assassin for centuries because of our ability to disguise ourselves but then one day He came to our island and killed everyone and turned my sister into a Toy"

Lex didn't say anything and started searching Tanya where he found a Den Den Mushi, "No that's.." with that Lex confirmed that it connected to Doflamingo.

"Now Tanya I Like you where much and I want you beside me and if you are willing to I can get your sister back for you right now. So what do you say?"

Tanya was silent, suddenly tears were rolling down from her eyes,"If you can bring me my sister i will forever be yours"

Lex smirked,"That's good now then let's unite you"

Lex untied Tanya and then he reached for his bag and took out a Devil fruit, the fruit was an Orange with red leaf sticking out and swirls all over, he handed it to Tanya,she hesitated but took a small bite, she instantly regretted it as she tried throwing it up.

Lex was laughing from this scene,"The D-fruit i gave you was the 'Teleport-Teleport no mi' you can teleport to any destination you've already visited. So now I have an important task for you to do....."

*Purur Purur Purur....Kacha*

"So give me the good news" A voice came from the other side.

Lex Laughed maniacally,"Doflamingo it'll take more than an assassin to kill me".

Doflamingo heard Lex's voice and became irritated,"So that bitch failed, and knowing you she must be dead already.."

Before Doflamingo could say anything Lex cut him off," Oy oy oy, you think you can get away with what you did, i want compensation, a Billion belly by tomorrow apart from the deal we made".

Doflamingo hearing this started laughing,"Hahah kid,you ain't getting shit from me,tell what you want to the government they aren't gonna do shit".

Lex expected this and then laid out his trump card,"I expected you to say something like that so I've brought someone to persuade you".

Doflamingo snorted,"What bullshit are you talking about,there's nothing or no one who can persuade me".

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Just then a voice of a little girl was heard from Lex's side,"Jo joker help me!!"

Hearing the voice, Doflamingo got up from his seat and his face became serious,"That voice it can't be...is that you Sugar".

This was Lex's plan he asked Tanya to sneak into Dressrosa and kindnap Sugar,as a bonus she also got the location of her sister and teleported both of them here

Doflamingo immediately ordered his guards to search for Sugar and in a few minutes they returned and all of them saying that they couldn't find her.

Lex took the microphone away from Sugar,"Now that you've checked, Doflamingo about our deal or do you want me end her life?"

Doflamingo was fuming in anger but he knew the consequences of not having Sugar by his side so he gave up,"Ok you win,give back Sugar and I'll give you a billion belly and the deal stays intact".

Lex scoffed,"I think you are misunderstanding,that was before you made me upset now i want 2 Billion belly and free access to all your backroom deals and auction or i could just kill her right now".

Sugar was frightened and the shock would've made her unconscious but then Doflamingo replied,"Fine just give me Sugar".

Sugar was touched

Lex continued," You can give my money to my Father and about Sugar... I've left an eternal pose in her bedroom you can come pick her up yourself".


Lex hung up the call.

He starred at Sugar but didn't say anything he then took Zefers head and kept it in his bag and buried the 2 mobs

Lex turned towards Tanya and her little sister who was in the form of a barbie doll,"So this is your little sister eh? She's cute just like her older sister" Tanya blushed,"So for the time being she has to stay like a toy I'll turn her back later".

Tanya started weeping,"Lex you've already done soo much for me, I never thought I'd get my sister out of there even with my disguise I couldn't take her out and I don't think both of us mind if we wait for a while to turn back thank you".Tanya leaned in and kissed Lex.

Lex kissed her back and then contained talking,"Now listen to me this is important, you have to start learning to control your devil fruit power and here is a list of places I want you to go",Lex hands Tanya a list containing all the important places and places of significants from both the four seas and grandline

Lex continued talking,"This is an important mission for you, for the next two years go to all these places and any other places that might come in between, and then after 2 years you are to meet me in Water 7 ok?".

Tanya took the note and nodded,"My first mission thank you captain".

Tanya shook her head and took her sister's hand and disappeared.

Lex looked sighed now he had to explain why and how the Mobs were killed,"It'll be easy to fool them,i bet even Beckman suspected Tanya so I'll just use her as an scapegoat.Finally ive got my first mate and a beauty too.

Let's head out".

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